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VOA journalist and the Ginbot7 hooligans in Washington DC

Tigrai Online, July 4, 2015

VOA Amharic service journalist and the Ginbot7 hooligans in Washingtion DC
VOA journalist Henok Semaegizabher harassed by Ginbot7 hooligans in Washington DC

A handful of people mostly members of Ginbot 7 and other toxic extremist groups chased a VOA journalist when he was covering a demonstration they held in Washington DC in front of the White House.

The anti peace toxic Diaspora groups were demonstrating against the recently announced visit to Ethiopia by President Obama. The white house a few weeks ago officially announced the sitting president of the United States Barak Obama will officially visit Ethiopia at the end of July 2015.

This welfare Mamas and dish washing PhDs have the audacity to accuse the USA government supporting the Ethiopian government to destabilize the Horn of Africa. One disoriented and confused old lady said “… it is supporting Sumalia (meant Somalia) Sudan terrorizing East Africa make East Africa a killing field. TPLF is a terrorist group American government support”. Some of these hooligans run after the VOA journalist insulting him and shouting “SHAME ON YOU, SHAME ON YOU!, Woyane, Leba and much more”. One of them comes to the screen and says “We live in America YOU Gorvege” in broken English. Think about this, this VOA journalist Henok Semaegizabher is not working for the Ethiopian government, in fact he works for the Voice of America Amharic service and he has nothing to do with Ethiopia except his heritage. The VOA journalist does not deserve all that insult and disrespect for doing his job in America. You know if he was a white man these cowards would not have made a beep, but because he is from Ethiopia they acted like they way they did.

Welfare mamas and loser toxic Diaspora extremists harass VOA journalist Henok Semaegizabher in Washington DC.

Those opposing the president’s visit are riff raffs of the old Ethiopian regimes defeated in the battle field by the brave heroic soldiers of the Tigrai Peoples Libration Front T.P.L.F. Most of these useless former soldiers fled Ethiopia surrendering their arms to TPLF and ended up in the United States of America. In a desperate and futile attempt to come back to power, the former Derg cadres have been organizing and recognizing themselves in hundred different political names over the past 24 years.

This losers know it well they don’t stand a chance in a face to face battle against the TPLF, so they decided to wage war by a remote control. With the help of the brutal Eritrean regime, they are trying to destabilize Ethiopia and over throw the elected government. Part of the destabilization program is spreading poisonous propaganda, ethnic division, misinformation, disinformation, fabricated lies, none existing news, blackmailing individuals, and demonstration in the capitals of the western world.


Despite all the mountains of lies they fabricate to make it look like Ethiopia is about fall apart or the human rights situation in Ethiopia is horrible, the reality in Ethiopia is totally different. The entire world can see Ethiopia is shining, growing, progressing and registering amazing development more than any country in Africa.

Ethiopia’s miraculous economic growth and development have been praised by the international community including the European Union, African Union, the United States and most of all by the Ethiopian people.

The visit to Ethiopia by the most powerful person on this earth, the President of the United States of America means something to most people. To the peace loving majority Ethiopians, it means their country’s success can’t be ignored by anybody including the president of the USA. For the prophets of poverty and doom and gloom, the toxic Diaspora, it means the days of financing terrorism with welfare checks from America are numbered. On top of that their lies and fabricated propaganda didn’t produce the results they were looking for. It means Woyane won one more time this time in America.

You like it or not President Obama is coming to Ethiopia and Woyane TPLF will welcome him with open arms and there is nothing you can do about it, but be carful you do not lose your welfare checks if you bark too much.

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