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European Union considers breathing life to the gasping Eritrean regime

Haileab Tekle
Tigrai Online, April 6, 2015

European Union considers breathing life to the gasping Eritrean regimeEritrean refugees abducted and tortured in Egypt while trying to flee their country

Last week the European Union announced it might reconsider to resume aid to Eritrea. The main reason the European Union wants to start giving some aid to Eritrea is to slow down the Eritrean mass exodus to Europe.

Thousands upon thousands of Eritrean refugees are arriving at the European shores every month.  The Eritrean refugees are becoming economic burden and political liability for many European countries. Many of the Eritrean refuges tragically perished in the Mediterranean Sea trying to reach Italy. Pulling hundreds of bodies from the sea every few months is becoming a real pain for the collective consciousness of the people of Europe.  Eritrean refugees traditionally migrated to their former colonizer Italy, but in the recent years the Eritreans are going everywhere in Europe including Malta, Spain, France, Germany, Great Britain and Switzerland.

Considering the Eritrean humanitarian disaster is not going away very soon, the European Union decided to try a band aid solution to the Eritrean refugee problem. The superficial reason they are giving for considering to give aid to Eritrea is to create employment to the youth. If the EU helps Eritrea with funding some infrastructure projects the young people will be employed and stop immigrating to Europe. That is what they are hoping, but they know it and we know it, that is not going to work.

The question is, are the Eritrean youth risking their lives because there is no job opportunity in Eritrea? Eritreans are going through the harshest conditions to reach Europe. Some Eritreans pay thousands of dollars to human traffickers to help them cross the Sahara desert, many of them ended up resold to other traffickers, some get dumped in the desert or some of them get stranded in the sea in makeshift boats and drown by the hundreds. The UNHCR said over six thousand Eritreans are crossing the heavily fortified, mined and guarded with over half a million armies Eritrean-Ethiopian border every month to reach to safety in the state of Tigrai in northern Ethiopia.

The Eritrean people are very resourceful, hardworking and innovative people they would not face the above unimaginable conditions and risk their lives to find jobs. There is much more terrifying and much more evil and scary they want to escape from. There is something humiliating and dehumanizing driving the young Eritreans out of their country.

The European Union political analysts and the United Nations refugee experts know why the Eritrean youth are fleeing their country. They EU know the root cause of the problem is the brutal regime in Eritrea. The Eritrean regime is creating nonexistent conflicts to keep the people in a state of fear so the leaders can extend their time in power. The leader of the United Nations panel investigating Eritrea, Mike Smith said “there is no rule of law in Eritrea and most Eritreans have no hope for their future”.

The EU knows the Eritrean young people are leaving their country not because they are looking for jobs, but to escape prosecution and gross human rights violation at the hands of their own government.  It seems the European Union’s aid will extend the Eritrean people’s misery and they will never slow down the mass migration of the Eritreans, because they are prescribing the wrong cure for the wrong disease. The EU’s economic aid might even worsen the situation in Eritrea and the region by giving life saving oxygen to the dying regime in Eritrea.

There is no grantee the aid money will be used for it’s intended purposes. The Eritrean regime might even use the money against the Eritrean people which will force more people to flee their country and more refugees arriving in Europe.

Bribing a regime which has been known to the world as the North Korea of Africa with a few million dollars is not the solution to the complex Eritrean issue. If the European Union wants to help the Eritrean people it should help them get rid of the gangsters in Asmara or don’t spoil their struggle for freedom by supporting a brutal dictatorial government.


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