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Expired and failed means of struggle in Ethiopia By Kahsay Kalu


News Brief

A high level United States delegation visits Ethiopia
American delegation visits Ethiopia
A high level delegation from the United States of America led by Senator James Inhofe quietly visited Ethiopia. Senator James Inhofe told reporters the U.S. will continue its support to Ethiopia on its efforts of stabilizing the Horn of Africa especially Somalia and south Sudan.

Ethiopia extends support to the people of Somaliland administration hit by drought
Ethiopian trucks transporting Ethiopian food aid to Somaliland
Ethiopian government is delivering food aid to the people of Somaliland who are hardest hit by drought, Somaliland borders Ethiopian Somali State which is also hit by drought.

Meet Wondwessen Kebede veteran TPLF/EPRDF fighter and CC member

TPLF verses Family history of Ethiopian intellectuals trying to teach Tigraians how to be good Ethiopians

Open Letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations Mr. Antonio Guterres

TPLF CC Official Organizational Press Release about 42nd Lekatit 11

Challenges of sustaining peace in Ethiopia beyond the state of emergency

TPLF CC Official Organizational Press Release about 42nd Lekatit 11

TPLF: 42 Years Young Architect of Ethiopia’s Resurgence from  Pits to Economic prosperity

Raya Brewery, not only quality, but also socially responsible company.

Eternal Woyane with NO Apology! In Memory of Lekatit 11

Tigrai’s donation has no parallel in our historys

Progress Report on Construction of Sheraro Preparatory school
Thank you letter from TDA-NA

Israeli Judge rules fleeing Eritrean army not grounds for refugee status

This Weeks News


South Sudan President to sign security deal with Ethiopia today

Egypt to receive 50 MiG-29 fighter jets from Russia by 2020

As we celebrate Lekatit 11 this year a few things we need to remember Tigrigna article

The Role of the Weyanes in the East African Region
Woyane Tigrai defenders of Horn of Africa
The Weyanes, the true sons and daughters of Ethiopia who offered and sacrificed their precious lives for the sake of the people’s liberty, dignity and development should always be praised and respected.

Foreign Investment goes down in Ethiopia After demonstrators burned Business

TPLF CC Official Organizational Press Release about 42nd Lekatit 11

Tigrai State Government Press Release Regarding the 42nd anniversary of Lekatit 11

Conflicts between political parties: not so bad after all

Tigrai State housing program regulations Tigrigna Amharic

Ethiopia looks to mining to add shine to its success

Eritrea: Independent or a Neo-Colonial Post?

This is the newest Amharic article

Develpment of Tigrigna and Amharic languages Tigrigna Article

Call for research and academic papers on the study of second national languages of Tigrai

Where In Ethiopia : Addis Ababa Versus Axum

What happened to the Tegaru, in 2016 should be used as a wakeup call

The Somali regional state of Ethiopia Diaspora: between Today and Yesterday

The need and importance of Tigrigna language literature Tigrigna article By Dr. Ghelawdewos Araia


Development Association of Shire in Minnesota June 24, 2017
14th Anniversary of Development Association of Shire in Minnesota June 24, 2017

Ras Alula Development Association 12th Anniversary Reunion July 8, 2017

2nd research and study of national languages of Tigrai to be held

This Weeks Videos

This song by Mulugeta Khasay expresses how the people of Tigrai feel especially after what happened last summer in Gonder and Bahirdar. Graphics were added by TOL to enhance the message of the song.

"The relentless efforts to break the Tigrian spirit, and the vain attempt to adulterate their identities never materialised. Even brute force such as the aerial bombardments of Makelle Monday market and Hawzen, and the incorporation fertile lands from Western and Southern Tigray into Gondar and Wello respectively, failed to subdue the Tigrian people. Their nationalism remained as solid as ever"