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Professor Tesfatsion Medhanie says Isayass Afeworki secretly fighting for Tigrai Tigringi (Greater Tigrai) Professor Tesfatsion Medhanie
Professor Tesfatsion said the independence of Eritrea is temporary to fool the Eritrean people until the real goal is achieved. According to Professor Tesfatsion the Eritrean struggle was a fake cover by EPLF leaders for the realization of Tigrai Tigrgni or Greater Tigrai.

Ethiopian Federal police seize weapons smuggled from Sudan illegal weapons seized by police
Ethiopian security forces have seized hundreds of illegal weapons smuggled into the horn of Africa nation from neighboring Sudan, federal police said on Saturday.

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Oct. 31, 2012

Why Ethiopian-Americans should vote for Obama
President Obama has done a lot to change the foreign policy of the United States and worked hard for the development of Africa including Ethiopia. Calling on Ethiopian Americans to vote against President Obama without good reason is another sign how the extreme Ethiopian Diaspora is driven by hate and bias.

Physical History of Axum and Yeha Video
Tigrai is very well known for its pre-Christian monuments. The Axum obelisks or Steles (2nd century BC), the pre-Axumite Yeha’s "Temple of The Moon" (5th century BC), bath and palace of the Queen Sheba and the Ark of the Covenant, are among the most prominent.

Oct. 30, 2012

Kenya says Eritrea must support peace before joining IGAD
Eritrea has sought Kenya's support in an effort to rejoin IGAD. "In his response, President Kibaki welcomed Eritrea's decision to rejoin IGAD subject to the Government of Eritrea's support for regional peace initiatives,"

Habiba Mohammed, wife of Junedin Sado charged with terrorism
The wife of a senior Ethiopian politician was on Monday charged with funnelling money from the Embassy of Saudi Arabia to Islamist terror groups, at a hearing at the Ethiopian Federal High Court, on Monday. Habiba Mohammed, wife of former Minister for the Civil Service Junedin Sado, was one of 29 Muslim activists accused of criminal conspiracy to commit unspecified acts of terrorism.

Oct. 29, 2012

Ethiopia and Eritrea are still at each others’ throats

Oct. 28, 2012

Should Ethiopia worry about Egyptian military movements?
The Little Heaven in Seoul, South Korea

Oct. 27, 2012

Dr “No-matter-what” is living in a fool’s paradise*

Oct. 26, 2012

Somalia Sorted, Eritrea Next
Mobile Banking to be Introduced in Ethiopia

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