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PM Meles's interview with the Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency on the G8 summit (walta)Prime minister meles

DP World Djibouti Rejects ESL Request for Dedicated BerthDijbouti port

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July 30 2009

US's UN ambassador warns Eritrea over Somalia rebels
Eritrea has only a short time to stop undermining security in Somalia or face possible U.N. sanctions, Washington's ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, said on Wednesday. Rice told a congressional committee the United States was "deeply concerned and very frustrated" with Eritrea's behavior in Somalia, including arming and funding Islamist insurgents.

Mekelle University graduates 4717 students
Mekelle University graduated 4 717 students in different fields of studies on Saturday 18 July 2009 at Adi Haqi Martyr’s Hall. The graduation ceremony took place in two rounds.

Ethiopia sets aside land for foreign investors
Ethiopia has marked out 1.6 million hectares of land for investors willing to develop commercial farms, an investment official said on Wednesday.

July 29 2009

Minn. Somali pleads guilty to terrorism charge
Ethiopia jails ex-official
Amidst Business Slowdown, CBE Claims Record High 2.57b Br Gross

July 28 2009

Forest Development Company Honoured for Being Green
Tourists grant Ethiopian guides' $1 million wish

Somali Government Forces say Insurgents Pushed from Strategic City

Ethiopian refugee gets 18 years for murder of Ryerson studentNatalie Novak 20 murdered by an ethiopoian
Arssei Hindessa, 33, convicted this spring of second-degree murder in the May, 2006, death of 20-year-old Natalie Novak, looked straight ahead and showed no emotion as he was sentenced Monday morning by Ontario Superior Court Justice Anne Molloy.
U.N. allocates $6 million emergency fund to address health problems in Ethiopia
Eritrea Ruler Tells Nation To Sacrifice Breakfast To Build A Road

July 27 2009

Ethiopia's inflation rate tumbles to 2.7 pct in June
Nile nations discuss sharing their river
Holyfield Ethiopia bout postponed
Canadian convicted in Ethiopian court
Somali Islamists ban UN agencies

July 26 2009

Ethiopia inaugurates international airport at Humera

SIU Researcher Studies Solar Cell Efficiency
ETC says GPRS service now operational
Toronto investor helps children after adoption agency closes
Petronas to drill first well in Ogaden

July 25 2009

Ministry, company ink MOU to develop geothermal power in S. Ethiopia
Africa has 'extraordinary success' in AIDS fight: Global Fund
Wharf to Wharf 2009: Ethiopians dominate elite women's field

July 24 2009

Union distributing 91,000 quintals of agricultural input
The Market Maker Eleni Gabre-Madhin is a woman with a dream.
Ethiopians at the gate

July 23 2009

Eritrea’s entry changes face of Somalia conflict
Sudan not part of possible action against Egypt on Nile water

July 22 2009

Organization plans to tackle drought, food shortage in Tigray
MSU shows Ethiopian teff grass at Lake City site

Ethiopia earns $1.5 bln from exports in 2008/09

Dwyka to fast-track Minerva’s Ethiopian projects
Scholar Says Arrest Will Lead Him To Explore Race in Criminal Justice

July 21 2009

Kenya, Sudan to import power from Ethiopia
Six projects go operational in Axum Town
Ethiopia suspends 42 NGOs as hunger worsens
Big week for Sudan
Police raid Ethiopian, Eritrean refugees in Sudanese capital

July 20 2009

Dubai state firm to build two luxury hotels in Ethiopia
Ethiopian Coffee Exports Fall to Six-Year Low After Drought

July 19 2009

Fifa readmits Ethiopia federation
Ethiopia expects 500 million dollars revenue from leather
Ethiopian Hospitality, Diversity Emerges in Helicopter Tour
The Existential Threat to the Nation

July 17 2009

Donations from schools, businesses, readers and politicians push Pencil Mountain past the 200,000 goal
Hannah Godefa is doing what we the adults should doFive months after re-launching a local cause to secure a future for African children, Hannah Godefa - with a beaming smile from ear to ear - stands perched on the peak of her 200,000 Pencil Mountain.
Tigrai State vows to alleviate poverty, boost agricultural productivity
Eritrea - Man gets life in prison in the murder of his sister

