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Is Hailemedhin Abera Tegegn member of Gingot-7 or a mentally sick man?

Tigrai Onlne - February 18, 2014

The despotic president-for-life of Eritrea denied any negotiation with Ethiopia
Hailemedhin Abera Tegegn 31 is from Bahrdar town. He is the co-pilot who hijacked the Ethiopian airline jet a few days ago. He is in jail an Geneva, Switzerland.

The co-pilot who hijacked his own airplane forcing it to land in Geneva is being held in Switzerland jail. The strange incident puzzled many people because usually co-pilots don’t hijack their own planes. Pilots are aware of the laws of the aviation industry and the risks involved for taking any actions like this.

Who is the co-pilot who hijacked the Ethiopian marlines jet with 202 passengers?

The hijacker’s name is Hailemedhin  Abera Tegegn and he is 31 years old. He was born in Bahrdar town from a wealthy family. His parents have many kids and all of them are educated.

He was very outstanding student and he worked for Ethiopia airlines for about five years. Government spokesperson said he has no previous criminal record. Ethiopian airlines pilots like many airlines employees go through rigorous mental and physical evaluations. Hailemedhin was very healthy and gainfully employed.

The question now is why would a young man in a relatively bright future throw it all and ruin his life? Some reports are suggesting that he was distraught because one of his uncles passed away recently. This information came from his family. On the other hand another lady by the name of Tnsae Abera who claims to be his sister has posted lengthy information detailing how he was mentally sick for the past few months.  If both sources are his family why is the information different?


No one knows for sure why he took the terrorist act holding the passengers for hours. At one point passengers said he threatened to crash the airplane because the pilot was banging at the door asking him to open it. There are two speculations that make sense among many.  The first is, his sister is telling the truth Hailemedhin indeed was mentally disturbed man and that is why he took the criminal act which would change his life forever. The second is, he is an underground member of one of the anti Ethiopia terrorist groups like Ginbot-7.

If he is a member of Gingot-7, they could have fooled him to do this to bring negative news coverage on Ethiopia. Ginbot-7 which is financed by Egypt and guided by Eritrea is trying to destabilize Ethiopia. Ginbot-7 would not blink an eye to ruin a young man’s life to gain a few days of cheap attention and convince the Egyptians they are doing their job.  In the eyes of the Egyptians any bad news about Ethiopia is good news for their country which is in the brink of civil war. Either way it is a tragic event for Hailemedhin and his family, but it will not be a big deal for Ethiopia and Ethiopian airlines.

Meanwhile the Ethiopian embassy has written a protest letter to the BBC how one of their journalist has criticized the security at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. Please read the letter in response to frank Gardner of the BBC sent to Tigrai Online this morning from the Ethiopian Embassy in London.

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