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Sponsors of Abiy Ahmed are losing confidence on their pawn in Ethiopia

Tigrai Online Jan. 21, 2020

sponsors of Abiy Ahmed are losing confidence on their pawn
The Arabs are more than happy if Ethiopia collapses and if they get a chance to get a free access to African resources without too much challenge..


All the backers of Abiy Ahmed the so called “change” are fast losing confidence in the man they thought who will destroy EPRDF/TPLF and then push their agenda. 

Twenty two months after Abiy Ahmed become a prime minister in Ethiopia through a silent coup the country has gone from bad to worse.

Abiy Ahmed has dismantled EPRDF because his sponsors ordered him. Then Abiy attempted to annihilate the TPLF and occupy Tigrai. It seems he doesn’t have the military capacity or the cohesion of the Ethiopian military to take such an audacious military action against TPLF and the people of Tigrai.

Tigrai is strong, united, and ready in every way not only to defend itself, but if it is threatened Tigrai will take preemptive military action against any force in the Horn of Africa. Abiy’s security problems are much closer to him than Tigrai, many Oromo forces, the Afars, the Somalis, and the many unhappy groups in Southern Ethiopia are waiting biting their lips to pick up a gun against Abiy Ahmed and his Unitary group. The reason is all the Ethiopian ethnic groups in Ethiopia dread the expansionist, narrow tribalist, greedy, and chauvinistic Amhara elite’s system. The backward system which destroyed the majority Ethiopians language, culture, history and identity believes Ethiopia means Amhara and Amhara means Ethiopia, God knows how they came up with this fairytail, but they really believe it and they tried to impose it on the 90% of Ethiopians.

For the last 30 years the majority Ethiopians enjoyed their freedom because their oppressors were removed from power and they were able to design their own destiny and their own path. Now when foreigners saw Ethiopia was heading to become a self reliant and compete to maintain its influence in the Red Sea region, they decided to stop it by any means necessary including breaking it as a country. Abiy Ahmed is their tool to fulfill their dream disintegrating Ethiopia because he is blinded by the prophecy his mother to become the  “seventh king of Ethiopia”. Abiy Ahmed will try to realize his mother’s extremely dangerous wish at any cost if he has the means to do so.


The sponsors Abiy Ahmed especially the especially the Europeans are worried because Ethiopia is falling apart faster than they expected. Despite the billions of dollars from the World Bank, the IMF, and the Arabs pouring into Ethiopia, the so called “change” is going the wrong way.

The Arabs are more than happy if Ethiopia collapses and if they get a chance to get a free access to African resources without too much challenge. The Eruopiens on the other hand are torn by two competing ideas. On one hand they would welcome a weak and docile Ethiopia, but on the other hand if Ethiopia explodes not only would it destabilize the whole region, the European Union will be flooded by millions of refugees from the Horn of Africa. The  Eruopiens have more to lose than the North Americans namely the United States and Canada if Ethiopia becomes another Yugoslavia that is why they are worried about the current political crisis in the country.

Everyday Abiy Ahmed stays in power the chance of Ethiopia disintegrating increases exponentially and trust me, he will try to do stay in power including cheating in the coming election or declaring military rule. We know his public support has been shrinking and now the only support he has is limited to the capital Addis Ababa and in the Amhara region. The Ethiopian military is divided more than ever mainly to the interference of the Arabs in Ethiopian internal affairs especially military issues. Even Though Abiy Ahmed is blinded by his greed for power, we can’t totally close the door on self preservation. If things get really critical to the point where Abiy Ahmed thinks he might be arrested or his life is in danger he will try to escape to Eritrea or to any of the Arab countries who are supporting him now. All Ethiopians should keep their eyes and ears open to watch the mercenary never gets out of the country, he has to face justice for the crimes he committed against the Ethiopian people.

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