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Human Rights Watch and the modern colonization of the world

Tigrai Onlne - March 26, 2014

Human Rights Watch and the modern colonization of the world

It is amazing how the people at Human Rights Watch think the whole world population is deaf and blind.  In the eighteen hundreds the grand fathers of today’s Human Rights Watch went through out the world with the Bible on one hand and a gun on the other to colonize countries. What followed their so called missionaries is the worst misery of human beings on earth. The Europeans enslaved, tortured, killed, pillaged and wiped out entire countries and communities.

The glittering European and American capitals were built by African resources and slave man power. Fertile land was confiscated from indigenous people and given to Europeans. Precious metals like gold, diamond, ruby, titanium, uranium and all the other raw materials were mined and transported to Europe and North America.

Fast forward to 2014 where information and technology is spreading like wild fire, the old ways don’t work anymore. Africans, Asians and South Americans are aware of the old tricks and they are relatively armed to defend themselves. There are no free accesses to the third world countries raw materials and resources. Look at what is going on in Nigeria, Libya, DRC, Sudan and any other third world countries with oil and other mineral wealth. Local people are demanding their fair share from their resources. In some cases there are violent encounters between Westerners and locals.

The Europeans have to change their tactics to keep sucking the world wealth. Instead of bible and guns, they created human rights protection groups, environmental groups, international courts, Money institutions and many more hidden organization that are destabilizing the whole world. These powerful organizations are not looking after the welfare and well being of the world’s poor people. They are not spreading peace and harmony on earth either. On the contrary they are creating more diseases, more hunger, more wars and more animosity among countries and peoples. The NGOs and other institutions are used to subdue any country that does not obey the west.


Human Rights Watch is one of these organizations used as a pressuring tool against any country or leader who does not submit to the West. They fabricate stories in order to invade the small and weak countries, (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Yugoslavia). They try to blackmail the strong and powerful, (China, Russia and others in between).

If Human Rights Watch is really about protecting human rights they shouldn’t go far to protect people’s rights. They only need to look on their backyard in New York City where hundreds of black young men are murdered by the police every year for no reason. HRW never say anything about the wanton destruction of black American lives, but, they love to complain about how the police beat up demonstrators in Zimbabwe.

Julian Paul Assange an Australian publisher, journalist and editor-in-chief of the whistleblower website WikiLeaks is facing extradition to Sweden on tramped up fake rape charges. Assange is indicted in the United States for leaking military and diplomatic documents. Assange not only exposed the naked vilotion of human rights by the western governments, but he exposed all the governments of the world. For telling the truth to the world, Assange is threatened life imprisonment. Assange took refuge at the Ecuadorian embassy in London to avoid prison. He remains at the Ecuadorian embassy for over two years unable to move anywhere. He has been granted political asylum by Ecuador, but the minute he steps out of the embassy door he will be arrested by the British police.

Edward Joseph Snowden an American computer specialist and former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee and former contractor of the National Security Agency (NSA) is hunted down by the USA government for disclosing classified documents to the world. Snowden exposed the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand governments (the five eyes) were running a gigantic global surveillance program virtually in the whole world. The American government is spying in every human being on earth from countries to individual leaders. Now Snowden is in hiding in undisclosed location in Russia fearing for his life. Some in the United States are calling for him to be captured and brought back to America to go to be imprisoned or to be killed wherever he is.

Do we ever hear anything from Human Rights Watch about these two gentlemen? No we didn't hear anything about them because they exposed the dirty tricks the westerners like HRW use to dominate the world. Instead we have been bombarded about a small time pity criminal, a terrorist and a Nazi sympathizer by the name of Eskinder Nega in Ethiopia. Eskinder Nega who was threatening and orchestrating genocide against the people of Tigrai was caught red handed to over throw the Ethiopian government. Why do the Westerners love this monster man? The think they can use him to create ethnic bloodshed in Ethiopia because he is blinded by hate and people like Eskindeer Nega are the prime candidates to be used as tools. Do the Human Rights watch people particularly care about this evil subhuman for a second? They don't even care if you feed him to the hyenas, but they are using him to attack Ethiopia because they are afraid about Ethiopian’s potential. Ethiopia a country located in a very strategic part of the world would be watched closely by the West so it does not get out of hand.

The BBC published on March 25, 2014 an article "Ethiopia uses foreign kit to spy on opponents - HRW". Guess who the source of this report is? It is Human Rights Watch."Security officials have virtually unlimited access to the call records of all telephone users in Ethiopia," the report said. "They regularly and easily record phone calls without any legal process or oversight" HRW said. If they are worried about privacy of innocent people, why didn't they say a word about what the five eyes (United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand) are doing in the entire world? "The foreign firms that are providing products and services that facilitate Ethiopia's illegal surveillance are risking complicity in rights abuses," HRW's business and human rights director, Arvind Ganesan, said.

Ethiopia's illegal surveillance is concerning to them than the colossal spying program by the west. Well, HRW, it is 2014 and we are all aware what your goal is. We know it is not our human rights or our safety, but you are protecting your own best interest.

Had this taken place in Ethiopia HRW would have been all over it, but it happened in the heart of America.

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