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Ethiopian opposition parties full of deceitful and egocentric Warmongers

By Berhane G.
Tigrai Onlne - January 16, 2014

Most countries of the world face crisis at least at two stages. The crisis may emanate from the interest of the people for positive change or from organized selfish individuals or groups. The first stage that crisis can occur is when the economy and governance of the country becomes stagnant and hopeless. This may be caused when the government becomes weak who is unable to device domestic policies, unable to identify the problems of his country and the root causes of the problems, unable to establish institutions of accountability, and not focused on internal issues. On the other hand, if the government is dictatorship and corrupt who does not recognize the peoples` democratic and human rights, it is obvious to stir conflict, riot and struggle against the government. The peoples need Freedom, Development, Democracy, peace and security. So, they try to change or overthrow the old fashioned governments through riot and struggle. This is what we are witnessing in the North Africa and Arab countries which are symbolized as Arab spring.

As discussed above, the causes of these revolutions are lack of democratic governance, Freedom, stagnant economic development and inflation, unemployment …etc. These are genuine reason for change driven movements. Such riots create positive changes when they have organized institutions and clear vision. But in most cases like what is happening in the Arab spring, organized political parties who were behind the riot hijacked the power and impede the hope of the people. This is common trend in African countries and a number of other countries in the world but our country had overcome this stage successfully. So change cannot be achieved by disorganized movement and riot. First, it needs strong and credible organization, clear vision, strong communication system, mobilization strategy and public support. Here, the role of Media is very important. Media helps to shape the public opinion and awareness creation. On the contrary, Media also plays devastating role if they do not managed properly.

The second phase that many countries face crisis is at the economic transition period. Many countries who were under colonies and under brutal dictatorship governments have achieved freedom and change. Among these, a number of countries have transformed from the lowest economic development and nil democratic governance to remarkable economic development and democratic governance by overcoming the transitional period. Japan, Brazil, South Korea, China and India are outstanding examples. The secret of their success is not miracle but doable. They are having committed governments who mobilize the people under common agenda that is development, Educating their people, having clear policies and strategies, establishing institutions of accountability; having genuine political parties and Media institutions which never compromise their national interests are some of the factors for their success. And the people had devoted gritting their teeth to endure a trying situation and continued on without complaints.

On the other hand, many countries of the world are in a cyclic movement. They show progress and then return back to square one. Here I am referring to the countries whose economic growth is in transition. In the economic transition period, it is obvious that there will be high competition among individuals, private institutions, and political parties. There may be also a rising unemployment rate and inflation. Economic inflation does not only occur due to economic crisis but also from fast development. Especially in countries where the governments have no significant role in selected areas which private sectors do not cover, there will be a wide gap between the haves and have not. In this challenging situation, deceitful and selfish political parties, unethical and deceiver Medias, few NGOs and foreign insurgents play aggravating role. They exploit the vulnerabilities and widen the rift. Selfish political parties fully engage in finding faults and window of chaos, criticizing to every positive achievement and continue blaming targeted individuals who are in power.

Apart from the existing problem, they create baseless sensitive agendas to get support by deceiving the vulnerable groups of the society. Here, they use youngsters (male and female) as an instrument by disbursing millions of money for their evil purpose. Unethical and deceiver Medias who have forgotten their purpose clamps siding for these political parties. They propagate the parties` devastating agendas by articulating in their publications to make money. Many western NGOs who have implicit agendas (market fundamentalism which paralyzes the role of governments in economy which is chronic obstacle to African`s development) also support the opposition parties by encouraging, financing and advising. At this time, the selfish opposition parties compromise and even sell their national interest. They run to execute foreign instructions and become messengers of them. They stray the purpose of their establishment and the real interest of the people. In this case, if the government is not well organized and strong, this challenging situation cannot overcome it. The government losses his focus and cannot bring solutions to the prevailing problems in a sustainable way. Thus the positive progress of the country collapses. This situation has happened in many countries of the world.

In 2005, failed similar situation had happened in Ethiopia. During that time, there was no economic inflation, no serious unemployment problem, no wide gaps between the haves and have nots, and there has not been vulnerable government. But the desperate opposition parties tried the same experiences as explained above. They had deceived most youngsters in Addis Ababa and quite few in other towns. Many NGOs had been supporting the opposition parties financially and morally. Few Medias had also been propagating the opposition parties` destructive agendas through their publication calling for mess. After the fair, democratic, transparent and credible election, the Hopeless political parties had launched mess and chaos to realize their daydream thirst of power. At that time, they were assuming that westerners would guarantee them if the government tried to account them. Though the government had handled the situation carefully, the ring of chaos by hopeless opposition parties had caused the untimely death of youngsters and destruction of public properties especially in Addis Ababa. But the daydream of those political parties, the irresponsible Medias` effort and hidden agendas and assignment of NGOs had collapsed, the political parties couldn`t escape from being accountable and had never got guarantees from anyone except the constitution of the country.

This is because; there was no fertile ground for mess and chaos except the baseless propagandas of desperate opposition parties and their collaborator. The government has been devoting to eradicate poverty and to build democratic system. The economic growth of the country was rapid and comprehensive, the rights of Medias and political parties have been guaranteed by the constitution. The missing thing was lack of awareness about the efforts of the government and the achievements so far registered by the government within the people.

