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The despotic president-for-life of Eritrea denied any negotiation with Ethiopia

Tigrai Onlne - February 10, 2014

The despotic president-for-life of Eritrea dismissed there is any negotiation with Ethiopia in an interview he had with his national television this week.  He said to say there is some sort of peace negotiations or peace talks is childish game. He ridiculed the idea saying “Woayane will say this kind of thing until she is dead” referring to the Ethiopian government.

He blamed everything that is going wrong for his tiny enclave nation on Ethiopia and America. When he was asked about the three American diplomats suggesting “bringing Eritrea out from the cold” he said “Who is in the cold? Is the cold in your mind or here in Eritrea… we are in the cold…what is cold…what is that mean?” and laughed about it.

 Year after year Isaias Afeworki seems deteriorating mentally and physically. In this week’s interview he looks very angry, disrespectful to the Eritrean people, very weak, drunk and he does not seem cohesive.

Meanwhile his foreign Minister Osman Saleh was in Cairo on Feb. 09, 2014 most likely to get instructions from the Egyptians.  They said he will be talking with senior Egyptian officials about the Horn of Africa including the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. You can guess what the Eritrean foreign minister has to do with Ethiopian Dam.

The Ethiopian Opposition groups in Washington DC and in London have been saying Isaias cares about Ethiopian unity more than EPRDF and they wish Ethiopia had a leader like him. Their propaganda machine has been quoting Isaias Aferorki as saying “Eritrea cannot fulfill its destiny without Ethiopia”. He completely and utterly denied anything like that. He said “When and what day did I say that? I couldn’t even think like that. It is like saying Eritrea cannot exist without Ethiopia”.

An Eritrean journalist is sitting in front of the despotic president-for-life of Eritrea looking scared to death
Look at this journalist's body language sitting in front of the dictator. Look at his knees and over all posture he look like he is in so much fear. A man does not sit like that.

We know why the Ethiopian opposition was saying Isaias said that. They are trying to justify their bootlicking for the arch enemy of Ethiopia. The good thing is he exposed them that he never said such a thing. It is not certain if they are going to get the next half a million dollar from the Egyptian government since they are absolutely rejected by the Ethiopian people. The cash strapped Egyptian and Eritrean governments might be regretting why they wasted their precious money on Ginbot-7 and ESAT TV.

The only think we say is we really like Isaias’s stand on the situation with Ethiopia. Ethiopia is marching on it’s development despite the war of 1998 with Eritrea. The “No peace no war” policy is serving our country perfectly. We are doing fine in Ethiopia Mr. President. We are not sure what the Eritrean people would say about Eritrea, but if you say you are doing great we are happy for you.

The despotic president-for-life of Eritrea denied any negotiation with Ethiopia


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