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Ethiopian Extremists wagging their tails and begging Egypt to invade Ethiopia

Tigrai Online - June 08, 2013

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will look like this when completed
The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is under construction on the Blue Nile River in the Benishangul-Gumuz Regional state of Ethiopia. The dam will generate 6,000 MW of electricity when completed, it is the largest hydroelectric power plant in Africa, as well as the 13th largest in the world. The reservoir at 74 billion cubic meters will be one of the continent's largest lakes. The project is about 21% completed as of May 2013.

This week the shameful Ethiopian extremists have gone one step further on the path of absurdity. Since the live broadcasting of President Morsi of Egypt’s secret meeting with the top politicians, our region has been gripped by burning rumors and propaganda.

The Ethiopian power hungry extremists who are desperately trying to get to power at any cost, have taking their extremism to the next level by openly inviting Egypt to invade Ethiopia or bomb the Grand Renaissance Dam.  “Egypt must work in a transparent way with pro-Ethiopian unity forces who have been at war with Woyanne. This is the most effective and much less costly way of stopping the Woyanne grand dam. With the help of Egypt, Sudan and other countries, Ethiopia can build micro dams over Nile if necessary. The dam as it is advertised now is not beneficial to Ethiopia, Sudan, and Egypt.”  Under a heading "How Egypt can bring Woyanne to its knees", this is what they said in one of the biggest extremist watering hole websites.

Believe it or not these are the people who wrap themselves with the Ethiopian flag and scream in protest in front of every western capital. These are the people who are promising the Ethiopian people democracy, justice, phenomenal economic development and territorial integrity. These are the people that have been crying day and night about Assab port and are planning to bring it back to Ethiopia. These are the people accusing the TPLF/EPDF lacking nationalism.

The irony of it all is the same people are wagging their tails and begging our arch enemy to invade Ethiopia. It seems History is about to repeat itself.
Menelik of Shewa and his Queen were in Wuchale in Wello in the first week of April, 1889, when news of the death of the Emperor Yohannes IV, King of Zion and King of Kings of Ethiopia reached them. Count Pietro Antonelli had just arrived from Italy with a fresh shipment of weapons from Italy for Menelik. Menelik saw that this was finaly his moment. Through Antonelli, Menelik formally asked the King of Italy and his government to sieze the town of Asmara and all of Hamasein to weaken Leul Ras Mengesha Yohannes and any other northern claimants. He then sent out messengers throughout the Empire, to Beghemidir, to Gojjam, to all of Wello and to Tigrai and the north, to Harrar, to Wellega, to Keffa and Sidamo, to Gemu Goffa, to Arsi, to Bale and Illubabur calling for oaths of loyalty to "Menelik II, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Elect of God, King of Kings of Ethiopia. One by one the nobles, cheifs and lords of the Empire began to flock to his banner. Quickly, Menelik signed a treaty with Italy, with Count Antonelli signing it for King Umberto. The Treaty of Wuchale gave recognition to an Italian Colony in the north that they intended to name Eritrea. The town of Keren was occupied on June 2nd 1989, and Asmara on August 2nd 1989. This was done to undercut the power base of Ras Mengesha Yohannes. It was a decision by Emperor Menelik which would have dire repercussions to this very day.

A century later we are at the exact predicament where the traitors and sellouts asking a hostile enemy to come and attack our country for the only purpose of helping them get to power. This time the Ethiopian people are ready to crush any foreign invaders and their internal collaborators.

If Egypt is hoping to stop the building of the Grand Renaissance Dam using empty military threats and saber rattling, and if the Ethiopian extremists are hoping to come to power with the help of Egypt, both of them are day dreaming. Ethiopia will successfully complete construction of the Grand Renaissance Dam and Egypt will swallow the bitter pill no matter how hard. The power hungry extremists will be left in the dust with nothing.

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