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By Gebresilassie Gebrehiwet(PhD)
Tigrai Online Sept. 30, 2020


He is bequeathed with enormous gifts of humanity, commitment and dedication that he utilizes for the wellbeing and for the welfare of the people of Tigray. He has already demonstrated his commitment and dedication as a leader within the nation in general and in Tigray in particular. He works hard and works day in and day out to create an enabling environment for his people above and beyond his own personal benefits, personal wellbeing or personal prestige.  He is tireless and possesses unmatched commitment, perseverance and unparalleled strength and dedication to do something useful in order to bring a better and brighter future that benefits and changes the lives and livelihoods of the people of Tigray for the better. He is gifted with exemplary caliber and character. He is also a leader not only with exceptional intellect and high level leadership qualities but also a person who possesses and demonstrates unmatched strength, devotion, commitment, determination and sacrifices towards the betterment of the people of Tigray. This man is non-other but the one and only Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael. This man shows and demonstrates unwavering depiction and unmatched dedication towards changing the lives of his people for the better. He may be called the architect of modern Tigray. His intellectual and technological caliber can be classified as a class and his leadership quality as a world class as well. He is making the people of Tigray very proud indeed.

Dr.Debretsion Gebremichael is an exceptional leader with a positive and perceptive mind. He has a truthful and benevolent heart with a virtuous life deeds, a sincere and strait forward personality, sincerity and magnetic power that we all can drive a lot of energy from. Further, he is gifted with exceptional skill, intelligence and shining and inspirational personality. He is an inspirational leader with the leadership quality transcending way across Tigray. As a result, many envy him to be their leader.

Dr. Debretsion played crucial role in the 17 years bitter armed struggle to emancipate not only the people of Tigray but also the people of Ethiopia from the yoke of the brutal military dictatorship that culminated in the 1991. This brought fundamental change in bringing peace, stability, respect for human and democratic rights and impressive socio-economic development in the nation and that became the foundation of the Ethiopian renaissance. He is the key architect in the establishment of  modern, scientific and  reliable IT and other IT related systems in the country and managed to achieve impressive and miraculous success in that regard. He is one of the few respected statesman who proved unwavering dedication, exceptional wisdom, competence and far reaching vision and stance in withstanding and challenging the current political and constitutional crisis upholding within the nation in defense and for the wellbeing of not only Tigray but also for those others who stand for the right cause and for the defense of the constitution of the land. He is highly admired by leaders, intellectuals and the public at large for his shining personality, leadership quality and humanity, for his exceptional leadership and advocacy on issues that relate to the people of Tigray as well as for overseeing Tigray’s economic growth and development.


He is a serious man but he syndicates this with a very good sense of humor and a sense of good judgment. He is a man of substance and dignity. He is a very able voice for Tigray. He is a technological transformer, a strong intellectual leader and an inspirational spokes leader for Tigray.  His leadership qualities have set an example not only within Tigray but an example for the rest of the country. He always looks for peace, but he is also ready and looks further ahead to protect Tigray from any danger. He wants to bring his people forward in order to achieve a sustainable solution and of course to protect Tigray’s interest as a nation.

His leadership has continued  to shine and motivate Tigrians especially the youth for more national unity, economic progress, prosperity and national pride.  His leadership to the promotion of peace, security, stability and technological advancement is an example to the rest of the nation in general and to Tigray in particular for many years to come.  His leadership philosophy particularly when it comes to the national interest of Tigray is helping unite Tigrians for a better social, political and economic future.  As a result, he is getting the hearts and Saul of Tigrians.

Bright and kind from the very outset, as a student he was one of the brightest completing his high school with the highest grade to join the university. He left his university to join The Tigray Peoples Liberation front (TPLF) to fight and liberate his people from the then dictatorial regime the Derg .  Showing and demonstrating his talent and his leadership qualities, he was able to step by step jump to the leadership of the party, After the victory, he once again demonstrated his accumulated skill and knowledge and soon he pursued his academic achievement and he quickly finished his first, second and third degrees (Ph.d) in the most important subjects including the latest Information and technology disciplines with honors that  he with the upmost skill masters and now puts into practice all over the nation better than anyone alike. At present, he is equipped with the up-to-date IT knowledge and skill vital and highly demanded not only for the developing nations such as ours but also to the developed nations alike such as the USA Canada etc, His IT knowledge, skill and experiences can transfer nations in to a digital society and he has the ability to do exactly that here at home. He uses his IT knowledge and skill on his daily duties and he is second to none in that regard. The man is a man of solid principle; as solid as a rock as rock stemmed and based on the interest of his nation and his people. Nothing can divert his attention when it comes towards the interest of his people. He has unwavering and unflinching stance in that regard, He has always been committed and takes a decisive decision at the right time for the right issue.  He is unshakable in his principle even under the most precarious and unpredictable social, economic and political cataclysms. He listens to suggestions and opinions from every angle without discrimination or biases before he makes decisions in order to reach at the right decision. Among his remarkable qualities are his patience, tolerance and most importantly his humane character.  He is sincere, kind and respectful to anyone irrespective of social status, age, gender or any other backgrounds. As a result, he has earned respect and admiration from every sector of the society including from his colleagues and co-workers alike. However, he is not wavered by mere admiration because he sticks towards his solid principle i.e. the principle to serve his people: the job he takes very seriously. He plans to transform his people to the next level in order to change their lives and livelihoods for the better; the plan of his life.


The Doctor is a man of his people, the people he cares about, the people he loves, admires and respects dearly; the people for whom he works day in and day out, the people he serves with no recess, no vacation no rest what so ever: the people  of Tigray. He lives for them and if necessary he dies for them. He is a man of absolute integrity, commitment and dedication in serving his people. A wise man one said: if you put or drop honey on his lip, he won’t touch it. It will remain there”, what a remarkable witness to this man’s character! His leadership quality and ability is envied by his supporters and non supporters alike. He is a man of clear, bright and futuristic mind. He uses these gifts to serve his people. He is never arrogant or conceded of his talent, knowledge or skill. He is simply humble, approachable and humane. He receives anyone with respect and dignity and treats everyone equally. Generally speaking, the man I am talking about is:

 Dr.  Debretsion Gebremichael. He is  indeed:



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