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The destructive symbiotic relation of Isaias Afwerki and Abiyot Ahmed

Tigrai Online Dec. 27, 2019

Should either Isaias or Abiyot be crazy enough to start war on Tigrai, we promise you every Tigraian, irrespective of political, religious, other affiliations and other differences will stand together to defend Tigrai and we would not be responsible for the consequences.


Eritrean dictator Isaias Afwerki and his top henchmen men were in Addis Ababa this week of December 2019. This is the fourth or the fifth times the leader of the African North Korea visited Ethiopia since the low level security officer, Abiyot Ahmed Ali, who was spying for foreign governments came to power in Ethiopia.

The official excuse for Isaias Afwerki’s visit to Ethiopia was the foundation stone laying ceremony of the Eritrean embassy in Ethiopia, but the visit is way more than that.

The real reason for Isaias Afwerki’s visit is to reassure the masters of the Middle East and the Western world there is no crack between Isaias and Abiyot Ahmed. On top of that they want to appear strong and united to the few supporters they have in their respective countries. As the whole world witnessed it the warm and fuzzy relationship between Abiyot Ahmed and Isaias Afwerki has been disappearing slowly. Abiyot didn’t deliver on his promise of destroying the TPLF leadership by killing or arresting them. He also failed to overrun Tigrai like he did in the Somali state of Ethiopia. For the above reasons and Abiyot’s unrealistic infatuation with the old brutal Menlik and Hailesilasse regimes he greatly offended Isaias. Abiyot didn’t stop there, but started to unearth the long buried feudal Amhara kings, he even erected status of the two long gone kings. Isaias didn’t go to Ethiopia for many events that were very important for the ego maniac Mr. Abiyot Ahmed.

The Arabs weren’t happy with the relationship of Abiyot Ahmed and Isaias Afwerki, especially after they were showered with expensive gifts including giant gold necklaces and medallions possibly each worth millions of dollars by Saudi Arabian and UAE kings. Those expensive gifts were not given for friendship purposes, but for a specific task to be carried out on time.

The two idiots of the Horn of Africa have nothing in common except one and that is their extreme fear and hate towards the people of Tigrai. Their relationship is symbiotic; they feed on each other’s evil deeds. That is why they need each other to survive not matter how much they dislike each other they have to work together for their survival. The older Isaias has plenty of experience how to eliminate his opponents and the wisdom to hide it well. The young Abiyot is talented on how to lie, cheat, and con people by telling them what they want to hear. Both of them share their knowhow and experience to stay in power as long as they can and they would not stop at nothing to ensure that.

Don’t make a mistake assuming this duo’s relation is perfect, it is not. For starters they are both ego maniacs, they both want to be the star of the show, they both are selfish and both of them are extremely greedy. Most of all their ideas, motivations and thoughts originate from hate and hate is a negative, dark, and destructive force that feeds on itself and that is their demise, in other words they are their worst enemies to themselves.


Isaias and Abiyot miscalculated and underestimated the people of Tigrai’s strength and unity. Isaias and Abiyot’s all around and multi pronged attack on the people and government of Tigrai didn’t achieve what they want, the total collapse of Tigrai. Instead both brutal regimes are crumbling. Abiyot is cornered in Addis Ababa and Isaias is left by himself because half a million of his people have fled to Tigrai. According to the latest UNHCR report six thousand Eritreans cross to Tigrai every month, those are the once that register in the UNHCR refugee camps, many more don’t get register instead they go to many of the cities and start living among the locals.

Isaias Afwerki has been summoned to the Middle East masters this week. Eritrea's senior delegation composed of Foreign Minister Osman Saleh and Presidential Adviser Yemane Ghebreab was in Riyadh, Sausdi Arabia on 19 December 2019. They met with Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan bin Abdullah and other officials.

President Isaias Afwerki and his top diplomats visited United Arab Emirates on December 20, 2019 and they met Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

The meeting dealt with developing bilateral brotherly historical relations and joint cooperation between Eritrea and the United Arab Emirates. The meeting also discussed regional and international issues of common concern.

Three days later on December 25, 2019 President Isaias Afwerki and his top diplomats landed in Addis Ababa supposedly for the foundation stone laying ceremony of the Eritrean embassy in Ethiopia, but it is to discuss the new marching orders from the Arab masters.

