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Will the Ex-PM Abiy Ahmed flee from Ethiopia like Mengistu did flee to Zimbabwe?

By Amleset Tesfay
Tigrai Online Oct. 14, 2020


I am not a member of any political party. This is just my personal point of view about the current situation in Ethiopia and the historical democratic election that was held in the Tigray regional state of Ethiopia in the month of September, 2020.

Tigray the vanguard of Federalism should celebrate its democratic election.  PP pretends as if it has a political life by hiding at the Menelik II palace but in reality it had expired prematurely long time ago. PP has become like a fish outside a mini pond.

Tigray’s democratic election may be remembered and celebrated as a historical national victory day every year. The democratic election in Tigray symbolizes the beginning of the renaissance of the Tigray state like the beginning of the rise of Axumite kingdom in the ancient times.

Why Tigrayan’s welcomed TPLF as a blessing for Tigray?

TPLF had forgotten Tigray for the last 20 years. However, God had never forsaken his ancient holy land Tigray. The last 2 years were God’s supernatural visitation for Tigray. God Visited Tigray by returning TPLF and the Tigray people’s mind to Tigray.

Since the inception of Ethiopia, Tigray was the saver of Ethiopia. As the Son of man, descended from heaven to the earth to sacrifice his blood to save the world, In 1991, the Tigrayan’s left from their comfort zone Tigray (the home of King Menelik I, and queen Sheba) to Addis Ababa (the home of Menelik II) to save Ethiopia.

It is regrettable; however, TPLF was transformed from Tigray people’s liberation front to Addis Ababa people’s liberation front. Instead of first reconstructing the 17 years of war torn and devastated infrastructures of Tigray; TPLF forgot Tigray and they became busy at demolishing and reconstructing Addis Ababa that had not been impacted by the negative effects of the 17 years of civil war. In other words, the Tigray state that was already demolished by the civil war was completely forgotten.


Tigrayan’s became the sacrificial lamb for the entire Ethiopia as they have done it for the Eritrean people in their armed struggle. They paid a heavy price more than their fair share to build Ethiopia’s economy and a democratic system. They sacrificed their lives, their all man power and energy to make Ethiopia a democratic and a prosperous nation. As a result, Ethiopia became the fastest growing nation on earth until 2018.

The ex-prime minister Mr. Abiy Ahmed and his illegitimate prosperity party (PP) were unable to maintain the pace of the economic growth when they were in office. PP members looted and consumed the wealth made by TPLF/EPRDF over the last 27 years. Today, the political life of PP, Ethiopia’s peace, economy, sovereignty and unity become highly questionable. Ethiopia’s sovereignty is transferred to Isaias Afewerki- the-arch-enemy of Ethiopia by the traitor Abiy Ahmed.

For Tigray, the return of TPLF from Addis Ababa to the authentic Menelik I palace in Tigray is considered like the resurrection from the dead and the ascending of the Lord from the earth to the heavily places. As the heavenly Angeles rejoiced and welcomed the lord to his holy Place, Tigray welcomed and rejoiced with the return of its man power from Menelik II palace to the original king Menelik I Palace of Tigray.

Moreover, the seat of the high priest of East Africa that was in the holy land of Axum will be welcomed to Axum. All Ethiopian nation and nationalities are demanding the seat of the high priest to return to the authentic and rightful holy land.

Similarly, people are asking every year to celebrate the victories of anti-colonial wars in the exact places where the victories were achieved at Dogali and at Adwa. Thanks to the naive illegitimate Prosperity party members, indirectly they had played a great role to clearly show the global community that Ethiopia is really made of TIGRAY’S wealth of intellect. If there is an Ethiopian success story then there is Tigray behind each Ethiopian success story and the vise-versa. That is why I dare to say that Tigray is the bedrock or the saver of Ethiopia. Once again, congratulations for your peaceful, successful and historical democratic election.

Will the Ex-pm Abiy Ahmed hijack his own plane like Mengistu did?

Today, high level of insecurity, mistrust and suspicions has reigned within the PP members outside and inside the palace of Addis Ababa where the illegitimate PP members hide. Many Ethiopians including myself fear that the Ex-PM Abiy Ahmed may face the fate of Mohammed Gadhafi of Libya, King Haile lassie of Ethiopia or Mengistu Haile-Mariam.


As the Ex-president Mengistu Hailemariam fled to Zimbabwe pretending to visit a military training camp in the south Ethiopia and hijacked his own plane to fly to Zimbabwe. Similarly, one of my information sources indicated that fleeing from Ethiopia to Eritrea is one of the Ex-prime minister Abiy Ahmed’s potential PLAN-B strategies. However, the Ex-PM will not live in Eritrea. First, he may secretly fly to Eritrea to visit his personal troops training in Eritrea by the Ethiopian tax payers’ money. Then, he will use Eritrea as a transit to hijack his plane to another country to seek a refugee status and reside there with his family. As Mengistu Hailemariam made history by hijacking his own plane and fled through the South, Ex-PM Abiy Ahmed may do the same through the North.

Ethiopia is under the radar of the international community as one of the potentially collapsing nations. Therefore, the solution is not to let the illegitimate PP members to backpack their passports to depart from Ethiopia. The Ethiopian armed forces, political parties and all Ethiopians are now the leaders of their nation. They should release all jailed politicians and journalists.

If Ethiopians want to save their country from collapsing, they should establish a transitional government as soon as possible. Time is a major factor. Troops of the devil-incarnate Isaias Afewerki, should be held accountable for colonizing Addis Ababa, Oromia and south Ethiopia.

The nation of 110 million people should not collapse by the illegitimate PP members, particularly the mini homosapien Ex-pseudo-king Abiy Ahmed who allowed Isaias Afewerki, the arch enemy of Ethiopia to play his dirty politics in Ethiopia and East Africa. The Ex-PM Mr. Abiy Ahmed is a traitor who should be brought to justice before it is too late and before he collapses Ethiopia completely to avoid criminal prosecution.


Tigrai Online Ethiopian news today October 13/2020 | Isaias Afwerki visiting Abiy Ahmed.

Every single civilization under the sun has collapsed one by one. Can Ethiopia and its “civilization” be saved?


Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael President of Tigrai

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