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Thank you Dr. Abiy! Weyane-Tigrai (TPLF) is gaining Weight and Strength!

Dr. Amleset Tesfay
Tigrai Online Jan. 29, 2020

TPLF is gaining weight and strength after Abiy Ahmed
The ill-intentions of the prosperity party (PP) against the Tigrai people are changed into opportunities and the TPLF is truly transforming into a force to be reckoned with.


The ill-intentions of the prosperity party (PP) against the Tigrai people are changed into opportunities. TPLF is truly transforming. Currently, TPLF is rebuilding the war devastated infrastructures of Tigrai in the past 17 years plus 20 years of wars in Tigrai.

Even though, the plan of the unthankful PP was to weaken TPLF, but presently, TPLF is increasing its heavy weight and strength in its 45th birthday. PP’s opposition and adversity never weakened TPLF, but energized and lionized the TPLF as never before.

The Prosperity party (PP) committed a fatal mistake by antagonizing the TPLF and the Tigrai people. Whenever Tigrai is antagonized by some inexperienced and power thirty individuals, as a result Tigrai gets stronger and stronger as never before.

Currently, TPLF and Tigrai people have renewed their promises and their unbreakable common bonds. Current and past Tigraian history shows that Tigraians get stronger and stronger even in the face of opposition and adversity.

TPLF and Tigrai people have become inseparable. With the full support of the people of Tigrai, Tigrai leaders and TPLF are increasing their heavy weight in the forty-fifth (45th) birth day of the Second Weyane-Tigrai revolution. It cannot be an exaggeration if I say TPLF is almost becoming the alpha and omega political party in East Africa.

TPLF is becoming the strongest political party in East Africa with the support of almost hundred percent of the people. It seems the sun will never set for the TPLF. TPLF’s political sphere of influence is increasing from time to time. The determination, commitment and the spirit of courage of the people of Tigrai is unbelievably at its highest peak everywhere in the world.

Yes, Tigrai is not for sale. PP is fit neither for Tigrai nor for Ethiopia. Our sovereignty will never be compromised for the sake of power. The Tigraians are raising their flag, the symbol of their freedom. They are all willing to support the strongest TPLF party. Especially the motivation and commitment of the young generation seems to shake even the mountains.


I suggest the current visionary Tigrai leaders to use the energy of the people wisely; they can shake and move every mountain. Nowadays, TPLF is more than a political party. Thanks to the illegal PP, TPLF and the Tigrai people have reunited once again. TPLF has full faith on the formidable people of Tigrai and the vice-versa.

The reason is simple: Yesterday, today and tomorrow, Tigraians are proud Tigraians, Weyanes, or TPLF. As PP’s leader is Dr. Abiy; TPLF’s leader is the Tigrai people. We have no new identity to be reinvented. We are who we are, and we will be who we are for eternity. The Tigraians are the guardians of their freedom and their Weyane revolutions.

Not only the past but also the future belongs to the principled Weyane and the people of Tigrai. For Tigrai everything is possible and the sky is the limit. Any person with an unstable state of mind has the full right to hallucinate “game over weyane”. But the facts on the ground indicate, Weyane is the master of the plans of the game and the rules of the game in their own affairs today and forever.

Tigrai is becoming the center of political gravity in the horn. As for PP, the power and the empty rhetoric without a rational mind and without the support of the people are good for nothing. PP will never determine the future political fate of Tigrai. PP had already committed a fatal political mistake against the Tigrai people.

Tigrai leaders should take their new roles and act accordingly. TPLF should continue to excel and lead the game plans. Today, political experts in the horn pay more attention and give more weight to what Tigrai decides more than what PP says behind the curtains.

The leaders of Tigrai are considered more reliable, highly influential, rational thinkers and wise leaders. Some Political analysts in the horn have arrived at a conclusion that without the active support and participation of the TPLF any decision made in Ethiopia can not materialize.

The foolish politicians have waged all forms of wars, economic and psychological wars against Tigrai people. Tigrai never give up in the face of all the adversities. Tigrai is getting heavier and stronger.

Tigrai has superior experience not only at overcoming adversities but also at changing the adversities into opportunities. When Tigrai fights back, they fight back only to WIN. Tigrai is already winning every day and its adversaries are losing. PP, the game is over and no more time for a rematch.

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