Happy Ethiopian New Year! It is 2003

The Ethiopian armed forces are about to crash 300 Eritrean traind ONLF rebels
According to the Interior Minister, Dr. Mohamed Abdi Gabose two boats carrying an estimated 240-300 fighters arrived in the ancient coastal town of Zeila last Friday. The men were then smuggled across Somaliland by three lorries pretending to be carrying food products. He added the Somaliland police captured five men who separated from the group and seized weapons, Eritrean money, communication equipment and training manuals that were in Somali and Amharic. Read More

Egypt cuts water use as Ethiopia dams for powerEthiopian electric power
Reporting from Mansoura, Egypt, and Blue Nile — On the sloping western shores of Lake Tana in central Ethiopia, where villagers gape at new tractors as if they were Ferraris and power lines pass over lean-tos lighted by candles, a poor nation's hopes hum inside a new hydroelectric plant. Read More


The Gallant TPLF Fighters
Eternal glory to our martyrs!


Architects want to make the city that hosts the African Union so much nicer
Ethiopia is Growing

Headline News

Sept. 30 2010

Egypt, Ethiopia and South Africa to launch new carrier
Ethiopia urges Sudanese peace partners to settle their disputes differently
The DV-2012 Lottery begins at Noon EDT on October 5, 2010, and ends at Noon EST on November 3, 2010.
Ethiopia's Meles urges speedy replacement of Somalia PM

Sept. 29 2010

Iran, Eritrea Stress Continued Cooperation
Ethiopian Troops Cross Into Somalia
Survivors of boat off Somalia that capsized during rescue effort moved to other US ship
Nyota raises £21,6m for Ethiopia project
Ethiopia inflation rate slows to 5.3 pct in August

Sept. 28 2010

New Ethiopian policy to handle disaster risk

Sept. 27 2010

UN unceremoniously disinvited Eritrea, just before a meeting
SPLM urges Ethiopia continue its role for regional peace

Sept. 26 2010

Westminster Abbey accused of 'sacrilege' for keeping Ethiopian relic
Ethiopia launches construction of massive railway network
Eritrean pirates seize Yemeni boat

Sept. 24 2010

Seoul extends G-20 invites
Children Delight in Tales on Wheels

Sept. 23 2010

Escaping Eritrea
Ethiopian PM takes to the podium
Allana May Begin Extracting Ethiopian Potash Deposit

Sept. 22 2010

Eritrea may become failed state, warns think-tankThe ICG's Mark Schneider said if things continued as they were, the situation in Eritrea was "in danger of implosion" as the authoritarian government of President Isaias Afewerki was haemorrhaging legitimacy.

Former Ethiopian cadets stranded in Kyrgyzstan
Almost 20 years later, still fearing reprisals back home for the small role he played in the brutal rule of deposed Marxist leader Mengistu Haile Mariam, Tesgaye is marooned here

Steeling Ethiopia’s Metal Industry
Ethiopia’s Meles meets Al-Bashir in Khartoum
Obama to deliver 'forceful message' at UN Sudan talks

Sept. 20 2010

Ethiopia Cited for Gains in Access to Education
Report lists world's worst places to be a school child
Defar makes stellar half-marathon debut
Ex-boyfriend charged with throwing battery acid in woman's face
Opposition urges Int’l community stop Yemen from deporting Eritrean Naval personnel

Sept. 19 2010

Ethiopia greening drive gathers pace
Gebrselassie dominates Great North Run
International, discount airlines push growth at region's airports

Sept. 18 2010

The price of sesame from Ethiopia has sky rocketed
Demonstrators released ONLF driver in Borama

Sept. 17 2010

IMF and Ethiopia Reach Staff-Level Agreement on Second Review
EPRDF concludes 8th organizational conference
China Taking Steps to Boost Exports From Ethiopia, Ambassador Gu Says
Nine Sea Afar Refugees May Be Handed Back To Eritrean Government

Sept. 16 2010

Stratex reports good results from Ethiopian gold exploration
Group: Lebanon not protecting domestic workers
Restoring Ethiopia's Forest Cover
Ethiopia troops arrive in Somaliland to hunt down ONLF rebels

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Sept. 15 2010

Ethiopian Armed forces wiped out 123 ONLF terrorists and surround 90 more
Ethiopian forces have killed 123 of the 200 to 300 terrorists who tried to sneak in to Ethiopia from Somaliland with help of Shabiya. A BBC report this morning indicated a senior ONLF commander, known as Hassan Bossaso, was captured.
Editors comment: Shabiya, you sent EPPF through Gonder they got wiped out, you sent OLF through Kenya they got crippled, you sent Al-Shabab through Somalia they got buried in the rubble, you sent Kinijit through Washington DC they got defeated, and you sent ONLF from different directions they got destroyed in a lightning speed, what is next we dare you to try yourselves.

Ethiopia won't need food aid after 2015: Meles
Fraser Mackenzie Ltd. Initiates Analyst Coverage on Allana Potash Corp

Sept. 14 2010

Ethiopia joins middle income nations in 5 years- PM Meles
Japan pledges to enhance development assistance to Ethiopia

Sept. 13 2010

Somaliland forces 'surround ONLF rebels near Ethiopia'
ANALYSIS: Western Ethiopia's Gambella region faces risks head-on
Delegates Emotionally Accept Tefera’s Plea for Break

Sept. 10 2010

Is Eritrean policy shift just “tactical”?
Ethiopia gets multi-million dollar fund to boost coffee production

Sept. 09 2010

TPLF concludes regular session
Energy review saves Ethiopia 96m US dollars, says Word Bank
Addis 2010: Eritrean-Ethiopian relationship (I)
Little Ethiopia Grows Up in DC
Huge iceberg breaks off Greenland glacier
US court dismisses lawsuit against Boeing unit

Sept. 08 2010

Nyota plans ‘serious’ exploration programme in Ethiopia
Ethiopia: Over 1000 Eritrean refugees resettled to a third country
Ghion 512 mln dollar deal closed

Sept. 07 2010

Ethiopia to supply power to Sudan beginning October
IMF Welcomes Devalued Birr
Ethiopia introduces its first one birr coin
Ban on outdated cars to be effective

Sept. 04 2010

U.N. official is 'hopeful' for Somalia

Sept. 02 2010

Ethiopia rejects dam criticism, targets 10,000 MW
Tullow Oil Expands in Kenya, Ethiopia With Africa Oil License Acquisitions
AUSTRALIA will soon open an embassy in Ethiopia
Five found in lorry heading from Calais to Newton Abbot

Sept. 01 2010

Ethiopian birr devalued: central bank data
Uganda Blast Victims Win Compensation
Somali Government Denies Ethiopia Sent Troops into Somalia
Eritrean political group seeks probe over allegedly dumped nuclear waste

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ASAA-UK Cultural Event of Mesqel Celebration
ASAA-UK Cultural Event of Mesqel Celebration
Celebrate the first annual Shire fundraising event in London UK
Celebrate the first annual Shire fundraising event in London UK
Ethiopian New Year's Eve 2003 Hosted by UTNA Bay Area
Ethiopian New Year's Eve 2003 Hosted by UTNA Bay Area

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