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Worldwide Condemnation: Abiy Ahmed’s lying lips and tongues

By Amleset Tesfay
Tigrai Online May 27, 2020

Abiy Ahmed’s lying lips and tongues


PP’s 1st golden rule is: “Do not tell the truth”

Majority Ethiopians and Eritreans have concluded that Abiy Ahmed is a sociopathic lair (a person who always lies without feeling shame or guilty). His property party is founded on the basis of fabrication of lies. The property party’s guiding principle has become, “you shall not tell the truth.”

“You shall not tell the truth” has always become the golden rule of the Ethiopian mass Medias that are controlled by pp. The PP journalists are undermining the professional code of ethics of Journalism. Journalists should refrain from giving false testimonies and false information.

Lying damaged the liar PP’s credibility worldwide:

The truth is revealed. As a result, PP’s lies are exposed.  PP and its mouthpiece mass Medias and journalists have lost their credibility. PP’s journalists should understand that not only telling false information but also withholding true information with the intent to cheat people is considered lying. And lying is a crime under any jurisdiction. 


Journalists should not withhold the truth about Tigrai. You should tell the reality on the ground only but not what your wishes are. Tigrai is an island of peace and justice in east Africa. Tigrai is known as the land of peace and justice for over 3000 years. There is no more factual evidence than the holy bible and the holy Quran. The prophet Mohammed had testified it all about Tigrai’s genuine justice system and peace. The culture of peace and making justice for all people irrespective of their background is/will be maintained by the children of Tigrai today and forever.

The dissemination of false information by PP is proved to be a sign of PP’s insecurity, feelings of inferiority, unconstitutional immoral acts and a clear sign to cover-up its own crimes. We said time and again; do not believe PP. PP is untrustworthy. Let PP believe its own lies. But, Tigrai is at work. Tigrai has no time to gamble with the illegal PP. Let PP gamble with its equals with the genocide criminal Ginbot-7.

Abiy Ahmed is labelled as an international professional liar

Last year, Abiy was exposed by the Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu after he lied in Amharic about the Eritrean refugees in Israel. The renowned politician and leader Netanyahu did not withheld the true information.


According to the times of Israel report published last year, PM Benjamin Netanyahu told the reporters that Abiy Ahmed offered him “Innovative projects” to expel Eritrean asylum seekers back to Eritrea. The news came after Abiy Ahmed made an interview in Amharic with the Ethiopian Sheger FM Radio.

Contrary to Abiy’s idea of deporting Eritrean refugees form Israel, Abiy lied to the Ethiopian people on the Ethiopian FM radio as if he was working with Israel leader to resettle Eritreans in Israel.

According to the report, PM Benjamin Netanyahu told the reporters that the discussions cannot be disclosed. However, many people hope that the details of the discussions to be made clear. So that innocent Eritreans will not become victims of Abiy’s and Isaias Afewerki’s political conspiracies.