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Tigray Election: Victory of Good over Evil & Hope for those Yearning to Breathe Free!

By Hailemariam Abebe
Tigrai Online Sept. 9, 2020


If there is anyone out there wondering why the “last twenty-seven years,” were in fact years of light and never darkness for Ethiopia, the answer is playing right in front of us and at that, on an international scale and with international standards.  Despite of the enormous security and economic challenges posed by those merchants of evil and shame of both domestic and foreign origins, Tigray just pulled another astonishing victory for the history books.  The democratic election which just concluded is in fact another proof that Tigray can not only shake and rattle the mountain, but it can move it too!  The triumphant election not only shook the towering mountain of tyranny but also obliterated it!  And in its place?  Tigray has erected the towering edifice of them all- democracy not in words but in substance!

Just like the many challenges before, such as prevailing over the so many “liberation movements” which dotted the Ethiopian landscape during the early years of the Derg era, the scourge of famine at a time when the people of Tigray faced, like today, enemies on many fronts, of which the biggest of them all was the Ahdawee monster backed by the East bloc nations and Cuba, the Tigray Nation just showed to the world, that just as was the case when it built one of the four great civilizations of the ancient world, it is now too, a world class Nation endowed world class ideas and character! 

But not just based on its victories of the seventeen years long which culminated in the obliteration of the Ahdawee monster but also on its victories over the biggest monster of them all- not only conquering the challenge of ushering the Constitution which just about captured the dreams and aspirations of the Nations and Nationalities of Ethiopia but also launching the biggest blitzkrieg of monumental magnitude to smash the scourge of underdevelopment!  All in all, forty-five years long of victories over evil and giving hope to those compatriots of ours, the Tigray Nation has shown that when one is armed with good, evil has no chance!  Yes, there is a lesson here and that is that a people armed with a just cause and the commitment to drive that cause to its conclusion, will earn the prize! It is also true that if the hard-won prize is not secured with the legal infrastructure with teeth and one which guarantees its well being, the result is the birth of a new kind of monsters the likes we see in Ethiopia today!


There is another lesson too.  It is not by coincidence that ANDM or Amhara Democratic Party (ADP) and the latest version of OPDO or Oromo Democratic Party (ODP), are nothing but “shitholes” condemned to a life of Telalakiwotch!  There is a reason why those in ADP can not even run a chicken coop, why the Amhara Kilil is so in shambles and why it is now with another boss serving for another term of Telalaki.  Basically, this is a very dangerous group, without a conscience and ever ready to hand over even their country for their bellies!  Someone has put it more succinctly when he said this a group without qualm to eat Kitfo and Tire Siga at a restaurant when their kids are starving and having Kolo for dinner at home! 

What is sad is what has happened to the OPDO; the party of the late, his Excellency, Dr. Nagasu Guidada who famously stood up to the late Meles Zenawi following the split in the TPLF leadership!  How is it, that, coming from the Oromo Nation which had seen the worst atrocities in the hands of the Ahdaweeian, the OPDO (ODP) has aligned with the very enemy which devoured the Oromo people, and against the TPLF/Tigray which, for the first time in the history of Ethiopia, not only supported the Oromo cause but enshrined it in the Constitution of Ethiopia?  And how is it that it is headed by the most spiritually, morally, ethically, intellectually and socially damaged individual, one who served as a spy, one who is killing innocent Oromos and imprisoning by the thousands, and setting Ethiopia on ethnic and religious infernos?  There is only one explanation and that is unlike the OLF which bears the Oromo flag and cause and did so for decades of long and bitter struggle, that OPDO or ODP, is, like its counterpart in the ANDM or ADP group, Telalaki condemned to a life of crime and corruption!  

And what of Prosperity Party (PP) you may ask?  PP is nothing but a larger group consisting of ADP, ODP and many other spiritual, moral, ethical, and social misfits or outcasts spiritually, morally, ethically and intellectually ill-equipped to run, let alone a national office but these are the very people who run their Kilils to the ground!  Hence why, as Tigray not only shines in peace and ushering a new beginning, ADP, ODP and PP are all wailing on their own waste!  And that is why too, Ethiopia’s economy is in a tailspin, command post everywhere and why it is about to disintegrate. Real change requires real people! People with just cause and with the tenacity to deliver! That is why too, while those “shitholes” keep changing Kabas, TPLF and the people of Tigray remain true to their original Kaba! Not Kaba from the derelict Telalaki mind you but from the Azenas, Kalebes, Yared, Zera Yaacob, Tewodros, Yowhannes, Alula, Zeray Deres and many others too many to count! But the saga of victories continues.


As mentioned elsewhere, the Tigray Nation has done it again!  And it has done it so with an extraordinary devotion to the cause and goal, superb technical know-how in logistics, organizational finesse unmatched in the African continent, and multi-tasking of gargantuan scale!  What the Tigray Nation has accomplished in conducting its election is truly ground-breaking as it is mind captivating.  The amount of work which went into the election is colossal in scale; from organizing the campaigns to holding the debates, and from registering the 2.7 million voters to printing the registration cards and delivering them to the voting centers, it simply was breathe taking!  Kudos to the Government of Tigray and the ruling party- the TPLF!

Kudos too, to the contending political parties, and to the members of the Election Commission. You have thrilled the Tigray Nation! The caliber of your ideas and your commitment to them, the depth of your intellectual prowess, and the civility, humility and humanity you displayed were true to your faith, heroes and heroines and above all, to everything else which made the Tigray Nation the birth of faith, letters, law, science and engineering, history and heritage eons in age!  There is no Tigraway on the face of the earth who is not filled with pride on your history making performance!  But, please know that what you collectively did is not only a real game changer for the people of Tigray but also a victory of good over evil and hope for those yearning to breathe free not only in our country but also elsewhere in the world! Congratulations!