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Ethiopia is evacuating it’s citizens from Yemen

Tigrai Online, April 14, 2015

Ethiopia is evacuating it’s citizens from Yemen

The Ethiopian government has evacuated a second group of Ethiopians from the war ravaged country of Yemen

Ethiopian news - The Ethiopian government has evacuated a second group of Ethiopians from the war ravaged country of Yemen. According to a news brief by the Ethiopia Ministry of Foreign Affairs a second batch of Ethiopian evacuees landed in the capital city of Addis Ababa on Monday March 13, 2015. Some of the evacuees are family members of the Ethiopian embassy in Yemen.

The Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, “The Government is continuing its efforts through the National Committee and the Ethiopian Embassy in Sana’a to provide speedy and safe evacuation of Ethiopian citizens from Yemen”. The Ministry statement added the Ethiopian Federal government is working with all concerned bodies including Ethiopian Diaspora communities to evacuate all Ethiopian nationals from Yemen.

The UNHCR said there are about 13 thousand Ethiopians in Yemen. About half of those in Yemen are asylum seekers and the rest are refugees trying to go other countries.

Many countries including Russia, India, China and many more have evacuated their citizens and other countries citizens from Yemen. Despite the efforts of rich nations to evacuate their people, thousands of people are still stranded in Yemen.

The conflict in Yemen exploded in to a full blown civil war when Saudi Arabia started bombing the strong hold of the Houthi rebels.

The Houthis are adherents of Shia Islam from north Yemen. The Houthis have been fighting the Yemeni central government for quite some time and they are supported by Iran. Recently they swept through the whole country and took the capital of Yemen Sanaa from the government.

The Saudi Arabian government accused the Eritrean government for channeling Iranian arms to the Houthi rebels in Yemen.

The rogue Eritrean government has started to manipulate the difficult situation in Yemen. As mentioned above some of the Ethiopians in Yemen are political refugees who disagreed with the Ethiopian government. Some might be members of the outlawed terrorist groups like ONLF and OLF.

Some of the Ethiopians in Yemen especially those who are active members of rebel groups would hesitate to come back to Ethiopia, then the only option they have is to cross to Djibouti or Somaliland.


The Eritrean government through it’s mouthpiece websites is begging Ethiopians to come to Eritrea. Some might say why is the Eritrean government encouraging Ethiopian refugees to come to it’s country. The answer is simple, Eritrea has created empty Ethiopian rebel groups in it’s land. The phantom rebel organizations existence is only in names. If the inferiority complex ridden Eritrean thugs want to get man power for the rebel groups, this would be the perfect opportunity.

This is what one Tedla Asfaw wrote in one of the racist poisonous Eritrean website  - tesfaahnews. “ Eritrean Assab port should be the immediate alternative to Ethiopian refugees in Yemen and the Eritrean government should heed the call and open its port for Ethiopians who flee to save their lives from the Yemeni crisis”.

This is desperation at it’s best, while thousands of Eritreans are leaving Eritrea this mad dog wants Ethiopians to come to the hell hole of East Africa.

It will be very helpful for the Ethiopian federal government to give sixty days of amnesty to all the Ethiopians who are members of any rebel group residing in Yemen. Once they renounce their former terror groups, they would be guaranteed absolute freedom to live in their country as they wish. They should be also assured they would not be prosecuted, arrested or harassed in any way.

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