America and Its Political Heresy

By Gezaee Hailemichael

Nov. 17 2007

With absolute honesty, I love the American people in general. There are multitudes of American individuals who do great works for Ethiopia. Nonetheless, I am confounded by the so called Congress and Ethiopian oppositions in America.

I want to make one thing clear here, Ethiopia is not a province of the United States. Ethiopia has a longer and richer history than America, a country of yester years. Contemplating to make a law for Ethiopia in Washington is a laughing-stock. The people who think of such bill or law must be suffering from unknown or Psycho-cephalic terminal illness.

Opposing the government in Ethiopia is one thing, having a law in the united states for Ethiopia is completely another thing. How can I liberate others if I am not free myself ? If Berhanu Nega and Co envisions that they can liberate Ethiopia by asking America, it must be their deep seated illness. I have been accusing Prime Minister Meles Zenawi for being a puppet of NGOS, now to make matters worse, I am having individuals who actually wanted to rule Ethiopia from Washington. Why is the Ethiopian leadership trend a decaying one? From Haileslassie, we said Mengistu Hailemariam was worst.

We are saying even Meles is not better than Mengistu except a change of personality. To make it even worse than that, now we are having oppositions who claim to be self-righteous and who blame even their own weakness on Meles. They talk of democracy and they tell us their democracy allows them to decide the destiny of 80 million people from Washington. If the destiny of Ethiopia and Ethiopians is going to be decided from the white house by a bunch of blood thirsty and power hunger Ethiopians and alien Americans like Donald Payne and Smith..., where is the so called their democracy? If I live in Ethiopia and my future and destiny is decided by a man in Washington whom I have never seen and heard of, this can never be democracy at all. They must give it another political heresy term.

I spoke with a real hardcore CUDP, and asked him about the cause of the havoc in the election of 2005. From the bottom of his heart this man told me that the chaos was deliberately created by CUD in order to install deep rooted hatred against Meles. Meles was lured to make mistakes so that he can be hated deeply, rejected and then they can have the palace for themselves. These people talk about Ethiopia, but their hunger is not to help Ethiopians, their hunger is to usurp power from Meles at the expense of the blood of others.

I sincerely believe Prime Minister Meles must go as long as he persists against Ethiopia. He still believes Ethiopia must be landlocked. He argues that Ethiopia must be landlocked. I want to see him out of office the sooner the better. However, I do not believe Berhanu Nega and his co., are alternatives. We want someone better than Meles than worse. Meles at least works against Ethiopia from home, CUDP works against Ethiopia from outside.

One thing which I want to share with Ethiopians, we Ethiopians have the attitude of faith-fullness. Ethiopians take their relationship with America serious, but Americans do not. Americans, specially their policy does not care about Ethiopians or others. Americans do have commandments. One of their commandment is America and American interest first at all costs. This means American politicians will never care whether Ethiopia has a good leader or not. What they care is about their interest. It is all about money and business. Democracy, human right is a cover plan only. What democracy will allow the situation in Iraq?

Now they are telling us they wanted to have a law to liberate Ethiopia and Ethiopians from Meles. I call them American hypocrites and political heretics. If they can liberate Ethiopians from Meles from the white house, Somalia has been without government for the past 17 years, have they done anything about it? Why they could not help them for the sake of democracy and human right? Why there is no HR for Somalia and Sudan, Eritrea? It is Ethiopians who are dying for them in Somalia. I know the leadership in Ethiopia is an inert one. Nonetheless, the Americans are showing that they are unreliable and not trustworthy, they are not worthy of friendship. While Ethiopian soldiers are being dragged on the streets of Mogadisho for their agenda, they are betraying Meles on the spot.

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi,by dividing our people you are opening windows to outsiders who exploit our division. Why is ONLF having bases in the United States and UK? When ONLF massacred 9 Chinese and 65 innocent Ethiopians, ONLF took responsibility publicly from UK and from the United States. Why are people called terrorist only when they do things which America and UK do not like? Why are people who killed Ethiopians not terrorist? Why is the life of Ethiopians cheaper than the interest of America and UK? Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, Americans are showing their illness although you may not notice it because you are obsessed with collecting charities. It is your dependency on charity which is exposing the country to further sabotage and simmering internal conflict.

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, change your policy. Abandon your blind doctrine that Ethiopia must be landlocked. Abandon the border issue with Eritrea. Do a favor to Ethiopia, never make any deal again about our country the way you did thus far.

You still have a chance to design a better course for Ethiopian provided that you change and never repeat the same mistakes again and again. Forget about the past mistakes,, but do not forget the lessons. To make mistakes is human and natural, but to repeat mistakes is very stupid. Your mistakes did cost Ethiopians and Eritreans about 100 thousands lives. All those who perished had a natural light to live their life in the fullest.

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, there is no any human being born or created with money. Money is made by human being. There are no countries or individuals who are created with money. Bowing to your knees to get charity attached with strings of buried bombs will not solve our problem. If I were you, I would make a national speech, ask apology for mistakes of the past and give power to the people. You may think it can be seen as weakness, but it could prove you wise and better than your predecessors. The best investment to bring grass root change is to work with the very people. To have a trust of the people. CUDP's attempt to sell out Ethiopia can actually serve in your favor. However, you need to abandon your colonial country Eritrea. You need to free yourself from colonialism and believe there is no need to build walls within Ethiopian and between the two brotherly people who are tied by blood and history.

The point I want to make here, stop dependency on charity, start dependency on the people. Make a national speech and reconcile the people, pay a tribute to those who have lost their beloved ones because of the past. Reform EPRDF, give it another name. Remove the front now. You are not a guerrilla fighter now. You are a state man. Give it a new name . Change the federal system to non-ethnic. Drop the issue of Eritrea and seal it forever so that it will never be a tearing torn again. Then we can all work with you for the betterment of the country. To have a motivated citizen is much better than to have a lot of loan money from IMF and WB. It is people who can bring change, not money. If you collect money but now one is motivated, the money will be lost in the administrative hierarchy. Real change can only come by real people, not by money. If you give the power to the people and involve the people, the people themselves will not let you go. What you need to do now is to do the right thing at the right time. The right things are the things the people wanted to be done, not your personal egos.

If all Ethiopians reconcile, I am hundred percent sure you can collect more money than the money your collect from these poisonous NGOS. And to have peace, love, stability among the people in the country cannot be valued in terms of money. The American way is the survival of the fittest. If you are strong and powerful, you can have and do everything you want, if you are weak and with no money, they will walk on you because they value everything in terms of money.

Let them have a law for us in their country of an unequal, we must show them who we are. We must show them we are not money. We are Ethiopians. We do not value ourselves in terms of material. We do not believe Americans are better than us in anyway. We must show them we are serious and trustworthy while they themselves define themselves in terms of money. Their money and weapon will not get them anywhere. They are still human, they are not in control of the cosmos. If they think like that they could have saved themselves from Hurricane Katrina.

God punishes his favorite SON Divine freedom, Divine Justice, Divine Wisdom Divine Love, Divine Peace, Divine Power to Ethiopia!!

God Bless Ethiopia!!