President Museveni declares war on Al Shabaab president_museveni of Uganda
President Museveni late last night indicated that the al Shabaab were behind the Sunday terrorist act in Kampala and declared all-out war on the Somali militants.“We are going to go on the offensive and go for all who did this in all areas, starting here,” he said. “We were just in Mogadishu to guard the airport and the presidential palace - that was all. Now, they have mobilised us to look for them. We were just doing our small mandate … now we are taking interest. It was a very big mistake on their side,” Read more

Al-Qaida in Somalia targets Ethiopian restaurant in Uganda
One blast hit an Ethiopian restaurant in the south of the city, while the other occurred at a rugby sports club in the east of Kampala, Kale Kayihura, the city's police chief, said early on Monday. Read More
Those trashes from the 11th century only understand brute force, send the SU 27s and give them their own medicine.

Al-Shabab leader threatens Uganda
"I say to the Ugandan president what has happened in Kampala was only the beginning. We will keep revenging what your soldiers remorselessly did to our people. Your tanks destroyed the remains of our buildings in Mogadishu and we will also revenge that," Abu Zubayr said. Read More

Ethiopia urges worldwide anti-terror response after Kampala blasts
The Ethiopian government said Monday the international community must stop further dithering on the continuing threats posed by the Somali militants. Read More

Queen Sheba Alumni Historic Conference in Seattle

Queen Sheba Alumni Historic Conference in Seattle

Read More


The Gallant TPLF Fighters
Eternal glory to our martyrs!


The oldest Christian book found in Adwa monastery, Tigrai state
The oldest Christian book found in Tigrai state, northern Ethiopia


Headline News

July 31 2010

Ethiopia, Ogaden Rebel Reaches Peace Agreement
Three foreign terror suspects charged by Ugandan court for the Kampala blasts
Ethiopian Opposition Alliance Takes Step Toward Becoming a Single Party Wocho Entglbetkayo Wocho

July 30 2010

Uganda brings Africa together. Except Eritrea
Editor's comment: Why does the Eritrean President-for life oppose more troops for Somalia? Well because he is scared his sawa boys and girls who are hiding behind Somali women's dresses will be exposed to the world. If more AU troops come to Somalia the Ethiopian army will turn its eyes on to him and he knows for sure this time around, the lions don't have leashes.
Minnesota man arrested in Internet sex sting
NBE to Call Lion’s Shareholders' Meeting

July 29 2010

US., NATO Allies Prepare New Invasion Of Somalia
Farmers in Kan. seek to expand test plots of Ethiopian grain into marketable fields of teff
Bashir's party raises doubts on south Sudan referendum

July 28 2010

Ethiopian Government Plans to Sign Peace Deal With Ogaden Rebels Tomorrow
Ethiopian Teen places 2nd in national speech contest three years after learning English
Global Airline Pilots Not Happy About Israeli Security Program

July 27 2010

Somalia dominates AU summit
Raising Coffee in Ethiopia, With Help From Harlem
High powered rivalries expected in Nairobi – African Championships preview

July 26 2010

African Union Seeks Troops to Halt `Taliban-Style' Safe Haven
US attorney general to address African Union summit
Ethiopia's PM retains NEPAD leadership despite challenge

July 24 2010

Oromia Regional State’s right over the capital Addis Ababa.
Omar el-Bashir, a source of African-European conflict?
Egypt's Prime Minister Nazif to head delegation to African Union Summit

July 23 2010

IGAD Defense chiefs consult Somalia action plan
German Foreign Minister Visits Blast Site in Kampala, Uganda
Gold exports and its revenues have grown massively in the past twelve months

July 22 2010

Two ONLF central committee members released from prison
The highest price of gas in the world is in Eritrea

July 21 2010

US lawmaker wants Eritrea added to terror blacklist
AU Summit to Broaden Rules for Somalia Peacekeepers

July 19 2010

Israel Air Force fighter jets intercept an Ethiopian Airlines plane
Igad to send 2,000 troops to Somalia as EA talks tough
Yemen to deport 63 Ethiopian illegal immigrants
Ethiopia calls for annihilation of al-Shabaab

July 16 2010

Ethiopia Secures 120 Million US Dollars From Products Exported Via Humera
Uganda police arrests 17 suspects of multiple blasts in capital

July 15 2010

Ethiopia's forest cover triples
Ethiopia's June inflation dips to 7.3 pct
ICC to set up office in Addis Ababa
Tigray state endorses proclamations, approves 2.3 bln birr budget
Ethiopia Plans Power Exports to Sudan After Rains Boost Dams
Eritrean Movement says, it put 19 Eritrean troops out of action

July 14 2010

>UN to ask private donors for $100 billion climate aid
Ethiopia on Track to Halve the Poverty Rate by 2015, United Nations Says
Kenya, Ethiopia keen on power project

July 13 2010

Uganda Says It arrested four pepole avoided Another blast
South Africa says it will consider Olympic bid

July 12 2010

Obama, Clinton Condemn Uganda Blasts, Offer Help
Uganda blast signal growing extremism of al-Shabab
Tigray state vows to alleviate unemployment, poverty

July 10 2010

IFC Reaffirms Commitment to Support Sustainable Economic Growth in Ethiopia
Abul Gheit upbeat about talks with Ethiopian officials over Nile waters
Swede on trial for human smuggling in Ethiopia
Euro parliamentarians condemn deportation of Eritrean refugees

