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Amhara people in Ethiopia are about 11 million
Amharas fail miserably to recognize there are over 75 million
none Amhara people in Ethiopia with their own culture, language and history.

Delusional Amhara extremists are leading their people to disaster in Ethiopia

Tigrai Online, Sept. 9, 2018

This is only the political front, TOL has credible information Amhara extremists are recruiting and training soldiers to invade Tigrai.


The Amhara’s main problem is they are only willing to see and listen only their only point of view. Amharas fail miserably to recognize there are over 75 million none Amhara people in Ethiopia. Majority Amharas are at odds with the majority of Ethiopian people in every major issues regarding common Ethiopian identity as a country.

Extreme selfish Amhara nationalist want every single Ethiopian to adopt their version of who, what and how Ethiopian identity is expressed.

Primarily when Amharas say Ethiopian and Ethiopia, they meant Amhara and Amhara land. Amharas want one language for all Ethiopians, Amharic. Amharas want one religion in Ethiopia, Orthodox Christian.

Amhara extreme nationalists since the time of Menelik II have been expropriating the Tigraian history, Land, Geez Fidel, and other cultural assets as their own. Wearing the Tigraian Royal Robe the Amharas pretended as the only rulers and founders of Ethiopia in front of the international community. The first victims of this fabricated fable are the Amharas themselves because they believed the lies they told themselves for the past 85 years.

The shock of losing power in an ungraceful way made the Amhara elites extremely angry. For almost a century Amhara elites paraded themselves as makers and breakers of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. They invaded other Ethiopian people’s territories, evicted the indigenous inhabitants, looted their land, expanded their territories, and plundered other people’s historical assets, artifacts, and material resources. Due to the geographic proximity and the rich history of Tigrai the people of Tigrai and their land was the biggest causality. The rest of Ethiopians were forced to accept Amharization and most of them lost their identity on top of their land.

When the TPLF/EPRDF came to power in 1991 all the fairytale created by the Amhara elites and their brutal government infrastructure was destroyed for good. However, the TPLF leaders made two huge mistakes in 1991, first they did not recovered all Tigrai territories annexed by Amhara elites. Second they didn’t help the many ethnic groups whose land was confiscated by the Amhara.


Right now about 25,000 km2 of Tigrai land contained in 5 regions and nearly a million Tigrawai populations is under Amhara regional state. The Tigrawai populations under Amhara regional state administration have been under great pressure for the past 20 years. In the past four years they have been subjected to untold suffering from the local government. Tigraian farmers lost their land, business people have been harassed, and in 2016 and 17 almost twelve thousand Tigraians were forcefully deported from their own land and their belongings including their land confiscated by state organized armed groups.

Now Abiy has welcomed all extremist groups from exile and the constitution is disregarded Amharas are reorganizing with help of Gedu Andargachew to launch an offensive against Tigrai. Their aim is to steal more land from Tigrai and shrink the land of Tigrai further more than their fathers did. All the fake claims of identity about Wolkayit and Raya is a smoke screen by the expansionist Amhara to rob other people’s land. Amharas are not claiming land only in Tigrai. They have land claims in Afar, Benishangul-Gumuz and Oromia Regional states. Unfortunate for them this time seven and half million Tigraians are armed to the teeth to defend their land and bring back what is theirs from the looters.

What ethnic groups are dominated, prosecuted and their identity destroyed by Amhara?

  1. Agaw Or Agew: 2 to 3.5 million
  2. Argoba: 250 to 500 thousand
  3. Kemant: 1.5 to 2 million
  4. Oromo: 2 to 4 million
  5. Shinasha: 100 to 250 thaousand
  6. Tigrawai: 500 to 1 million


The above numbers are estimates from different sources, but roughly half the population in Amhara regional state is not Amhara. The Agaw and Kamant have been suppressed for hundreds of years by successive Ethiopian rulers. According to Agaw sources, the Agew was planning to get their own state when TPLF/EPRDF came to power, but since the Amhara and Agaw were part of EPDM they were pressured by the Amharas and they reluctantly agreed to establish one state with the Amhara.

The Kemant have been fighting against the Amharas for years and in the recent years they were brutalized by the Amhara regional state special forces. Hundreds of Kemants have been arrested or killed because they refused to give up their land or their refusal to be counted as Amharas. There is a Kemant armed military resistance in the sate but it does not a match to the government forces.

Both the Agaw and Kemant people are indigenous people to Tigrai and Amhara regions and they should not be persecuted in their own land.

In conclusion Amharas are better off to peacefully address their confused identity crisis within their own society. From now on Amharas will not be allowed to assume Tigrai’s history, culture, heritage, language (Geez) and other social assets. The Tigrai people will legally ask for their stolen land to be returned back peacefully or they might resort to other means. The question of the Agaw and Kemant people should be resolved peacefully according to Ethiopian constitution and international law.


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