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Ethiopia is building 17 Agro processing industrial parks in four states

Ethiopian News, Tigrai Online, February 8, 2015

Ethiopia to establish 17 Agro processing industrial parks in four states


The Ethiopian government announced it is ready to start construction of four agro processing industrial parks in four states. Construction will start next September and they will be completed in the next four years.

The government says these four are the first of 17 similar industrial parks that will be built throughout Ethiopia. The establishment of these industrial parks will help speed up the transformation of the Ethiopian economy from farming to industrial experts say.

The fisibility study was completed with the help of an Indian company.  Upon completion the agro processing industrial parks will create job opportunities for four hundred thousand people in the country.

The industrial parks and factories will be built in Tigrai, Amhara, Oromia, and SNNP regional states. Each industrial park will be set up in a 100 km radius and they will be located in Humera area in Tigrai, Bure Gojam zone in Amara, Zeway Oromia, and Sidama in SSNP.

Cost of construction for the four industrial parks is estimated about one billion Ethiopian Birr and in total nine billion Ethiopian Birr will be spent to establish the parks.


So far industrial parks have been confined to the city of Addis Ababa and the surrounding areas. As part of the Ethiopian Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP2) the federal government decided to establish the industrial parks in the regional states.

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