July 09 2010

Ethiopian egalitartian community thrives
Africa Oil to raise up to C$20 mln in private placement

July 08 2010

The River Nile, the lifeline of all African countries is now the focus of bitter debate
Toward creating an Ethiopian Israeli Peace Corps
Allana Potash Reports Further Positive Drill Results in Ethiopia
Libya allows 400 Eritreans to stay
Eritrea is opposing increase peacekeeping troop levels in Somalia
Editor's comment: Ali Abdu is right; Eritrea has nothing to do with Somalia. They don't have common border, common culture or common language. The only reason the Eritrean government is sticking its nose on the Somalia issue is to sneak to Ethiopia hiding behind Somalia women’s skirts. Every time they try to send their mercenaries through Somalia, they end up with a bad bloody nose.

July 06 2010

East African Nations Want 2,000 More Peacekeepers in Somalia
Man Busted for possession "chat" at Smart Mart
Chinese National Gets Three Years for Smuggling

July 05 2010

East African leaders debate crisis in Somalia
Somali president pleads for help as insurgency rises
Palestinian president begins a visit to Ethiopia

July 04 2010

Gebre Gebremariam of Ethiopia won the 41st AJC Peachtree Road Race on Sunday
Ethiopias in Canada welcomed P.M. Meles Zenawi to Togronto G8 meeting (video)
Ethiopia praises Somaliland polls
Exiled Eritreans vow to launch Ethnic-based movement

July 03 2010

World Bank funds Ethiopian power grid
Iffy Onoura chosen to coach Ethiopia
African aid reunion helps wounds heal
Africa's dream over as Ghana succumb to Uruguay on penalty shoot-out

July 02 2010

Petronas May Begin Ethiopian Gas Exports in 2015, Ministry Says
Egypt and Sudan draw battle lines with upstream nations over access to the Nile
Ethiopian farmers given government land drive reforestation effort

July 01 2010

UN urges Eritrea to do more and comply with its resolutions
Ethiopia says record budget to boost infrastructure
Eritrean refugees in Libya face brutality and possible forced repatriation
Sunshine Inaugurates 148.2km Wollega Road


Does NEPAD Revitalize or Contribute to Africa’s Diminishing Role in the World Economic system?
Asayehgn Desta, Ph.D.

Network of Ethopians for Developent and Peace (NEDAP) Press Release NEDAP

The dictatorship of Eritrea has formed a partnership with Iran

Ethio-German Joint Venture On Process To Engage in 600 Million USD Wind Energy Development in Ethiopia

The Vision and Mission Statements of MIDROC-Ethiopia: A Working Paper
Asayehgn Desta, Ph.D.

A true leader is a word with great and different meanings

President Obama said he will “redouble” efforts against al-Shabaab

Aliens for Their Faith

What can we do to increase the quality of products and services in Ethiopia?
Berhe Hagos

President Museveni declares war on Al Shabaab

Al-Shabab leader threatens Uganda

Ethiopia urges worldwide anti-terror response after Kampala blasts

Al-Qaida targets Ethiopian restaurant in Uganda

Queen Sheba Alumni Historic Conference in Seattle

Statement of Condemnation of the Act of Carnage by Al-shabab in Uganda

Nationalism: Ethiopian collective identity

Going over the Eritrea-Djibouti Peace Agreement with a fine-tooth comb
Dilwenberu Nega

Awlaelo Thanks Seattle Tigray Community
Awlaelo Schools Alumni Association

Ethiopian Ambassador to Ireland, Zerihun Retta hits back at detractors of the election!
H.E. Ambassador Zerihun Retta

Yes to Geez please, again
Godofai Tgiorgis

If Egypt is the gift of the Nile, then the Nile is Ethiopia’s gift.
Dilwenberu Nega

ETHIOPIA: The cradle of civilization and the resurrection of human concern
Fanowedy Samara

Tigrigna Article
Aziz Hagos

Now Medrek has used its last remaining life-line, it’s time to end ‘vuvuzela politics.’
Dilwenberu Nega

IMF says Ethiopia has moved to restore economic stability while maintaining strong growth

Ethiopia is one of top 20 countries making progress on millennium development goals
(End Poverty 2015)

19th anniversary of Gunbet 20, celebrated on 30th of May 2010 in London

ONLF rebel faction signs ceasefire deal with Ethiopia

Stand as one to build a prosperous and strong Ethiopia beyond political differences
Tezera Asegu

East African Community unites in grief over 5 lives lost in Seattle fire

Poem about Professor Teshome of UCLA by Gebre Reta
Gebre Reta

Development association's in Ethiopia and the sparkling involvment of the Diaspora
Ewnet Mezgebu

Justification of the Ethiopian 2010 national election
Fanowody Samara


Tigrai Festival 2010 in Las Vegas
Tigrai Festival 2010 in Las Vegas

Tigrai Community in North America Picnic in Arlington Virginia
Tigrai Community in North America Picnic in Arlington Virginia

The 5th Anniversary of RADA will be held in the Twin Cities, MN

3rd reunion of Enderta regional development association in Maryland

Raya Development Association fundraising party in Washington DC
Raya Development Asso. fundraising party


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