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What Abiy Ahmed is doing in Ethiopia is the act of unhinged mind

Gebru Boj’Boj
Tigrai Online Oct. 22, 2020

The fact that leaders do lie to foreign audiences as well as to their own Citizens is common regardless of their intentions or goals. President Roosevelt’s lie about the Greer, a war ship, incident of August 1941 as if the German submarine attacked the ship was due to a deep commitment to getting the USA into World War II, which he thought was in the America’s national interest. He knew that the growing Nazi threat to the World peace and believed in his heart that America would need to go to war with Germany to end the threat and lied to fuel the fire and justify his cause.


Saddam Hussein’s lie about owning or having Weapon of Mass Destruction – he truthfully said he had none – was to scare the West and protect Iraq from their aggression. George Bush did lie to the American people about the threat from Iraq so he can start war with Iraq.

Stories like these are common throughout history. A Greek king fools the Trojans with a wooden gift horse. An American President denies the existence of a spy plane even after it has been shot down over Russia. A Russian leader denies the presence of missiles in Cuba even though they are photographed by satellite. A politician promises to clean up “red tape.” A football coach promises to “win it all.” An airline pilot assures his passengers of “smooth flight” ahead.

If you are a good leader, at some point you are going to have to lie. You will need to tell a customer that you will deliver the product or service on time, even though you are not entirely sure you can. Like Roosevelt, you job as a leader is to point your people in the right direction you believe is right for them and their country.

There is a fine line between deception and truth that you will have to walk. So yes, you can lie as a leader if you believe in your heart that the end justifies the means.

However, a lie, a white lie, that cannot be substantiated or proven to your own people is different. You are not supposed to lie to your people that they have a better knowledge and information than you. How is it possible for him to say the economy is growing at 6.5 percent in a country where goods and services are not flowing freely, where there is no law and order, where foreign investment is non-existent, where COVID is restricting citizens from their routine daily productive life, where export is declining significantly, where World bank is saying the growth rate is close to only one percent, and where per capita income is down? What is the purpose of the lie about the locust infestation that is destroying the yields of farmers? What about the inflation that is scaring people that is increasing by the day? In a nutshell,  Abiy is a sick man down to his bone.


After watching the Q and A session during the State opening Parliament, he had this Week, my mind is about to explode. The mental pathology of Abiy, the sick man, is front and center. His true psyche is unraveling before our own eyes. For sure he is in an existential crisis of his own making. We are only seeing how he is continuing to reach new depths. I am sure that he knows that he is heading out toward destruction. He is in a state of soothing his injured ego and collecting narcissistic fuel. He is simply losing his grip on reality. He is on a collision course with self-destruction.

What I found out was that it was full of deception and concealment. He also remained silent on many important things.

He has lost all ability for rational and reasonable discourse with Ethiopian people. The Q and A session he had this Week was shocking and disheartening which was full of lies, denials, lack of comprehension of the level of crisis the country is in and foolishness. I believe he now feels cornered and exposed. His false self-persona is being chipped away day by day. The self-branding of himself as a smarter, stronger, and visionary is heading out nosedive to the hills. As they say the emperor is about to have no clothes. His desperation is growing and growing. His mental pathology is becoming more amplified. He is looking unhinged because he is unhinged.

He is completely incapable of leading and governing. I do not have an iota of doubt that he knows he is going down and his days are numbered. The biggest problem is that he wants to bring down everyone and everything with him. He has not shown anything not to break the laws and destroy the lives of millions. People, country, and institutions mean nothing to him. All that matters is his survival, his preservation, and his continued power. Given all this, each day seems unending with this idiot in power. Each day is exhausting seeing him in power. Abiy is trying to change the facts on the ground so that whoever follows in his footsteps will have a more difficult time restoring the previous statusquo.


His dishonesty is getting worse. He made many false and misleading claims. His penchant for lies is a well-known fact. Had we had a system of a count of his lies since he came to power, it could certainly be second to President Trump who has told whopping 20 thousand-plus falsehoods during his time in office. The Q and A session he had was truth-defying and dishonest session. I am not sure as to how many false or misleading claims he made during his time in office. What I am sure is that he has many.

Abiy has been reliable deceptive for his entire premiership. As his final days approach, the frequency and magnitude of his deception is accelerating.

Given his geopolitics carnage, whatever legacy he will leave behind him is mind-numbing. He is leaving destruction in his path. He tore up everything Ethiopia has done before him. Abiy’s most pernicious legacy will be like a retreating army destroying the fields and the livestock to rob the advancing adversary’s food sources.

I know that your lies are giving you instant relief and pleasure, but they do have fatal and permanent side effects that can throw you off. We will heal eventually from your lies, deceptions, and betrayal. On the other hand, you will always be a sociopath with zero chance of healing. You never feel bad about your lies. As the saying goes, people do not change, they just reveal who they really are. We human beings have a natural limit and you have reached it. We have dismissed you from our life. That is that simple little Abiy.

Let us give it time frame to his final days. Let it be today, not tomorrow. Let us not be fatigued. What Abiy Ahmed is doing is the act of unhinged mind which is very dangerous.