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The Woyene professors verses the Team Lemma students in Ethiopian current politics

By Wedi Haftey
Tigrai Online Feb. 22, 2020

The Woyene professors verses the Team Lemma students in Ethiopian current politics
The Woyene national professors verses the Team Lemma students of Isaias Afwerki in Ethiopian current politics.

The world witnessed the ultimate nationalism of the Tigrai people during the 45th anniversary of the Tigrai people’s liberation front (Woyane ) last Wednesday. Few months ago, a group of politicians (by the name of team Lemma) within the ruling party of Ethiopia emerged to bring change, peace and unity of the country which was entering in to ethnic cleansing and civil war in most of the regions across the nation. 


The goal of the so-called team Lemma shifted shortly after seizing power to targeting the Tigrai people politically, emotionally and economically. Several thousand people of Tigrai origin were killed, harassed, displaced and their homes and businesses burned in several regions of the Ethiopia. The federal government endorsed this evil act and blamed only the Tigrai people for all the mistakes, corruptions, and all the ethnic crisis in Ethiopia during the EPRDF in power for the last 27 years. due to continuous harassment by the federal government, many Tigraian civilians, civil servants, professions, merchants and almost all retired personnel from the federal government returned back to Tigrai for their own security and safety.  

The strategy of such harassment and intimidation by the federal government against the Tigrai people was to put pressure on the state and diminish national dignity of the people of Tigrai and to reverse the national independence and equality they gained after a bloody 17 years of armed struggle against the late butcher fascist government Mengistu Hailemariam. 

It was unfortunate to witness that the dictator government of Eritrea emerged a synergistic power with a the Abiy Ahmed regime against the Tigrai people. The EPLF is said to have been trying to negotiate for federation or confederation with the DERG government during the armed struggle. Meetings were held in Germany, Yemen and in Kenya. While the negotiations were underway, the Tigrai people’s liberation front ( Woyane) then liberated the entire Tigrai region by defeating the DERG and secured a liberated Tigrai for two years before marching to the capital city of Adis Abeba while the EPLF was in heavy fighting to defend their base against the Ethiopian government offensives. 

The DERG also attempted several times to recapture Tigrai again and lost several military divisions and armaments. The Eritrean people’s liberation front had no choice except to dismantle the negotiations with the DERG and fix the broken bridge with the powerful Woyane and collaborated for a united front to defeat the DERG and that was the only way for them to get their freedom from Ethiopia. Now again the Eritrean government led by the tyrant dictator is collaborating with the Ethiopian government to invade Tigrai. 

History repeats itself and the theme of slogans of the Tigrai people during the 45th anniversary of the TPLF was, unity of the people to defend national identity and dignity to defend against the two aggressions from Ethiopia and Eritrea. They showed their national unity, sustainability, political maturity, and the selfless new generation emerging to combat any enemies with passion and willingness to sacrifice without any reservations for their nationalism. 

The relationship of Abiy Ahmed and the Eritrean dictator will be short lived since their strategy is failure and immaturity. Their collaboration was only to weakened the Tigrai people and isolate the TPLF from the people. Otherwise, they have no political strategy for a longer term under any circumstances. However, their strategy was the opposite and the people of Tigrai and the TPLF are now under one flag, one nation, one principle and united than any time in history. 

The Tigrai people have fought bitterly to defeat the largest black army on earth, the DERG and no one can undermine their experience and they are ready to defend their identity and nationality again this time around. 

“Madness is something rare in individuals, but in groups, parties, people and ages, it is the rule “. Fried rich Nietzsche. 

The peoples of Tigrai have a lot of reason to be mad with this current government of Ethiopia and the Eritrean dictator. Both Isaias and Abiy tried to humiliate, intimidate, harass, kill Tigraians every chance they got. 

“We have got to have rules and obey them. After all, we are not savage. We are English and English people are the best at everything “. William Golding, lords of files. 

At this time the people of Tigrai are more united, organized, armed, and they have the most extensive experience of war and leadership, no army can stop them if they marched to all directions from Tigrai. The Tigrai leadership should keep working to bring sustainable good governance to the united force democratically and revolutionize the society to bring about modern economic reality. If a war comes to Tigrai from any corner their victory is certain. 

It is very clear to predict who is the winner and looser in this political crisis, but for sure time will tell the truth in a short period of time and let’s reserve our predictions. I remember the New York Times said to Mr Hailemariam Desalegn after he was elected as prime minister, “he is a technician and not politician "and unfit for the position, they were correct. We can say that Mr. Abiy Ahmed is a preacher and not a prime minister. All Ethiopian are witnessing that the current prime minister has no ability, charisma, moral, integrity and authority to be a leader of 110 million people. The more he stays in power, the more damage he will inflict to Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people. 

“nationalism is a movement as in the arts based upon the folk idiom, history, aspirations etc... of a nation”, the American heritage dictionary. 

Long live Tigrai 

Long live Ethiopia that respects Tigrai.