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A Closer Look into a Fact-Laden Statement

By Serawit Tariku
Tigrai Onlne - January 16, 2014

I can’t recall a time when ‘Medrek’; an umbrella party made up of incongruous and incompatible parties, hasn’t tried to or flat-out blame all the country’s problem on the ruling party. As the party’s unwritten rule or approach is ‘seize power through throwing any blame you can find on the government and the ruling party’, the only time the party didn’t blame the government was when asked about the decision of the party to form an alliance (with the other incompatible parties).

The fact is that they might have even claimed that it’s the government that has forced them to form an alliance, considering the party; which is coalesced with untrusting “friends”, has panache for creating and using any issue that is unflattering towards the ruling party. This umbrella party which is comprised of six different parties doesn’t have a clear and concise alternative that can rally the public around it.

A quick look at the party might give the idea that the party is a flag-bearer of liberalism. But, if anyone care to look closer, it won’t be hard to grasp that the party is led by slapdash and shoddy “thinking”. And these thinking are random and vague. On top of this, the party doesn’t know anything about peaceful political struggle.

I think winning over the hearts and minds of the public through political debate and continuous edification is a taboo to party’s member parties. I say this because there isn’t a single time where the party’s leaders went into the public to lobby, outside of sitting in their chair and shifting blames on others.

For this people, learning from past mistakes is unthinkable. And they are still going through with their old un-refreshed self, where they still pursue their antique and obsolete political strategy as anew.

They also think that their barren-hope of seizing power through color revolution – led – street riot is still feasible today. This party (‘Medrek’) has even forgotten the fact that it has suffered a heavy and even an embarrassing defeat at the 2002 election as a result of this antic- it’s defiance to the constitution and the constitutional system. So, it’s safe to say that the party is speaking from its yesterday anti-constitutional stance. And the party’s recent fact-laden statement is a reflection of this.

‘Medrek’ through its latest leader Dr. Merera Gudina; who on his recent book confessed that he was a member of ‘Meison’, have stated appalling blabbers which claimed atrocities like “EPRDF is trying to control the public through a scheme called ‘one for five’, we have been stifled not to conduct mass demonstration, the ruling party forces people to join its membership’’ etc…

Here, I believe, it’s important to ask whether the ‘Medrek’ raised atrocious statement have any fact to it. And why the party chose to raise it at this time and moment? I raise these questions for the fact that the party will use any means to paint the ruling party in unflattering light, if it believes it will help it seize power. Let us now see these ‘stories’ that are disseminated through the party’s recent statement…

The fact of the matter is the ‘one for five’ scheme, of the ruling party, was initiated for the country’s developmental undertakings and aspirations of development. However, as ‘Medrek’ is infatuated with power, it considers this scheme as a ploy for personal political gain. As any reader of this article knows, any segment of a society cannot be successful without organizing itself.

One of the success story and great achievement of the government and the people is the fight against poverty. In order to curb poverty; which has been a source of shame and indignity for our people for many years, every citizen especially those who are involved in the agricultural sector (mostly the farmers) are expected to increase their productivity and products through self-organizing.

And I believe the duty and responsibility to led citizens on how each and every one of them can play a role on the country’s development on their respective socio-economic activities (through the ‘one for five’ scheme) solely rests upon the government or the ruling party. Thus, narcissistically shifting blame on others will only make them unfavorably judged by others.

What is wrong with organizing citizens for development? Wasn’t it to get some kind of result that these totally different and incongruous parties organized themselves in to their mother ship party ‘Medrek’ (although they have missed the point of organizing for a political office). In a way it’s clear why ‘Medrek’ is downplaying development ideas as I have never seen the party supporting our country’s development aspiration since its birth.

And I can present an evidence for this (claim). As we can recall, ‘Medrek’ and its likes have presented a distracting suggestion on the ‘Grand Transformation Plan’ and on the “Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam’ project. There wasn’t a time where the ‘Medrek’ leaders tried not to derail (distract) the publics’ developmental effort by claiming ‘the plan won’t be realized, it’s a propaganda stunt by the government’ and so on. But this all have been to no avail.

