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The ongoing change and reforms have nothing to do with Tigrai and TPLF

Tigrai Online, April 7, 2019

Humanitarian Crises of the Internally Displaced People in Ethiopia
We think the exclusion of Tigrai and the TPLF by Abiy and his masters is a blessing in disguise and Tigrai should let those who struggled for the change enjoy the fruits of their hard won victory.

Ethiopia has been going through a drastic political “change and reforms”, for the past one year, but the direction of the so called change is confusing the Ethiopian people. The question is who is behind the change in Ethiopia and to what end?

For most Ethiopians and the international community the fact there was a leadership in Ethiopia was enough, however if one scratches the surface of the change and the truth fully exposed. In reality the change is a simple coup d'etat fueled by popular questions disguised as a people’s change. The purpose of the change is to stop Ethiopia from reaching a middle income country and keep the Ethiopian people begging for wheat.

Egypt one of the countries behind the so called change has achieved its objectives which was stopping the GERD construction. The construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam GERD is practically stopped. The first thing those behind the change did was kill the chief engineer of the GERD, Engineer Engineer Simegnew Bekele who was the symbol of the Dam.

All the other countries and groups behind the change are happy because they have successfully met their goal regarding Ethiopia. Some want EPRDF to be destroyed, some the TPLF and the people of Tigrai to be isolated, others want the whole country to disintegrate.

One year after the change the country is tearing itself apart and the socio-political engineers who planned the change are gloating.


The TPLF and the people of Tigrai who were the targets of silent coup regrouped and reorganized to defend the state from military and propaganda attack. TPLF leaders who had forgotten Tigrai and its people are determined fully focused in Tigrai now. Almost the entire Tigrai population including those who were bitterly opposing the state government are working seamlessly with TPLF to fend off the external enemy.

Not only was Tigrai excluded from any major decisions by the leaders of the” change” it was at the receiving end of the wrath from the leaders and disciples of the change. No one would deny there is change in Ethiopia, but majority of people agree it is the most destructive change ever seen in Ethiopian history.

The state of Tigrai has resisted this fake change from the beginning demanding the federal system be respected and rule of law should be the first priority to maintain safety and security of the Ethiopian people. Many people dismissed Tigrai’s concerns, in fact Abiy his domestic allies and foreign masters were planning to attack Tigrai state militarily until they found out it will be the beginning of the end for them.

A year later the change is heading to Addis Ababa where the childish prime minister of Ethiopia is spewing insults towards the people of Tigrai and TPLF. Word in the insider circles is the Ethiopian PM is asking help from the Tigrai people and the TPLF.

Despite the harsh criticism by Amhara narrow nationalists who are hiding behind unitary agenda, the current federal system is the only option for Ethiopia. If the current prime minister who happens to be a closet ultra nationalist Amhara start to change the constitution or the federal system, few of the regional states will opt out of the federation. That would be the end of country we know as Ethiopia.


We think the exclusion of Tigrai and the TPLF by Abiy and his masters is a blessing in disguise and Tigrai should let those who struggled for the change enjoy the fruits of their hard won victory. Amhara extremists are still threatening Tigrai with a military attack. We think our people to take these threats very seriously and ready themselves in every way. Tigrai should build its defenses and notify the international community including the United Nations and the AU about the positional calamity hovering over Ethiopia.

It would be great idea to look in to establishing direct flights to Tigrai airports, have a semi stand alone Telecom, and internet connection.

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