We should expect intense and renewed propaganda attacks on the government of Tigrai and the people of Tigrai in the near future. We might even see some military campaigns against those who are conspiring against the Abiy regime in the south. Abiyot Ahmed may not have the military power to take any action against Tigrai, but there will be more of the same as what happened to the Chinese diplomats in Addis Ababa airport last week to try to weaken Tigrai’s economy.


We have heard both Isaias Afwerki and Abiyot Ahmed promising to work together in many sectors of the economy including trade, development, and business. All of it is false propaganda because as long as they maintain the policy of isolating and attacking Tigrai, none of the above would happen because the two countries don’t have a common border. About 80 to 85 percent of the southern Eritrean border is with Tigrai and the remaining is with Afar. The three main international highways and all the seasonal roads pass through Tigrai. There is one seasonal road plus the Assab Addis Ababa main highway through Afar state. Tigrai has the man power, the will, the fire power and the reason to block all the highways including the once in Afar and there is absolutely nothing Abiyot and Isaias can do to Tigrai short of compromising and agreeing to Tigrai’s demands.

If it is necessary Tigrai, Afar, anti Abiyot Oromos and other concerned Southern forces could completely cut off the Djibouti Addis Ababa main roads and train line. This action will further chock Abiyot’s government and the rest of Ethiopia.

What needs to be remembered is we are not in 1975 when the TPLF was a tiny rebel group hiding in the jungles of Tigrai. We are talking about for all practical sense a country of seven to eight million people with very strong government, economy, and united cohesive population. We are talking about a nation that is armed to the teeth with modern weapons, but most of all a nation with an elite highly trained volunteer army. An army dedicated to the nation and ready to defend it and ready to pay the ultimate price. To top it all a nation who has been attacked multiple times and still is and the population feels surrounded and wronged. We are speaking about a people that will rise up to arms in one week and a very long history of bravery and sacrifice to defend the motherland. This Tigrai we are talking about in 2019 not the one in 1975.

Should either Isaias or Abiyot be crazy enough to start war on Tigrai, we promise you every Tigraian, irrespective of political, religious, other affiliations and other differences will stand together to defend Tigrai. After that you would have to deal with seven million roaring lions and the end will not be good for either of them.

The new generation of Tigrai has nothing to do with Ethiopia. The cord has been getting thinner and thinner for quite long time, but it was severed when you deported thousands of Tigraians after you looted their businesses, burned their houses, after you killed their beloved generals, after you arrested hundreds of their family members for absolutely no reason except being Tigrawai and after you keep sending their children, innocent students in body bags from universities. This the new Ethiopia means for us for the people of Tigrai and should you dare start war against us, don’t be surprised if we don’t follow the footsteps of our fathers and show mercy, WE WON’T.

The desperate and extremist bandits of Amhara repeat one thing day and night and that is if you declare independence what would you eat? This is very funny and ironic because Tigrai’s economy is self sustaining and never needed anything from Ethiopia. On the contrary Ethiopia was built by the tax payers and knowhow Tigrai. There isn’t a single person that needs an ounce of anything from Ethiopia in Tigrai and that is the cold fact. Tigrai’s federal budget which Abiyot Ahmed accidentally spilled out a month ago is about eight billion Birr or roughly $34.5 million US dollars per a year. Last year one of Abiyot’s ministers was quoted as saying, every year Tigrai state has been sending twenty quintals of gold to the central bank, but this year Tigrai sent only one quintal gold. Let’s do the numbers please, one quintal is equal to 100 Kilograms, one Kilogram gold is worth $49,080.83. If we round that up it will be $49,000.00 per a kilogram of gold. Then quintal gold is $4.9 million dollars and 20 quintals of gold would be 98 million dollars. Tigrai is one of the top sesame producers, based on world market for sesame Tigrai would get about $220 to $250 million US dollars form sesame.  Should we keep going to the rest of cash crops and precious metals produced in Tigrai or you have seen enough that Tigrai is producing way more than $35 million US dollars to cover it’s budget. Very soon when the shit hits the fan we will find out who is carrying who so please spare us and keep your lies and madness to yourself. If you still are convinced Tigrai will not survive without Ethiopia, why don’t you do the easy thing leave Tigrai alone and forget about it and leave it to its fate.

Symbiotic relationship of Isaias Afwerki and Abiy Ahmed is becoming very dangerous for Ethiopia and its people

The two idiots of the Horn of Africa have nothing in common except one and that is their extreme fear and hate towards the people of Tigrai.