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The man who accuses the TPLF of being tribal is himself the epitome of a parochial

Tigrai Online, February 19, 2015

The pot calls the kettle black

Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion the most important church in Ethiopia

On 10th February 2015 I posted an article entitled "Is to be a Tigrean a Crime?" I claimed a certain Ato Getachew Beshahwered had accused the London-based EOTC's Archbishop for North West Europe, His Grace Abune Entos, of being a Tigrean, and therefore a TPLF, and, therefore needs to be barred from Reeseadbarat Adbarat St Mary of Tsion.

While manny ToL readers appreciated my concern, there were the inevitable internet trollers who provoked me into furnishing them with Getachew Beshahwered's witness statement. Still others thought that I was somehow fanning anti -Tigraianism on cyberspace.

In thanking profusely ToL's Admin for standing for me in ToL's Face Book, I now have the pleasure in attaching a copy of Getachew's witness statement. In reading his statement with a fine-tooth comb, one can see how his democratic right to oppose the TPLF overlaps with his anti-Tigreanism. Moreover here is a man who accuses the TPLF of being tribal, while he himself is the epitome of a parochial.

Last, but not least, Getachew may be an expert in doctoring accounts, but he failed miserably when it comes to doctoring the chronology of the establishment of Reeseadbarat Adbarat St Mary of Tsion he has committed what I call "a dynamite error" capable of demolishing his claim into smithereens. Contrary to Getachew's claim, when the Church got registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales in 1992 Patriarch Merkorios was not Patriarch as he had resigned in June 1991. Gotcha Getachew!

By way of enlightening my otherwise sober-minded compatriot: it was His Holiness Pope Kerilos VI of Alexandria, and not as claimed by Getashew, His

Holiness Cyril VI Patriarch of All Africa, after granting autocephalous status to EOTC, allowed EOTC to choose is own patriarch. The web of lies will be untangled, and the truth will set Our Lady Free!

Please take a look at the witness statement of Ato Getachew Beshahwered for details.

To be fair to the other side and to give a balanced information, we decided to post this video. You be the judge. This drama has been repeated hundreds of times through out the world since the EPRDF came to power. It is happening time and again in major cities of Unitedstate of America, Canada and Europe just like it is in London. For that reason there are two or three Churches in every city, one for Tigraians, one for Gonder, and one for those who don't want to do anything with this politics in Church. If you care about Ethiopia stop creating cracks in the Ethiopian identity and unity at the seams, "Ato Getachew Beshahwere tell it to the marines!" we know what is going on.

This is what the other members of the Church say. They said Ato Getachew Beshahwere is leading a political campaign against the Ethiopian government in the Church.

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