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Eritrean PFDJ grand plan is targeting Tigrai to dismantle Ethiopia

Tigrai Online, March 15, 2015

Eritrean PFDJ grand plan is targeting Tigrai to dismantle EthiopiaThe Eritrean dictatorial regime is trying to isolate Tigrai state from Ethiopia and dismantle the country.

When the EPLF rebel soldiers entered the capital city of the former province of Ethiopia, Eritrea, there were great expectations and anticipation in their people. The Eritrean people fought for so long because they wanted a better life. They thought if they secede they will become prospers, peaceful and strong nation without their “Ethiopian oppressors” telling them what to do and how to do it. The people did what people with great dream will do, they fought for their independent and they got it. The problem is the ordinary people and their leaders have totally different dreams. The dream of the Eritrean leaders was more sinister, more ambitious, and grandiose and it has nothing to do with the people of Eritrea.

The EPLF (PFDJ) leadership didn’t care about Eritrean independence and the people then, and they don’t care about the Eritrean people’s wellbeing now.  All they wanted was and still is to grab power by manipulating the Eritrean people’s emotions and become the bosses of the Horn of Africa.

Most of the leaders of the armed struggle echoed the hardship of the people. They exaggerated the previous Ethiopian regimes inequality and the brutal treatment of the Eritrean people by the brutal Derg regime. They fabricated a false story to make it look like the Eritrean people have nothing to do with the Ethiopian people. They inflated the people’s ego by telling them lies far from the truth about Eritrea.

All this was to destroy the biological, historical, linguistic, and cultural ties between the Ethiopian and Eritrean people. They also wanted to create animosity between the two peoples so the Eritrean people could rise up and join the armed struggle.

When the lies and hate propaganda didn’t work to help them recruit new rebel soldiers, the Shaebiya leaders resorted to forced recruitment of the young people. Even though, Shaebiya was completely cut off from the population and hiding in the fox holes in Sahil for years, they would come out to the highlands once in a blue moon and kidnap many young people.

After independence the real dream of the PFDJ grand plan started to be implemented. The idea was once PFDJ control Asmara they will dismantle Ethiopia systematically by creating and supporting countless rebel groups. They were expecting to create a weak puppet government in Ethiopia and suck Ethiopia dry of it’s resources.

In the eyes of EPLF Ethiopia was falling apart and their dream to enrich themselves and becoming the superpower of the Horn of Africa was coming true. Sudan was tied up on it’s own civil war, Somalia was in the middle of bloody civil war and both countries were splitting. Djibouti is too small, and Kenya is too weak too far. In their twisted mind the strongest country in the region would be Eritrea with it’s battle hardened army and stolen resources from Ethiopia, Eritrea would control the region with Isaias Afewerki as the King of the Horn.

The EPLF leaders didn’t take long to announce their arrival and to make sure every country understood who will be the boss of the Horn of Africa. They started war with Sudan, Yemen, and Djibouti.  They also want to send a clear message to the new EPRDF government in Ethiopia.

At the same time they started to steal Ethiopian riches that is when Eritrea without having a single coffee tree become number 13th coffee exporter of the world. Eritrean government agents will pose as Ethiopians borrow millions of dollars from Ethiopian banks by showing fake business plans. After they secured the loan they took 99% of the money to Eritrea. Shaebya was officially laundering the Ethiopian birr. The EPLF leaders were also going to Democratic Republic of Congo and stealing millions worth of Diamond, mercury and other precious metals and selling it in the black market. Did the Eritrean people get a red cent from all these lucrative shady business transactions? The answer is a resounding NO. Only PFDJ and their puppets were getting wealthier. The recent Swiss bank documents disclosed the biggest amount of stolen money by one person in the world $695.2 million US dollars is from Eritrea.

After a few years of bonanza, the Eritrean leaders become greedy and they started robbing Ethiopia openly. The Ethiopian people especially those in the borders with Eritrea started to react strongly against what Shabby was doing.  The thuggish EPLF leaders thought they can intimidate the people of Tigrai by harassing, kidnapping and other aggressive actions.

In 1998 they made a fatal miscalculation when they invaded the sovereign land of Ethiopia. They occupied Zalambesa, many Irob villages, and the town of Badme. None of these towns and places never ever had been under the Eritrean province administration.

The Ethiopian people in general and the Tigrai people in particular never ever bow down to any enemy no matter how strong and they were not certainly going to start with their former province.

The Eritrean army led by three generals, thousands of infantry soldiers, and supported by 13 tanks invaded Badme town in northern Tigrai State. The thuggish grandiose dream of PFDJ to become the super power of the HOA started to crumble that day. Now the grand dream is a nightmare, not only for the leaders of Eritrea, but for the whole nation of Eritrea.

The desperate thuggish mafia leaders of PFDJ are now resorting to the failed tricks of their old masters, divide and rule. To implement the not so new trick, they are targeting the people of Tigrai. They think if they can isolate the people of Tigrai from the rest of Ethiopia they might be able to find allies in the rest of Ethiopia to attack Tigrai from all corners.  After they neutralize Tigrai, they will target the Amara then the Oromo and so on. That is the reason Shaebya and it’s cadres are barking Woyane, Woyane, Woyane day and night. They even use key words and phrases like “one ethnic domination, ethnic federalism, ethnic cleansing, Tigrai colonization” and many other hatful and poisonous propaganda words and phrases. The goal is to plunge the Ethiopian people in to a bloody civil war. After that they will come and colonize us. One Eritrean Mad Dog by the name of Semere Tesfay put the Eritrean dream for the people of Tigrai in December 21, 2012 when the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi died and Eritreans thought the destruction of Tigrai was a matter of days. “The Woyane revolution as a Tigrean ethnic revolution is buried with Meles Zenawi. Yes – the dream of Greater Tigray, the dream of Tigrean dynasty, the dream of independent Tigray nation state…. are all gone.

What they are forgetting is no Ethiopian in the right mind would think the brutal PFDJ leaders who rejected Ethiopian unity to become an African Singapore are worried about the Ethiopian people.  They are also forgetting the only reason they won the war is the people of Tigrai had cut off the head of the Derg regime. At the same time the Ethiopian people throughout the country were choking the regime in Addis Ababa squeezing the life out of it.

If it wasn’t for the gallant TPLF fighters paying their precious blood to remove the Derg, the PFDJ would have been buried in the dark underground burrows in Sahil rocky, barren mountains like the naked Mole-rats.

A word of advice to the majority of peace loving Eritreans, speak up loud and clear against the war mongering leaders of PFDJ and their puppets. All the provocation against the people of Ethiopia will be disastrous.  It will only bring your country yet to another bloody meaningless war.

Why is Isaias Afewerki speaking in a translator? This guy went to school from primary to university in Amharic in Ethiopia. He speaks fluent Amharic and he is addressing Ethiopians, it really does not make sense. Is it to show his hate and disrespect to the Amara people of Ethiopia?


Ethiopians are busy working hard to get rid of poverty. Virtually all Eritrean pro government websites and some opposition websites are campaigning and waging a cyber war against the people of Tigrai, STOP IT! If you don’t stop this nonsense the consequences will be sever.

Ethiopia is not falling apart like ESAT and PFJD are telling you, on the contrary we the Ethiopian people are united more than ever and Ethiopia is stronger than you think. No war no peace policy is still intact and working very effectively. The appropriate military respond has been updated to free measure attack any time any where if you wish. Should PFJD leaders push war on Ethiopia, we will make sure they will never try it again for eternity and that will be extremely costly in every way for the Eritrean people.

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