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Amhara extremist attack against the people of Tigrai and the nation of Tigrai continues unabated

Tigrai Online, Sept. 6, 2018

Tigrai people and government reacted strongly to the Amhara extremist claim on their land


Roughly for the past 150 years until now some elite Amhara extremist groups have been conspiring and plotting against the independent Kingdom, sometimes semi-autonomous and now federal state of Tigrai.  Since his submission to Emperor Yohannes IV in 1878 King Menilik or Sahlemariam didn’t waste time to plan against the true King of Kings of the land, Emperor Yohannes IV.

On March 9, 1889, Emperor Yohannes IV halted his attack against the Italians in Mitsiwae/Batse where he was determined to push them out of his land. The reason Yohannes stopped his fight against the Italians was to defend the city of Gonder which was invaded by the Sudanese Mahdists. The Mahdists had defeated the local fighters and they had burned half of the city by the time Yohannes arrived. After the Mhadists were defeated and pushed out of Ethiopian territories, Emperor Yohannes IV was shot and killed on March 9, 1989 at Metema Yohannes which the town still bears his name. Exactly 16 days after the great emperor was killed, Sahlemariam declared himself emperor of Ethiopia on March 25, 1889, as Menilek II. On May 2, 1889 precisely three weeks after the death of Emperor Yohannes IV, Sahlemariam or Menilik II signed a treaty of Wishale in Wollo granting Italy to rule over half of the Tigringa speakers of the Kingdom of Axum or Tigrai. He committed the biggest crime against Tigringa speakers by dividing them for the first time.


In 1941 the people of Tigrai rebelled against the central government naming their revolt “Woyane” and captured the capital city of Tigrai, the city of Mekelle. In the battle Ras Abebe Aregai the commander of the Ethiopian army was captured and released. The Hailesilassie monarchy was able to recapture the Kingdom of Tigrai with the help of British planes bombardment of mekelle. Emperor Hailesilassie as an Amhara elite leader continued trying to subjugate the people of Tigrai by subjecting them to inhuman and untold suffering.

By 1967 the people of Tigrai had had enough of the cruel mistreatment under Amhara elites, and then the second Woyane - TPLF was born. The Amhara elites intensified their crushing campaign against the Tigrai people by bombarding countless towns and villages, burning crops, by killing thousands upon thousands of civilians in the name of Red terror. All their efforts didn’t help them to conquer the people of Tigrai, in the contrary the entire people of Tigrai rose up and joined the armed struggle. After 17 bitter years of struggle, the heroic people of Tigrai triumphed against all the odds. Not only did the TPLF liberated Tigrai, but with the help of peace loving of Ethiopians and their respective organizations they were able to bring about a radical change in Ethiopia.

Forward to 2018, once more the people of Tigrai are facing a clear and present danger from the same Amhara elites who were hiding in Western countries for the past 25 years. Thanks to the 7th King of Utopia every single terrorist, extremist, fake monarchist, criminal, and enemy of Tigrai is welcomed to Ethiopia with all the fanfare of the government. Those who were threatening the people of Tigrai are now in Ethiopia with the full support of Abiy Ahmed to fulfill their dreams which is to dismantle Tigrai. Abiy’s government is in cahoots with every single internal and external enemies of the Tigrai people. With the green light from Abiy’s government the elite Amharas are threatening territorial integrity of Tigrai state under the disguise of fake identity claims.


For the past three years it was Wolkayit, but when that was not fetching the desired results now they are switching to southern Tigrai Raya.

Provoking the peaceful people and government of Tigrai by Amhara elites will have devastating and catastrophic consequences for the poor Amhara population. The hate blinded Amhara elites are thinking from the time of Hailesilassie and Dergi times when they had the total military, economic, man power and other resources of the whole Ethiopia and the people of Tigrai were marginalized and in the brink of extinction. However, the reality in Ethiopia has changed and the people of Tigrai are in a much better position than ever before not only to defend themselves, but to go on a counter offensive against any force that threatens their land and existence as unique and distinct people within or without of Ethiopia. and that is a fact, #TigraiFirst!!!

Map of Tigrai with complete land claims
Amhara elders, intellectuals, religious leaders, all other peace loving Ethiopian people and government should stop
this illegal land claims before it is too late. We the people of Tigrai have many lands that are ours under the Amhara state,
we will start working to bring our stolen land now.


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