Cognizant of this, the government has created several consultation forums to discuss with people. In those consultation forums, the people clearly raised what they felt and reached common understanding. The government promised to answer the questions of the people by participating them at each level and the people became aware on the agendas of the government and the opposition parties. The government has been fulfilling as promised for 5 years and in credit of this, more than 99% of the people gave their voice to the government in 2010 national election. Thanking the people for giving their, voice the government promised to renew its commitment to serve the people who gave their voices and not.

Currently, Ethiopia is in the right track. That has been registering double digit growth for more than a decade. The government is devoting to fulfill the interest of the people. There are a number of MEGA projects like SUGAR FACTORIES, RAILWAYS, HYDRO ELECTRIC POWERS, DAMS and others projects. These projects are expected to transform the economy of the country. To realize these MEGA projects, the government and the people are devoting their time and money more than ever. These projects are owned by the people. The people are not bystanders as they understand that the projects are for the people and should be realized by the participation of the people. Ethiopia is becoming the destination of foreign investors and tourists due to prevalence of strong and committed government, favorable and tested policies and strategies, steady economic growth, peace and stability in the country.

Even though the country is in the path of fast, sustainable and inclusive economic growth which ensures equal beneficiary of the people by creating job opportunities in different sectors, investing in Human Resource Development (University and college graduates, TVETs, Short and long term trainings), investing in health and agricultural sector, investing in infrastructure developments and other mega projects, it has not yet satisfied the demand of the people. The demand of the people is increasing parallel to the development of the country. There has been inflation in the last few years caused mainly by fast economic development, unemployment for those who want to recruit only in government institutions, dissatisfaction in good governance due to lack of well trained professional experts equipped by necessary materials, in rare cases due to lack of integrity of the civil servants and few officials, and lack sufficient infrastructures. These problems are the results of the fast economic growth and their solution is further speeding up the development not refraining. As Ethiopia is in transition period these problems are expected to face it. But the government has prepared plans which can bring long lasting solutions with full participation of the people. And practically, we are overcoming these problems.


On the contrary, the chaos mongers are engaged in underground activities to repeat 2005`s chaos in the country. They are highly focused in finding faults, blaming targeted individuals and groups, denying the fast economic growth even the public secret projects like the construction of rail way in Addis Ababa. They are not only denying the economic growth but also calling all

Ethiopians within the country and abroad to stop supporting to the mega projects planned to transform the country into the middle income country. They also create baseless issues that they assume source of tension and mess. Sometimes they become advocates of religion, sometimes advocates of terrorists, and sometimes they become messengers of neoliberals. Those desperate opposition parties have no alternative policies and strategies which can bring about difference in the country. They are only fault finders. Their primary objective is only to hijack power in the country by any means. The typical examples are Ginbot 7 including the spokesperson of this terrorist group who collectively call themselves as MEDREK and BLUE party. These deceitful and egocentric political parties use innocent youngsters, terrorist groups and unethical and deceiver Medias as instruments. The main strategy that they are using now is Medias. The typical examples of Medias who publish in their magazines and newspapers the message of the those parties and serve as a spokesperson of these political parties are Addis Guday, Fact, Addis Times, Lomi, Liya, Jano, Enqu, Konjo, Ethio Mihdar, Ethiopian Review and few other Magazines.

The periodic publications issued by these magazines are not educative and constructive. I have been reading their articles, stories, advertisements, and other features for about four months regularly. I haven`t gotten any positive idea that can contribute value or knowledge both to me and to the development of the country. I have a doubt whether they have editorial policy or not. I also have a doubt whether they are magazines or institutions of political parties.

Dear readers of this article, Please evaluate the trends of these magazines` publications genuinely. They totally propagate lies; disseminate agendas of hopeless political parties and interest of Terrorist groups. Even though genuine private and government owned Medias have irreplaceable role in development, building democratic system and peace process, unethical Medias have devastating role by forging and disseminating baseless information and exaggerating conflicts among the people. The typical example was the role of media in Rwanda ethnic conflict which caused massacre of millions of Rwandans. Though we are not vulnerable like Rwanda was, I am trying to remind you how much irresponsible medias can create or scale up conflicts. I am not insisting anyone not to read the publications of these magazines but alarming everyone who may read this article to be cautious. The primary objective of the egocentric and unethical medias is making money and not about the interest and hope of the

people at large. According to the trends they are showing, they would never compromise even to sell our country if they were able to do so. Because, what they are doing is not less than that. So, we all Ethiopians who are living inside the country and abroad should understand the primary objectives of the hopeless opposition parties and unethical medias publicizing unfounded information.

I would like to appreciate those opposition parties who support the development of their country and contribute their share to realize the dream of the people putting aside their political differences. Even though these political parties have no the capability to lead the country, I hope they may contribute positively and pave ground for the creation of genuine and credible political parties. I also like to appreciate the genuine private Medias who are playing significant role in the development and in the building of democratic system in the country by shaping the public opinion, raising constructive issues, creating awareness among the people by broadcasting genuine information.

In conclusion, what I want to underline is that, let us be vigilant and never stray our eyes from our vision that is transforming our country to middle level income in the next few years by accomplishing the MEGA projects by the full participation of every of us. Not less than this, we should also be guard for our peace and security by ignoring the baseless propagandas of those mongers of mess and chaos. In line with this, I would like to extend my advice to the Medias who are knowingly or unknowingly serving as spokesperson of the extremist political parties to refrain from their activities.

Ethiopian opposition parties full of deceitful and egocentric Warmongers
Ethiopian opposition parties full of deceitful and egocentric Warmongers

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