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Why is resigning a shame for prosperity party and why Tigrai must Vote in May 2020?

By Amleset Tesfay
Tigrai Online Jan. 25, 2020

Why is resigning a shame for prosperity party
The illegal Prosperity Party had violated the Ethiopian constitution for the sake of power.


Well, my main concern is not neither to advise how the entirely rejected illegal prosperity party (PP) should resign with dignity, nor to inform people how the politically dead prosperity party have to be buried in due time before its bad odor diffuses and contaminates the neighboring counties. My main point is to let the world know why Tigrai respects the Ethiopian constitution and should Vote in May 2020.

The illegal prosperity party (PP) inherited, a peaceful, a prosperous, a fast growing economy, a united powerful Military force and un-colonized sovereign democratic Ethiopia from TPLF/EPRDF. However, the illegal prosperity party has terribly failed to maintain the status quo and made Ethiopia a failed state like Eritrea.

The late PM Meles Zenawi had clearly advised all Ethiopians that they cannot control the Oromo, the Tigrai or any nation and nationalities by force using even the African Military forces. The federal system and respecting the constitutional rights of all Ethiopians including the article 39 are not options but a matter of survival for a united Ethiopia.

Even though PP’s lifespan in Ethiopia is very short, as all Ethiopians have distance themselves from the illegal acts of prosperity party, similarly PP had to stop its illegal acts in the internal affairs of the governments of the Ethiopian nation and nationalities. There should be a clear fine line between the illegal prosperity party and the government. Ethiopians abide by the Ethiopian constitutional order and respect a legally elected Political party only.

In Tigrai, a leader is not a boss but a servant of the people. Whoever becomes a leader or a prime minister in Ethiopia is not our priority concern. Be it from Oromo, Amara, Hadya, Sidama, Afar, Ethio-Somali, Gurage, Gumuz, Agew, Tigrai extra…you will be all welcomed. However, Tigrai’s priority is respecting the supremacy of the rule of law or the respect for the constitutional order of Ethiopia.


According to the Ethiopian constitution, TPLF must hold election at the right time, in May, 2020. TPLF should respect the Tigrai peasants voting rights in May. The peasants deserve to elect their servants in May, 2020; because the peasants have paid the maximum sacrifice for their voting rights.

TPLF should never trust the illegal prosperity party but the Ethiopian people and the constitution. prosperity party has no the appetite for elections to be carried out in Ethiopia. The illegal prosperity party knows they are rejected by the entire Ethiopian people. So, why should prosperity party have to participate in an election that they know will be knockout with a humiliating defeat?

Prosperity party had already violated the Ethiopian census. In similar fashion, PP will violate the Ethiopian elections. Ethiopians have zero confidence in the illegal Prosperity Party. Why should we trust an illegal party in the first place?

The illegal Prosperity Party has zero chance of winning elections. Therefore, PP was very reluctant to plan elections. Due to internal and external pressures, Prosperity Party is now compelled to hold an election at an inconvenient season. However, Prosperity Party will continue to postpone and violate the constitutional order to extend its short lifetime at the Menellik II palace.

The illegal Prosperity Party had violated the Ethiopian constitution for the sake of power. We Ethiopians should not follow the footstep of an illegal team Prosperity Party but the Ethiopian constitution only.

Why Tigrai should elect its leaders in May 2020 and respect the constitution? The election is not only a constitutional right for all Ethiopians but also we had paid our blood for our rights for about 17 years. Any illegal team or a group of oProsperity Partyortunists cannot grant us or deny us our constitutional voting rights to elect our leaders in the right time.

In the 1980s, TPLF used to carry out elections in Tigrai peacefully while liberating other parts of Ethiopia from derg at the same time. The Tigrai people have over 40 years of election experience under the leader ship of TPLF.

Owing to the TPLF’s 40 years of election experiences, Tigrai could be taken as a good role model for democratic elections in Ethiopia. All federalist forces in Ethiopia can be invited to observe the election in Tigrai. The media outlets such as the VOA, BBC Tigrinya, Oromo, Amharic and OMN and others can also participate and broadcast the voting experiences in Tigrai.

Therefore, TPLF must listen and fulfil the rights of the Tigraian people. TPLF donsn't have any boss except the Tigrai people and the Ethiopian constitution. Ethiopians must respect the Ethiopian constitution’s time table instead of the interest of an illegal team.

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