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Charity Water and REST staff members meets President Abay Weldu

Tigrai Onlne - February 07, 2014

President Abay Weldu welcomed Charity: Water members
President Abay Weldu welcomes Charity Water members

H.E Ato Abay Weldu, the President of Tigray Regional State, met Charity: Water (C: W) staff members, REST management team and REST member staffs in his office. While the president received Charity Water:  staff members from New York City (United States of America) and the REST members from the  head quarters of REST office in Mekelle, he was glad to meet both groups. In the intervening time, the president discussed about their mission of providing drinking water for the people of Tigray. The Charity: Water staff members who came to Tigray to visit Relief Society of Tigray (REST) potable water supply projects in four operational districts had one hour face to face discussion with the president.

Ato Teklewoini Assefa, the Executive Director of REST, gave detail power point presentation focused on the overall relief works, social protection supports, development as well as humanitarian strategies and achievements of REST at REST conference hall before they leave to the president’s office. Accordingly, the staff members more understood about REST development endeavor in addition to what it performed in provision of drinking rural water supply project implementation.

The staff members while briefing about REST at REST head office conference hall
Charity Water staff members while briefing about REST at REST head office conference hall

Having a culturally colored coffee ceremony with the president; staff members from C: W and REST as well able to ask the president what every they think is relevant for their works.    

“We know the Charity: Water funded ETB 600 million to the people in need. With this amount of money a number of Tigrean farmers in different villages become independent from the chronic safe water supply troubles. Understanding such kind of charity works, the State Government of Tigray is/will committed to undertake necessary supports which importantly speeds up the development projects. Thank you very much for coming here embrace the big potable water supply mission in all rural Tiray.” quoted the president.

In their stay with him in the president’s office, the keen partner of REST in providing drinking water for rural areas since 2008, Charity: Water’s staff members were so excited with the hospitability of President Abay Weldu and his officials.

To show the significant value of potable water, all C: W staff members (33 in number) and another about  20 staff members from REST travelled approximately half of a kilo meter carrying water filled yellow jerry cans to arrive in the president’s office.

Carrying water filled jerry cans; their motto was read as “We are committed to achieve 20 liters of potable water for every Tigrean in rural areas” in a big digital printed banner.

The staff members while briefing about REST at REST head office conference hall
Charity Water staff members march through streets of Mekelle the capital of Tigrai State carrying water filled Jerry cans.

Media organizations such as the Voice of Revolution of Tigray (Dimtsi Woyane Tigray plc), Tigray Mass Media Agency (Tigray Television), Weyin News Paper from regional base and Ethiopian News Agency from national level gave due attention and covered the Charity: Water staff members work trip to Tigray, REST clean water supply projects.


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