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25 greatest achievements of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in the past 5 months

By Seifeselassie Gebre,
Tigrai Online, Sept. 19, 2018

25 greatest achievements of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed
A narcissist Prime Minister who is more concerned about his personal fame and self-aggrandizement than the peace and stability of his Country


There is a narcissist Prime Minister who is more concerned about his personal fame and self-aggrandizement than the peace and stability of his Country and the security and welfare of his people and who is busy making useless and non-stop domestic and foreign visits (shirshirs) while his people are being slaughtered by armed thugs and terrorists.


(1) there is a Government that is neither committed nor willing to uphold and safeguard the Constitution, maintain law and order and protect the lives and properties of citizens;

(2) the Constitution and the rule of law are daily and openly compromised and violated not only by hooligans and outlaws in the streets but also by the Prime Minister and his officials with impunity and without any legal and constitutional accountability and no Government reactions;

(3) the National tricolor Federal flag with its legal emblem is openly desecrated and replaced by various other illegal versions belonging to the vigilante groups and no Government reactions;

(4) The GERD, the Country’s flagship project, which is highly anticipated to be a game changer in the Ethiopian Renaissance and its ambitious national endeavors to reach middle-income country by 2025 is shamelessly and treasonously sabotaged and halted by the current Prime Minister under various contradicting and made-up pretexts to please Egypt at the cost of the national interest of Ethiopia;

(5) respected citizens and national heroes such as Engineer Simegnew are cold-bloodedly  assassinated in the Capital in broad daylight by domestic agents of Egypt (with Government officials as accomplices) and no credible investigation and report came out to-date even after three months of the crimes except the release of a fake and shameful report to cover-up the national crime;

(6) people are hanged upside down 'a la ISIS' by illegal herds and thugs in broad daylight and in front of the region's police/security forces (by Querro terrorists in Shashemane, Oromia) and no Government outrages and reactions;

(7) people are burned alive with shocking barbarity (by so-called Fanno terrorists in Amhara region) and slaughtered like animal (as seen in Aweday) and no Government outrages and reactions;

(8) thousands of innocent citizens are harassed, attacked and ethnically cleansed from their residences (Tigrawot from Gondar, Wodeya and Kibo; Oromos and Southerners from Guji/Gedo area and Amharas from Wolega and Benshangul, etc.) and no Government outrages and reactions;

(9) more than 2.8 million peaceful citizens internally displaced from their residences as aliens in their own Country, even exceeding the number of affected people in war-torn and destroyed Syria and Yemen and no Government outrages and reactions;

(10) thousands of convicted deadly criminals (I am not talking about genuine and law abiding opposition individuals) with blood in their hands are illegally released under the empty pretexts of “medemer” and forgiveness exposing the Country to grave and incalculable security risks;

(11) hundreds of infamous unsavory (such as Juhar Mohammed, Berhanu Nega, Andargachew Tsige, etc.) and armed groups who are antagonistic and conflicting to each other (such as Arbegnoch/Ginbot-7, OLF, ONLF, etc.) are allowed to enter the Country at the same time in the name of phony notion of “medemer” and reconciliation without even any formal negotiations and pre-conditions;

(12) inter- and intra- region highways are closed for commercial traffic by hooligans and outlaws at will and whenever they wish to do so and no Government reactions;


(13) private shop owners and establishments specially in Oromia and Amhara regions are harassed, terrorized and forced to close their shops against their will whenever these herds and other thugs wish to do so and no Government reactions;

(14) Government and privately-owned commercial goods and farm products are robbed while in transit by illegal herds by armed thugs under the pretext of “contraband goods” specially in Amhara and Oromia regions and no Government reactions;

(15) foreign and local investors’ commercial farms, factories and mining sites are either burned, robbed or forcibly taken over by illegal highway robbers and terrorists under the pretext of “seeking youth employment” and no Government reactions;

(16) known terrorist mouthpieces namely ESAT and OMN are allowed to officially operate in the Country to spread their white lies and divisive statements and spew their venomous propaganda among the innocent unsuspecting Ethiopians while genuine and nationalist media such as ENN and Zami’s/ Mimi’s live program are illegally banned;

(17) foreign agents and spies of Ethiopia’s historical enemies namely Egypt, its Arab allies and Western neo-liberal forces are allowed to freely roam the Country and conduct their evil clandestine sabotages and operations against the national security interest of our Country;

(18) the Country’s reputed and highly profitable state enterprises such as Ethiopian Airlines (Dollar cash cow) and Ethiotelecom (Birr cash cow) are set to be privatized/ sold under the sinister and misleading claims of “economic reform” and apparently for no economic reasons except to please the Prime Minister’s Neo-liberal masters;

(19) political governance issues are freely mingled with religious matters thereby confusing the general public by a confused Prime Minister;

(20) most “changes” that are being pursued by the Prime Minister in the name of “reform” are for the sake of change and personal and undeserving credit and glorification for the Prime Minister and definitely not for the betterment of the Country;

(21) there is a Government that shamelessly gives more importance and shows more tolerance to the “democratic rights” of lawless bandits; to slaughter innocent citizens and destroy properties while totally ignoring the fundamental and Constitutional rights of citizens to peace, life and safety and protection of their properties;   


(22) there is a Government that has pursued a clear and visible double standard regarding the earlier handling of security crisis in Ethio-Somali region versus the present worst one in Oromia in general and in areas surrounding Addis Ababa in particular;

(23) thousands of illegal herds and hooligans are lately allowed to roam and terrorize the residents and shop owners of the capital, Addis Ababa and create anarchy “under the pretext of welcoming rebel leaders and members” as witnessed in Addis Ababa on 12 through 15 September 2018 and even worse, they went on a terror campaign of harassing, attacking and killing innocent citizens and destroying properties in Burayo and other Addis Ababa surrounding areas without any fear of legal reprisals resulting in 85 innocent peoples dead, 3 women raped, hundreds wounded and thousands displaced  and again as expected no Government reactions.

(24) there is a Prime Minister who is least concerned let alone be outraged about the latest heinous and barbaric crimes against innocent citizens in Addis Ababa and surrounding areas and who has totally failed to take appropriate security measures against the thugs and terrorists as a responsible Government should or else to resign immediately;  

(25) there is a narcissist Prime Minister who is more concerned about his personal fame and self-aggrandizement than the peace and stability of his Country and the security and welfare of his people and who is busy making useless and non-stop domestic and foreign visits (shirshirs) while his people are being slaughtered by armed thugs and terrorists, our domestic "ISIS" and his Country is being burned. 

Enjoy! This is today’s “Wild West” Ethiopia.

May God pull Ethiopia out of this intractable situation.



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