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Nationwide demonstrations for democratic elections to dismiss the PP’s bad coaches and Killers

By Amleset Tesfay
Tigrai Online June 2, 2020

Why Ethiopians considered PP more dangerous killer than the covid-19 and they continued their demonstrations at this time?  Why are the Ethiopian youths killed for ringing their mobile phones?

As it was published at Tigraionline.com in May, 2020, Under the Title “Why PP’s downfall could be faster than expected,” I tried to suggest for PP to listen to the people’s demands and to facilitate democratic elections before it is too late. However, PP had failed to listen to the Ethiopian people’s outcry. Now, the right time has come for PP either to conduct elections or to be dismissed by any means necessary.

Abiy Ahmed is facing worldwide and nationwide oppositions to resign gracefully rather than forcefully. However, PP had intensified its human rights violations in Oromia, Amara, Ethiop-Somali, Afar, Sothern and western Ethiopian regions. PP had denied Ethiopian people the right to live peacefully.

Two years ago, Ethiopia was known for its fastest growing nation in the world, and as an island of peace in east Africa. However, under the illegal and unqualified PP’s coach Ethiopia is failing economically, and diplomatically.

People are demanding the incompetent coaches to be replaced by the democratically elected competent coaches. What matters for Ethiopians is not what language they speak but the important things they do for all Ethiopians irrespective of their ethnics.

Worldwide Human right organizations, Activists, most of all the Ethiopian people continued the pressure on the government of Ethiopia to immediately stop killing the innocent citizens, arresting people, making fake documentaries, advocating and financing violence.

According to the constitution, Ethiopian political organizations demand election to be conducted before September 2020. The toxic Prosperity party (pp) wants to continue to hold its illegal power indefinitely.

However, contrary to the PP’s and the opposition political parties’ demands, the Ethiopian people are demanding the illegal PP to resign today gracefully rather than forcefully. The Ethiopian people’s demand carries more weight than any parties’ demands. Therefore, PP must resign before it is too late.

The illegal government led by Colonel Abiy Ahmed had been financing and advocating violence in different regions of Ethiopia. The Walta information center under the influence of PP had become the main mouthpiece for PP to disseminate fake documentary films and false information to incite violence within their country.

Contrary to PP’s fake Medemer (togetherness) slogans, PP had failed to bring people together. PP facilitated Ethiopia’s political and economic path of failure. The toxic illegal pp abused its power, and failed to safeguard the independence of the nation.

Globally and nationwide condemnation is underway to dismiss the illegal PP and to hand over power to the legally elected leaders. PP must step down and facilitate democratic elections or PP should be removed by any means necessary. Ethiopians have said enough is enough.

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