Ethiopia open for business for all, but Ethiopian extremist intellectuals chose to invest hate
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Ethiopia open for business for all, but Ethiopian extremist intellectuals chose to invest hate

By Desta Girmay,
Tigrai Online, March 7, 2017

Ginbot-7 working hard to destroy Ethiopian unity and spread hate in Ethiopia
If your source is hate and disunity you can not bring love and unity to Ethiopia

Do you remember the American famous commercial, “Do you got milk”? In Ethiopia you got milk commercial has been changed into “Ethiopia you got apartheid“? If they can’t give milk, they can give hate.

In part one of my article, I provided a brief narrative of the tragic history of Tigraian people in the past ninety-six years. Articles written by anybody are never absolute knowledge, or complete knowledge of the topic at hand. For this reason, I greatly appreciated the reader’s contribution to the historical accounts of the Tigraian struggle. Telling history and discussing history should never be considered hate or threat to others. It can be considered hate if history is used to stigmatize and label an entire ethnic journey. As I have mentioned in my previous article, Tigrai and Tigraians have not healed from a century of unimaginable tragedy. How do our extremist Ethiopian intellectuals give tribute to our suffering and tragedy? How do they acknowledge our suffering? By reducing TPLF, Tigrai, and Tigraians into a hateful terminology called apartheid. We must carefully analyze this terminology and put it into prospective history. When people have complete ill will toward your ethnic group the first thing they try to do is dehumanize, devalue, and change your history and purpose. Ethiopian extremist lately through their different media out have been busy to dehumanize, and label attach Tigraians with such dreadful word apartheid. In this article, I will briefly compare South African white apartheid world, and Ethiopia, extremist, and my proposed solution for grumpy old men elder hood retirement plan. 

When you hear the word Apartheid what is the visual imagery? Well, if you don’t get any picture in your mind that is ok, you could ask Google and you will get plenty of information and pictures. You will find pictures of white men driven by black men. You will see all whites having the best things in life, while blacks make ends meet. Now let’s see if the reality of white men in South Africa’s apartheid era present in Ethiopia. I visited my family last year, and they still farm the same land their ancestors had for centuries. Unlike South African whites, Tigraians have been living in Ethiopia’s long as any Ethiopian community. As I looked around villages, cities in Tigrai, I saw struggle for survival the Ethiopian way. Tigraians were sweating to make any kind of income. When I visited other parts of Ethiopia the story was the same. All Ethiopians in their perspective regions are striving to provide their families with opportunity to survive. I did not see anything different in Tigrai that I did not see in other parts of Tigrai. When it comes to prosperity, business growth and entrepreneurship, the Ethiopian government works hard to encourage the establishment of business all over Ethiopia.

Ethiopia open for business for all, but Ethiopian intellectuals choose to invest hate.

Ethiopia one of the ancient countries in the world and it really remained ancient until yesterday .Twenty-five years ago, Ethiopia was a jungle. When it came to infrastructure and economic development Ethiopia remained as a jungle. The Ethiopian government to fix Ethiopia and help Ethiopians, it has been hassling the world for business. Men and women with great dream to change their life, in the process helping the local population are entering Ethiopia, and becoming part of the positive change. In today’s Ethiopia ambition men and women from around the world are trying their luck for success. There are men and women from China, Middle East, Europe, and Africa trying to see what Ethiopia can offer them. On the same token, there are Ethiopian men of all the regions who believe that through hard work and ambitious dream, they too can make it big in Ethiopia. There are many millions in Ethiopia who are busy paying attention to their progress than chewing politics and fantasizing about Socrates and Romeo and Juliet. There are many million Ethiopians in search of peace and hope.

For extremist based Ethiopians, their world view is about what Tigre might have taken from them? What Tigre has now that he didn’t have before? Isn’t it shame? That when your country men fight and argue day and night to wish you bad luck? Isn’t it angering when the highest educated men write such a cheap propaganda of division and hate. But this is the reality of western based Ethiopian intellectuals. Instead of investing on education, tech and business, these people invest in spreading hate against their fellow Ethiopians. Now the western based mega project of hate, is to rewrite the honorable history of Tigraians into apartheid. The extremist intellectuals have created blogs, ESAT, and Face book for this project. For this reason, all Tigraians and fair minded Ethiopians worldwide must be brave enough to investigate the back ground of the extremist intellectuals. Sometimes, the background of individual can tell you a lot about people behavior and personality. These highly educated Ethiopians who are now in the business of spreading hate might have always been from the privileged Ethiopians. This means, regardless of their ethnic group, they really don’t have anything common with the average Ethiopian in Ethiopia. The sad part is that these highly educated men are too old to change by observing other Diaspora communities. While America based extremist invest on hate, the Indian Diaspora community invest technology in India. India is now one of the tech powers of the world. Look at the comparison Ethiopian intellectuals are working hard to make Ethiopia as a hate power, and Diaspora Indians making India a tech power? Ethiopia must wake up and deal with these aging grumpy old men. They are possessed with hate and they have plenty of time to manufacture and cook hate to make it more delicious and beautiful.

