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The Ethiopian people know what they want and they voted for EPRDF
The Ethiopian people know what they want and they voted for EPRDF which represents economic development, social progress, justice and democracy.

The Ethiopian people know what they want and they voted for EPRDF

Tigrai Online, June 23, 2015

The Ethiopian Election board has announced the Ethiopian ruling party Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front - EPRDF and its allies have won the 2015 election sweeping all the parliamentary seats. The Ethiopian opposition is left in the dust scratching their head.


Dr. Merga Bekana the chairman of the Ethiopian Election Board said “The general elections were characterised by high voter turnout and orderly conduct of the elections proceedings. The elections were culminated in a free, fair, peaceful, credible and democratic manner.” The election board announced 546 out of 547 seats are won by the ruling party. The remaining one seat is disputed and the EPRDF or one of its allies might win it.

The Ethiopian people have spoken in a clear and loud manner that they want Ethiopia to progress in the same path it is speeding at.  The majority of the Ethiopian people also unequivocally rejected the politics of hate and backwardness.

The riff raff of the old Ethiopian regimes and Derg beneficiaries have been organizing and reorganizing calling themselves political parties, but the Ethiopia people can see right through them and they don’t want to anything with them.

Also it is not a good idea not to have a strong and honest opposition party that would bring alternative policy agendas to the table, the once calling themselves opposition in Ethiopia are useless.

To those looking from outside it might seem strange even a little bit outlandish for one political party to keep winning nearly 100 percent of the votes, but it absolutely not bizarre.

In 2005 the Ethiopian people paid in blood to give the opposition a chance. the opposition won almost 50 percent of the seats, but they refused to take their seat in the Ethiopia parlamaint because they did not win all the votes. The Ethiopian people were disappointed because their votes were thrown to the trash by the opposition. The same opposition groups changed their names and logos and asked to be elected, too late the Ethiopia people said for what? So you can play games with our votes? At the same time the rulling party the EPrDF cleaned thier act and started working with the people. These are some of the reasons why the oppositon is shunned by the people and not getting a single vote.

Now that it is official that EPRDF has won the election in a landslide, EPRDF should continue its miraculous economic policy as is. We think the government needs to pay special attention to corruption, education, public sanitation, equitable income distribution, justice and defense.

Absolute transparency and public discussion on any policy that affects the general public and national interest of the country is must.

The government should encourage and welcome greater involvement of Ethiopian intellectuals including those who disagree with government.

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