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Ethiopian Movie and Drama

Modern Ethiopian movie and drama has exploded sense EPRDF took power in 1990. The primary reason is, first because there is no restriction on what the artists and writers can write about and deal with. The second reason is the technology needed to make movies has exponentially advanced and the price has come down so much Ethiopian film makers can afford a fairly sophisticated film making equipment.

The most popular continuing dramas are Gemena and Sew Le Sew. These two Ethiopian soup opera type of dramas are wildly popular in Ethiopia and with Ethiopians who live outside of Ethiopia in the Diaspora.

Ethiopian Rising Film Stars such as actresses Hanna Yohannes, Meseret Mebrate (Mebrahtu) and Mahder Assefa has made names for themselves on the Ethiopia drama scene.

To all Ethiopians,

Please boycott the websites that lure you in by inviting you to watch free Ethiopian films. By doing so they generate revenue from the flow of traffic on their website and take money away from the hard working Ethiopian actors and film industry professionals. The film industry professionals have a low income to begin with, and the last thing they need is someone taking what should be their profits.

As you may have noticed, there have been no new DVDs coming out. This is a direct result of the pirating websites. If the film industry were to continue to provide retailers with DVDs, these greedy individuals who run the websites will purchase the DVD for roughly $12 and upload it to their website to generate traffic. In addition to money received from traffic, they also receive money from advertisers.

Let's support the hardworking and talented Ethiopian actors and actresses, and avoid supporting the free movie sites that are taking away their hard earned income. Let's help our brothers and sisters in the industry, and those whose small businesses support them by selling their DVDs.

Thank you for your time and help!