The Somali State Special Police Forces (Liyuu Police) Are Gallant
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The Somali State Special Police Forces (Liyuu Police) Are Gallant
The Ethiopian Somali state liyuu police force are disciplined and well trained. Their hospitality is unique and amazing.

The Somali State Special Police Forces (Liyuu Police) Are Gallant

By By Abdirahman Alale
Tigrai Online, March 8, 2017

The tears from Ethiopian Somali mother caused establishment of special Police forces (Liyuu Police) in Somali Regional State in 2007. This short piece of script is important to individuals who are not conscious the significance and value of the Liyuu Police forces to the region and the country as whole. The truth of this message will also be providing the comprehensible icon of the regional performance progress brought by the Somali Liyou police forces. Today, the old scenarios of police forces in 19the century of Africa and other developing countries and the present ones have enormous differences. The fact that, the old way of Africa and other developing countries using the police forces were only to fight against persons who are troubling the citizens or securities of the people at large mainly in the towns and villages but, the new situation of today’s police particularly Liyuu Police in Somali regional state of Ethiopia are backing and contributing a lot to the regional stability and development programs.

The major ideological advancements of the regional security issues and positive changes have taken place within the last eight years, when the regional state security cluster with help of the Federal Government established the solution of the horn of African (Liyuu Police) in 2007. The establishment of the Police brought numerous positive changes in various and wider aspects, some of them are stabilizing the security of the region and fighting against terrorists of ONLF (known as UBBO in local language) Al-itihad and Alshabab along with other security forces of the region such as local militia, community and the Federal Military Forces.

The special police forces accepted this great task and responsibility of securing the region confidently and to fight against terrorists insurgencies of UBBO and radicalisms elements. Within short period, they won from the enemy, weakened terrorist insurgency capabilities, destroyed their source of incomes channels and finally they put in rubbish basket. In fact, those tremendous victories and performance progress were not become possible without the help of the different Somali community.

The Somali liyuu police force are disciplined and well trained. Their hospitality is unique and amazing. The Police forces were not fighting only terrorists who were destabilizing the region but they took lion share of the regional development programs, projects and activities such as construction of Bikas to harvest rain water, construction of rural access roads, supporting vulnerable pastoralists by distributing water and food from their salary etc. They were fully aware the International Convention of Human Rights and rights of war captured prisoners. On the top of this, when the Special police were hunting anti peace elements and whenever they capture insurgencies in the battles, they were taking care of them and were taking injured terrorist insurgencies to the hospitals and handing over to concerned bodies to face justice.

The regional administration pardons many inmates every year including UBBO who are captured in the battle and was freed after they met the requirements for clemency. The government incarcerated to rehabilitate them and remove from their terrorist ideologies to developmental ideologies and persuaded captured anti peace element insurgencies to take part in the regional development. In addition, when they become free, many of them realized that they were in a wrong track when they look back the hospitality of the administration and liyuu police disciplines. On the above facts, they realized the truth. Due to this some of them requested to join Liyuu police to fight again UBBO insurgencies and radicalism groups who are operating the region while others requested to provide skill trainings from the regional government.

The Iconic Somali Liyuu police forces have not been operating not only within the Somali regional state but they took part in many fighting outside of the region. The best example was that when the International Terrorist Of Al Shabab (Al Qushaash In Local Language) crossed the region’s territory and killed innocent pastoralist civilians in Afdher zone. The special police annihilated Al shabab insurgencies in many other different areas in Somalia such as Hudur, Wajid, Garaswayne, Lagalaay, Buurcaqabo, and Ceelcadde. The international community including the Somalia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Djibouti, USA and Britain acknowledged that Somali Regional Liyuu police are iconic and are solution of the region. As usual when Liyuu police captured Alshabab militias they handed over to the government of Somalia. This victory encouraged Somalia’s local militias and they began to fight Al-shabab and other terrorists in their local area.

 Finally, people who don’t know the value and important of the Liyuu police forces to the region’s stability and development has to acknowledge their efforts because they put in place the region’s security and it was the first time when the regional administration started to fight against poverty, understand importance of education, health and other infrastructure human needs including construction of rural roads, bridges and implementation of so many uncountable projects. It is the first time when federal government and international community have acknowledged an excellence performance of the regional development.

Above all, the sustainable security and development that our people are enjoying is from the sacrifices made by the Somali regional Liyuu police. Many of them have lost their lives while others lost important part of their body and where many children lost their beloved fathers.

In conclusion, the regional prosperity, development, security and all successes are from the Ethiopian Somali Peoples Democratic Party, the community at large, the president Dr. Abdi Mohamoud Omar and his cabinet who made possible that people in the region can go outside from their home and back safely to their home without any fear.

 Finally, the special police force captured the view remaining top leaders terrorist who were hiding in the region named (Dhabuuke) and killed what we call Shaydaan Deeq last year.  In a nut shell, we are proud of them (Liyuu Police ) they are busy in safeguarding the region at same time they are participating development activities and helping the vulnerable people in the region.


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