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Ethiopian federal Attorney General did not charge those displaced thousands of Tigraians

Tigrai Online, Jan. 2, 2019

The report from Reliefweb report just for the months of September and October 2018 lists nearly 50 thousand Tigraians displaced from conflict.

The Ethiopian federal Prosecutor announced today over 100 people including high government office holders and members of the security forces will be charged for displacing millions of people and crimes committed related with ethnic conflicts all over Ethiopia. Those charged are responsible for displacing civilians in Oromia, Ethio-Somali, Benishangul-Gumuz and SNNP regions, but not those in Amara region are not included.

Ethiopian federal Attorney General said on its announcement it has concluded its investigating for those who were responsible for displacing people and who did crimes against civilians and it started charging them.


The Ethiopian federal Attorney General didn’t even mention the hundreds of thousands of Tigraians forcefully deported innocent people mainly from Amara region.

As you can hear the victims in the above video deporting and displacing Tigrains was planned for a long time and mainly organized by high government officials, local police and to some extent the defense forces at the town of Gallabat at border Sudan and Ethiopia.


It is mind boggling why the Ethiopian federal Attorney General didn’t include the Amara criminals who deported, displaced, killed, organized the armed thugs and didn’t use their power to stop the cruelty against their fellow country people in the new charges.

Yet this is another confirmation the current Ethiopian federal government is trying to exclude and alienate the Tigrai people. The aim is a concerted effort to weaken the people of Tigrai and their government including by depriving them justice.

Tigrai Online have been gathering and reporting about the displaced and deported Tigraians since 2016, but if you see the report from Reliefweb report just for the months of September and October 2018 lists nearly 50 thousand Tigraians displaced from conflict. That is not enough for the Ethiopian federal Attorney General to charge one person or mention them at all. You can check the report by going to the following URL, https://reliefweb.int/sites/reliefweb.int/files/resources/R13_Tigray.pdf.


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