Who are these Ethiopian intellectuals who are investing hate in Ethiopia? Most modern nations have something planned for their retirement age population. For example, in the USA elders can spend time in bingo houses, volunteer work, and if they have money they can travel broad, or go for adventures. In Ethiopia, the elders devote their time and energy on religious matters. All Ethiopians must understand now, that there are many highly educated Ethiopians in the west who have reached retirement age. Unfortunately, these elderly Ethiopians don not like to play bingo, and few who like to play golf. What is their favorite hobby then, it is political? They breath, eat, drink, think, and political. This is their hobby. Now, they have plenty of time for their hobby. Unfortunately, the political they like is hate filled propaganda toward one group, Tigraians. They feel hating Tigrai, blaming Tigrai, will cure an Ethiopia illiteracy, backwardness, economic stagnation that has been around Ethiopia for centuries.

What is my proposed solution for helping our retirement age intellectuals in the west?

 If we can have plan parenthood, why can’t we have plan elderly hood? We must help the retired Ethiopian intellectuals in the west to spend the finals days productively and healthily instead of manufacturing hate.I understand their regret about not been able to help in planting real manufactures in Ethiopia, but manufacturing hate toward the end of your life does not help anyone.

 So here is my list of ideas for Ethiopian plan elder hood.

1. Bingo house for Ethiopian elderly men at 50% discount

2. Enjoying walks and hiking in small streets and cliffs. Mountains at an old age are very dangerous. Don’t follow Professor Berhanu Nega’s extreme sport.

3. 50% discount to help revive some important body parts.

By the way, I who belong in the elderly category could use some of the services listed from 1-3. 

When we analyze the threat of the retired extremist Ethiopian intellectuals residing in the west, Ethiopians cannot underestimate the power of people who are sitting in their comfortable homes and spewing out poisonous politics day and night. One of their dangerous actions is spreading hate like they have been doing in the past. As you see these group of people have already lived their whole life, and their life expectancy is no more than 20 years, but in the next 20 years they can invest so much hate. For this reason, the young Ethiopian generations must be taught the real history not the propaganda history.

If you are under 30 years old, and you have not been taught the real history, you might listen to the Bs propaganda that is spread by these hateful and revengeful souls. For these reason, I appeal to all genuine Ethiopians to search for the truth on your own. I am not necessarily advocating that you listen to this source or that source, I am just encouraging you to not be herd mentality, following the preaching of haters in their last breath. I appeal to all Tigraians to stand tall and strong, and tell your history like it is, because your history is a history of heroism and Ethiopians, equality, peace, and love. Tigraian citizens have never taken in a feast of crime against their fellow Ethiopians. This is also the truth about Tigraian history. The Ethiopian government also should be telling the true history of the Ethiopian people. When a government supported by responsible and fair historians does tell the truth history, then the grumpy retired Ethiopian extremist get to tell their version of hateful history. At the mean time for anyone that is interested to know about the history of Tigrai and Tigraians, visit your nearest Tigraian, he will tell you the real history what it has been like to be born a Tigraian in the past century.

If you are not sure visit your local museum, a Tigraian.

All Tigraians are living museum of all the tragedies that have befallen Tigrai. All Tigraians, carry with them unimaginable scars, anger, sorrow, and family tragedies. For this reason, you can almost say that every Tigraian is a dormant volcano. When the extremist sections of Ethiopia hurt others through their writing and actions, the dormant volcano erupts and it becomes an active volcano.

The latest extremist project on the cyber world has been to attack Tigraian character and to build hate and suffering on the Tigraian people. These kinds of projects activate the Tigraian dormant volcano, to that an active volcano. Any extremist, such as Professor Almarim and his likes must always be challenged for the hateful words they use against the Tigraian people. We can challenge him by analyzing his propaganda. 

Concluding Remarks

 In Ethiopian culture, it is absolutely embarrassing to fart or release gas in public. Anyone who let one go accidently feels a sense of shame and guilt. Society also does not forgive him. Well, in the western culture fart and releasing gas is natural. I feel that Ethiopians as a population have allowed extremist intellectuals to fart with their mouth, and nobody is brave enough to stand and tell them farting hate with your mouth is a taboo, it’s the worst than the natural fart that we Ethiopians consider taboo . Because of that they continue to fart with their mouth, and we are not shaming them for it. All Ethiopians regardless of their ethnic groups and political convictions must say no to hate politics. Tigraians should never be blamed for a country that has been mismanaged for centuries. Tigraians should never be blamed for an Ethiopian society that has never been investigated by renaissance like thinkers. Many Ethiopian intellectuals simplify Ethiopian problem by saying it’s a democracy issue. Ethiopia has a lot of backward believes that have never been properly examined, debated by philosophers. One of those ideas are the herd mentality that is commonly found in all Ethiopian tribes. Herd mentality allows few egotistical intellectuals to highjack peace, hope, of all Ethiopians. As the Tigrai and Tigraian story is concerned, all Ethiopians and Tigraians must stand and tell the truth. If Tigraians and honest Ethiopians don’t write the true history, the Ethiopian extremist will freely tell corrupted filled history, and lie to you by saying Ethiopia got “ apartheid ‘. 


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