Following the publics’ reaction which went like ‘as the plan is a path for me to break free from poverty and aid, we won’t listen to your derailment blabber’, these people’s effort of sidetracking with regards to ‘GERD’ construction has been blown out of the water.

As the public was sure of itself of realizing this grand plan, it didn’t want to hear the drums’ of ‘Medrek’. In fact the public has intensified its bond purchase on top of its financial, labor and knowledge contribution to the project, hurting the ego of the local extremist opposition as well as very few ‘Mubarak possessed’ politicians in the process.

I will add another. I remember a time when this juvenile political party presented itself as a local faction of the neo-liberal extremist institution, ‘Human rights Watch’; an institution which thinks our country’s development will be derailed by a bombardment of continuous reports. It played this role by parroting the institution ridiculous propagation, “the Ethiopian government uses food aid for personal political expediency”.

But, after the truth was revealed by a task force of more than 26 local developmental partners (DAG), that the alleged thing never happened, the imitator of this propaganda ‘Medrek’ have been showered with shame, humiliation and it has lost its integrity (if any) in the face of the public.

All in all, I believe there are two issues that forced ‘Medrek’ to come out and levy its unfounded claim “EPRDF is trying to control the public through a ‘one for five’ scheme”. The first is the party’s ‘opposition for opposition sake’ attitude and lack of knowledge towards the concept of “controlling the public”. And the second reason has to do with the fact that ‘one for five’ scheme is not conducive for the party’s strategy of ‘a-short-cut-to-power-through-instigating-a-color-revolution’.

Of course it’s impossible to impose a certain kind of mentality by controlling a given society in this reality (world). Difference is the order of the world. It’s the beauty of our creation. As far as collective thinking is concerned, an accord -like national consensus- is the most a given society can entertain. Citizens in large numbers can have a collective outlook on most (not all) national issues. For this, Grand projects like the lights of the ‘GERD’ project can be given as an example. And I don’t think those ‘would-be’ doctors are impervious to this fact (matter).

But, as their motto is ‘the end justifies the means’; and are only interested on their own personal political expediency they choose to ignore this fact. However, I don’t think this path of theirs will get them anywhere-expect to be unfavorably judged in the court of public opinion (especially if they are to continue with their hate politics into the up-coming election).

Of course, if we are to look the ‘one for five’ scheme from the perspective of the party’s innate organizational nature (behavior), it’s not surprising that ‘Medrek’ is afraid of it. This is because as this kind of developmental organization (arrangement) creates step-by-step benefit for the larger part of the society, the door for any kind of color revolution will be closed.

As I have mentioned this earlier, although the scheme is tailored with development, it’s inevitable that it will also play a huge role in dwindling ‘Medrek’ and the lights desire of instigating color revolution.

As it’s known a color revolution can be instigated at the eve of an election or on a time and date the would-be revolutionaries set (plan). For this to work, there has to be a local opposition lackey that can confuse the people (especially the youth); according to the international “color revolution” experts.

However, our country’s ‘one for five’ scheme is making the public benefit step-by-step. And a benefiting public cannot be seduced by a confusing (distracting) propaganda or blabber thrown out by color-revolution-nostalgic ‘would-be’ politicians.

In my view this is true for two reasons. The first is the fact that there is no way the public would give attention to street-riot provocation thrown at it by opposition, while benefitting from our developmental governments’ correct developmental policies and strategies.

The second has to do with fact that the peoples’ judgment (conscious) is far greater than the would-be oppositions, especially the youth, who have ignored ‘Medrek’ party’s continuous bombardment of insults by keeping on with their work.

I remember hearing the party’s one-time leader Dr. Moga Farissa disrespectfully labeling the youth as ‘easily manipulated by material’. ‘Medrek’ is criticized in many circles for not promoting youth to the leading rank so much that many are claiming the party is turning into ‘a club of old (fools)’.

However the youth of our country is a committed, fair, mature, objective and very bright. It’s not easily manipulated by material as ‘Medrek’ is saying. The youth is very busy working (in order to brighten its future) on beneficial developmental works by organizing itself in micro and small enterprises; using the favorable environment put out by the government. As the today’s youth grew up within a democratic order, they have a mature and objective outlook on things. It’s a force that can differentiate between what’s beneficial and harmful for itself.

