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Convicted terrorist Eskinder Nega calls for sanctions against Ethiopia

Tigrai Online - September 08, 2013

Eskinder Nega the one time professional journalist promoter of Hitler is now acting as a professional economist and is calling for sanctions against Ethiopia. Eskinder Nega on his Ethiopian socio economic analysis says the only path for democracy to flourish in Ethiopia is to stop the economic growth, destroy the mega projects and starve the people.

Convicted terrorists Eskinder Nega who wants to kill large numbers os Tigraians
Convicted terrorists Eskinder Nega is a very weak, obsessive and defective person; he is full of unimaginable level of hate and is prepared to kill people in large numbers in order to get what he wants

The Hitler admirer black KKK leader of Ginbot-7 Eskinder Nega admits Ethiopia’s pronominal economic growth on his latest article. Under the leadership of the late Prime Minister Zenawi and the EPRDF government Ethiopia become one of the fastest growing economies in the world, but the convicted terrorist gives the credit to aid money not to the hard working Ethiopian people and the amazing leadership of the country.

In this narrative, Ethiopia's recent economic growth, amidst a global slump, is ascribed to the stability afforded by one-party rule, as in China – and not, as many experts are prone to point out, the generosity of donor countries. Hence the paradox of well-intentioned European money promoting Chinese interests in one of the more important economies in Africa.” Eskinder said in his latest article.

The genocidal hatemonger who called the people of Tigrai “Cancer” and actively orchestrated to wipe out the whole population of Tigrai was camouflaging his evil plan as a professional journalist. We know what he was doing before the law caught up with him. He was spreading his poisonous propaganda against the people of Tigrai openly advocating extermination of our people.

Look how he is parading himself as a peace advocate “As a prisoner of conscience committed to peaceful transition to democracy, I urge Europe to apply economic sanctions against Ethiopia. What short-term pain may result will be compensated by long-term gain. A pledge to re-engage energetically with a democratic Ethiopia would act as a catalyst for reform.

This is what Eskinder Nega wrote on Askaul newspaper a while back under the heading ‘Get lost Judea’ [Amharic to English translation courteous of Danielberhane’s blog] ‘’ did the bandits really take power by defeating us militarily? Had our armed forces were loyal to their oath, wasn’t it possible to exterminate the wolves, who are currently ruling us, from the face of the earth? It was certainly doable. Wasn’t it possible to eliminate these people, who have no history other than being Baandaa, from Ethiopia? We feel it was a very easy task. But there was no determination. We became unconcerned about the future generation. Our Ethiopian bravery melted down. We bowed to the enemy due to our personal weakness. We need to admit this. What else could be the source of our current humiliation? We can’t point fingers on anyone. We ruined history by our weakness. We earned humiliation. We became as good as the dead. We, Habesha people, didn’t learn from the Germans. We couldn’t even preserve the history of our fathers. We are humiliated. Indeed, very humiliated. We should have acted with determination to eliminate racists and traitors from the face of Ethiopia. If we lacked the courage to do that, we should have at least preserved our territorial integrity and sovereignty. But we didn’t. History recorded this as a bad failure.’’ (Translation by Berhane Kahsay)

While Eskinder Nega is calling for sanctions against Ethiopia hoping to cripple the miracle growth of the Ethiopian economy, his collogue Andargachew Tsige, the Secretary General of Ginbot 7 is lecturing us about Isaiass Afewerki the President-for-life of Eritrea. Andargachew Tsige says we ought to learn from the exemplary leader of Eritrea and Ethiopia should follow Eritrea’s policy for peace and prosperity. Infact Andargachew Tsige say our only salvation is coming from him and his mater Isaiass Afewerki.

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