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President Omar al-Bashir of Sudan held in South Africa facing arrest

Tigrai Online, June 14, 2015

President Omar al-Bashir of Sudan held in South Africa facing arrest and he might get arrested
President Omar al-Bashir, the current president of the Republic of the Sudan has been prevented from leaving South Africa

According to a BBC website news report, President Omar al-Bashir, the current president of the Republic of the Sudan has been prevented from leaving South Africa. A South African court has issued an order to stop the Sudanese president from leaving the country until the South African court decides whether to hand him to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

President Bashir was in South Africa to participate in an African Union summit and he was welcomed by high officials from the South African government when he arrived.  The ICC has an outstanding warrant against President Bashir accusing him of war crimes.

It seems ironic the worst country to commit crimes against humanity in the history of earth is trying to arrest a sitting president for war crimes.

The ICC is another European tool like the IMF, World Bank, Human Rights watch, Amnesty International, NATO, International Rivers, Oakland Institute, and many others which were created to control, dominate and conquer the world. The BBC news report said “Human rights organisations and South Africa's main opposition party have also called for Mr Bashir's arrest”.

If the ICC was really what they make it to be, they would have prosecuted those responsible for the deaths of more than half a million Iraqis under the US occupation. We know better than that, the ICC is setup to destroy leaders who oppose the western domination of the world.

President Omar al-Bashir held in South Africa by this judge
Judge Hans Fabricius is the judge who issued the order for President Omar al-Bashir to be held in South Africa. "President Omar al-Bashir is prohibited from leaving the Republic of South Africa until a final order is made in this application," the judge said.

Bashir may or may not have committed war crimes against his own people, but why does he has to go to Europe to be tried? We think the great people of Africa are capable of prosecuting their own criminals by themselves they don’t need Europeans to meddle in their affairs. We don’t think any African should be prosecuted by Europeans for anything including war crimes. Every dictator or any person who is accused of war crimes, human rights violations and other crimes against humanity should be charged and prosecuted in their country by their people. The sad truth is as long as the Europeans systematically control most of the worlds powers, it is going to be an uphill struggle for the rest of the world to free from their grip.

Background of South Africa and the white minority

It is not long ago South Africa under the Apartheid white government did only discriminated against the 90% none whites, but carried out inhumane scientific experiments on the native black African population in South Africa. The Apartheid Frankenstein scientists experimented on how to prevent black people from having babies in order to wipe out Africans. Unfortunately for the British, Dutch, German, French, and Belgians colonialists their freaky experiment to wipe out the black Africans and takeover Africa didn’t succeed.

Fast forward to 2015 the former colonialists numbering only about 8% of the 54 million total population of South Africa are struggling to survive as a minority group. The problem is the less than 5 million white South Africans wield a huge economic, political, and diplomatic power in the country. Using the massive economic power they have and their connection with their mother countries in Europe, the white South Africans control virtually everything in South Africa. The black South Africans don’t have any meaningful power and they still live in the ghettos and shanty towns.


We can assume the former Apartheid colonialists didn’t give up their dream of conquering Africa. Lately South Africa was in the news because the black South Africans were killing, looting, robbing and demonstrating against their fellow Africans. We think it is not a coincidence blacks are chasing blacks from South Africa. Someone is threatened by the swelling number of black Africans in South Africa. Afrikans with totally different life experience coming from Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Eritrea, and Nigeria where there are no whites or they are looked as parasite trying to take advantage of the local people. White South Africans didn’t want the exchange of experience between South Africans and other Africans because it puts them in jeopardy.

We think all the African countries should revoke their membership to the ICC. If South Africa hands the Sudanese president to the Europeans, all the AU member states should boycott and expel it from the AU.

TOL reply to some of your comments June 15, 2015

We usually don’t reply to visitors comments, but we thought some points need to be clarified.

Some of you have asked, what would the reaction of Tigrai Online if it was President Isaias Afwerki instead of President Omar al-Bashir? Some even insinuated we at TOL will be happy.

These questions and partly accusations come from wrong assumption and misunderstanding. First of all TOL is not defending Bashir, we are not, because we don’t know the detail facts about the Sudanese conflict. How did it start, who is behind the rebels supporting them, for what purpose, what is the historical background of the conflict in Darfur, and who did what in this Sudanese civil war.

We are questioning the legitimacy of the ICC to prosecute “criminals” selectively. We think the ICC is a façade intended to eliminate some world leaders based on their views not what they did.

As to what we would have done if it was the Eritrean brutal dictator who ordered the massacre of elementary school children in Mekelle? We would have done exactly the same. Despite our strong feelings towards President Isaias Afwerki, as a black African man we would not want him to be prosecuted by the ICC or the Europeans.

We passionately believe Africans are capable of taking care of their business. We don’t need to be baby sat by white people. Eritreans are more than capable of prosecuting their won criminals given the chance.

It is not about who or what someone did, it is the concept of white Europeans telling Africans what to do and how to do it we are opposing. We are not talking if someone is guilty or not,  we are talking even if they are guilty they should be prosecuted by their people. African criminals should be tried in Africa. This should not be confused with working with the international community at large in trade, commerce, security, culture, and education. We are just saying the ICC is not consistent and it is a fraud created to advance the interest of the white man.

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