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Ethiopia should demand for the MI35 helicopter or take military action

Tigrai Online December 22, 2014

Ethiopian TV confirms two military helicopter pilots defected to Eritrea with a MI35 gunship helicopter

Ethiopian TV confirms two military helicopter pilot defected to Eritrea with a MI35 gunship helicopter. The MI35 military helicopter is estimated to cost between 25 to 36 million dollars.

Ethiopia should demand for the MI35 helicopter or take military action

The Eritrean regime actively train and support terrorists to overthrow the Ethiopian government. This is another aggravation and an act of provocation by the Eritrean gangsters in Asmara. Ethiopia has every right to defend itself from such provocation and an act of terrorism.

The pilots can remain in Eritrea, but the military helicopter is the property of the Ethiopian people and it should be returned to a neutral country like the Sudan and handed back to the rightful owners peacefully.

If the Eritrean despotic regime refused to hand it over the Ethiopian military helicopter which is worth millions of dollars, it should face the consequences. The Ethiopian military should launch a lighting military strike to the heart of the regime to punish it for such disrespect to Ethiopian nation.

We can assure you the Eritrean government daring actions will get bolder if it is not taught a bitter lesson it would never forget for this action. You can not hand in a multi million dollar helicopter to your enemy.

How did the helicopter fly thousands of kilometers without being detected by the Ethiopian radar and how come when the 30 minute limit expired the air force didn't send alert to the radar system of the country? This does not make sense from any angle.

This should be considered an act of military aggression and the gallant Ethiopian military should respond in an appropriate military attack.

The latest news tip we got from our readers indicated the Ethiopian helicopter was hijacked by the pilot and the two others who were with the pilot were forced by him. Why did not they do anything, why would they be dragged to an enemy country? there are many questions to be answered. What is done is done now the task should be to get back the helicopter back by any means necessary including using force. Some are saying why are you suggesting force while Ethiopia is working hard with mega projects such as the GERD? Well if what Ethiopia built with hard earned money is going to be destroyed by Shabiya what is the point? This nonsense needs to stop now and Ethiopia should assert it self and demand the respect it deserves if it wants to be taken seriously.

What do you think the Ethiopian government should do?


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