It doesn’t need any persuasion or (arm twisting) on which kind of political process to enter, or which party to support or to be a member of. Today’s youth (despite its young age) have shown (in action) that it has a deep and more thorough knowledge about democracy and the (ideology as a whole) better than the would-be “opposition” ‘Medrek’; which is trying hard to be seen as a flag-bearer of liberalism, while being infatuated with western driven (mastered) democracy. As the youths’ outlook on things is so much better and deeper than the ‘take any short cut to power ‘Medrek’, it’s unlikely that it will listen to them (the party).

And this situation has made things for the color-revolution-local-lackey, very hard. In addition to this fact, the party’s innate nature and its inner incongruous condition is very obvious to the whole population, especially the youth.


Now let us move to the party’s other propagation- the one that says that they’re stifled not to hold mass demonstration. I hope the readers of this article will understand this humorous claim as a joke. This is because looking on how many times “Semyawi ‘blue’ party”; a party which sometimes taking its name ‘blue’ for the heavenly supports religious extremists instead its political profession and other times which strives to be a liaison of color revolution as it ‘color’ name suggests, staged mass demonstration is more than enough to debunk this ridiculous statement. Including ‘Andinet’, one of the political party that’s on the ‘Medrek’ ship.

So, considering every political party of the country has the right one party has (exercise), there isn’t an iota of truth in statement, unless if it’s to be taken as a joke given by the ‘comedian politician’ Dr. Merera Gudina. Be that as it may, Medrek’s ‘I’m stifled not to stage mass demonstration’ outcry has other underlining- shifting blame. That is, as the party cannot garner more than a handful people in its staged ‘mass demonstration’, the party’s only option is to cry for ‘foul play’.

 Of course the dishonest ‘Medrek’ have staged mass demonstrations on different cities of the country. However, knowing that the antics of the party exhibited is not to be expected from an organization with a public office aspiration, the public did not want to get involved with the party’s staged demonstration.

As the boycott to their demonstration shows the fair feet of the public, for the fact that these incongruous entities that are gathered under the umbrella of ‘Medrek’ have the intention of tearing apart the constitution if they have their way, I was very proud by the fairness and maturity shown by the people.

On top of this, these entities are eager to seize power through foreign help instead of winning the vote of their own people; they have a wish for a riot to erupt in Ethiopia, while standing to derail our country’s development aspirations; and have no qualms of working with the country’s eternal enemies if the opportunity arises.

The fact that the party staged and embraced the demonstration by itself shows us how much it’s marginalized from the public. As far as I can understand, claiming that it’s been stifled not to stage mass demonstration in order to hide its lack of support (caused by its organizational behavior), will not get it any kind of political gain for the party other than another shameful debacle.

The other thing ‘Medrek’ came up with (on its atrocious statement) is ‘EPRDF is forcing the people to be its member’. Although this claim is the usual song singed by the party at this time and moment, it still has to be supported by evidence. Otherwise it can’t be anything more than an unfounded rumor. ‘Medrek’ has to present evidence on how, which and when a person was forced by EPRDF to be sign up for its membership.

Other than this, spewing unfounded blabber like “EPRDF do this, EPRDF do that” cannot be seen as anything other than a ploy to undermine citizens’ democratic rights enshrined on the constitution.

As any reader of this article knows the ruling party’s aspiration and interest is to strengthen and intensify the developmental and democratic works that are begotten on the blood and sacrifice of Ethiopian martyrs. The party’s innate nature or behavior doesn’t correspond to the unfounded blabber or rumor ‘Medrek’ or its undemocratic partners are spewing; or to bring about Derg-like dictatorial regime, just as ‘Medrek’ is envisioning.

So, considering this committed self, the party doesn’t have the nature or behavior to enforce a narrative of ‘be a member of this party, or don’t be a member of that party’ on its citizens.

However, as a party which dabbles with undemocratic proclivities like ‘Medrek’ is, it’s not surprising that the party is unable to see things outside of its ‘undemocratic vista’. As we cannot hear the party’s blabber including its recent statement (that we saw in this article), as its unacceptable nature and actions speaks much louder.