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Amhara National Movement leaders say Ethiopia was created by Amaras


Tigrai Online, Oct. 8, 2018

Amhara National Movement leaders say Ethiopia was created by Amaras


Amhara National Movement (ABN) claims the creators and founders of Ethiopia are Amaras in an interview he gave to LTV.

Over the years we have heard many ridiculous and falsified history claims by extremist Amaras regarding the role of Amara people in Ethiopian history, but nothing comes closer to the outlandish claim of Ethiopia was created by Amaras.

According the report Mr. Gashaw Mersha, one of the Amhara National Movement’s top leaders is quoted as saying “As human beings have to respect their creator, Ethiopia has to respect its creator, the Amara people”. The above odious statement was more or less repeated by Dr. Desalnge Chane in the interview. A couple of years ago someone was saying Adam and Eve were born in Gojam and a year before that another fabricator was saying the Queen of Sheba was born in Tana Cherkos in a small island in the middle of Lake Tana. Few years ago Moresh wegenye’s chairman claimed the Amara people created the Geez fidel and the Orthodox Christianity on live TV.

Most people would dismiss these claims as absurd and no doubt they are, but the young generations Amaras are taking them seriously without knowing the people pushing this false propaganda have an ulterior agenda. The extremist agenda is to maintain the false narration of the past few governments as real Ethiopian history.

There is no argument where the Ethiopia as a nation was established. We know for fact Ethiopian civilization was not started in Gonder or Bahrdar it was in Yeha Dammat and Axum. To deny this fact is to expose oneself to becoming a laughing stock of the world.


It seems there is a huge identity crisis in some Amara extremists and they are desperately trying to hold on to other people’s heritage, history, Alphabets, land and historical assets. This kind of attitude is extremely dangerous if it is not corrected on time. Nazi Germany’s leaders were frustrated because Germany was endowed in historical artifacts compared to its neighbors Italy, Greece, and France. The Nazis ordered multimillion archeological digs within Germany to find advanced civilization to validate their false super race, but none was found. Then they sent archeologists all over the globe including Mongolia to connect them to some ancient civilization, but that didn’t fetch them any results. The Nazis problem was they wanted to be more than what they were and that frustration led them to create a super race which plunged the whole Europe in to a bloody war.

The Amara people should be careful and learn from world history not to fall in to the same trap where other societies had learned a costly lesson.


Amhara National Movement leaders say Ethiopia was created by Amaras
Amhara National Movement leaders claim Ethiopia was created by Amaras

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