July 16 2009

China, Ethiopia sign 1.9 bln euro hydro power deal
Eleni Gabre-Madhin is a woman with a dream.
Israel may admit 3,000 Ethiopia migrants if Jews
Sun energy empowers Ethiopian village
Ethiopian man, jailed over US diplomat’s murder, claims ’rape’

July 15 2009

Ethiopia expels US, UK tourists home
Tigray Investment Promotion Website is On
Ethiopian-American Professor Awarded World Food Prize
Gov't to take strict measures against "illegal" cement traders
Aid official describes starving Eritrean children too weak to walk
Gov't to Salvage Troubled Drug Manufacturers

July 14 2009

Ethiopia Continues to Develop under EPRDF (Letters from Tokyo)
Eight Ethiopian women Poisoned in the UAE
Ethiopia’s Omo River Expedition Reveals Life 1,000 Years Ago
Falash Mura falsehoods
From election turmoil to economic progress

July 13 2009

Microsoft cloud computing gets down to earth
Full steam ahead for Ethio-Sino power projects
1974: Ethiopia, the Emperor's nest-egg
Ethiopia Devalues Birr 9.9% After Foreign Currency Shortages

July 12 2009

Ethiopian Shipping Lines to buy nine vessels
Ethiopian Health Minister Became the New Chair of the Global Fund
Ethiopian textile exports have grown under AGOA
Chinese supplementary food factory inaugurated here

July 11 2009

Somalia's neighbours seek right to intervene
Tigrai state licenses over 3.7 bln birr investment projects
Ethiopian Airlines Wins the 2009 Airline of the Year Award
Somalia Threatened by Foreign Invasion, Neighbors Warn
G8 leaders want to help Africa feed itself

July 10 2009

UN Security Council Considering Sanctions Against Eritrea
Somali Islamist insurgents behead 7 people
War crimes may have been committed in Somalia: UN
Handful of Ethiopian Christians grow into denomination
Met probe torture collusion claims
UN USA - Remarks by Ambassador Susan E. Rice
Cabal within the Holy Synod fell like a house of cards

July 09 2009

Ethiopia Dismisses Rights Group Accusation
Who might replace Ethiopia's Meles?
Renewed US-Ethiopia relations to safeguard stability in Somalia
Ethiopia, Kenya Get $326.5 Million for Road Project
Ethiopia's Meles eyes "long rest" post-retirement

July 08 2009

Ethiopia sees double-digit GDP growth for a decade
INTERVIEW-Don't forget Africa at G8 and Copenhagen-Meles
Ethiopia adopts strict anti-terrorism bill
Somalia Seeks Urgent Support as it Faces Rebel Ultimatum

July 07 2009

DP World Djibouti Rejects ESL Request for Dedicated Berth
Ethiopian rebels, government claim gains in restive region
Eritrea Detains 15 Monks, Group Says
Millionaire lifestyles inspire young Ethiopians
Ethiopian's conversion invalid because ex not Jewish
Ethiopian Man Drowns In Edmond Apt. Pool

July 06 2009

PRESS CONFERENCE: Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Johnnie Carson
Immigration loan program too costly: critics
AfDB set to start funding Ethiopia’s Gibe dam
Sharansky Welcomes 75 New Immigrants from Ethiopia
Parliament to vote on defense budget motion

July 05 2009

US will urge Ethiopia to stay out of Somalia
Prime Minister Meles is honored in Rwanda
Tourism, religion threaten Ethiopia's tribal warriors
U.S. pledges increased military support to Somalia
Grain yields rise, prices fall: ECX
Indian envoy sees bright fiture for Ethiopia

July 04 2009

A great run colorfully marked in Mekelle
African leaders seek sanctions on Eritrea
Nick Page’s Ethiopian band
USAID, Western Union program aids African business
Ethiopian man shackles girl with dogs for 18 years

July 03 2009

Summit takes AU back to its roots
Ethiopian Operator Nears Completion of Network Upgrade
Ethiopian bank robber cought after short chase
Ethiopia, Sudan social affairs committee meets in Addis Ababa

July 02 2009

Ethiopia dismisses Somali threat, violence flares
Ethiopia flower, horticulture exports miss target
Israeli officials to meet Falash Mura in Ethiopia
SCENARIOS-What next for Ethiopia's leadership?
U.S. Has Sent 40 Tons of Munitions to Aid Somali Government

July 01 2009

Somalis and Eritreans flee to Ethiopia en masse

Government working to prevent conflicts under religious cover
US official stresses support for embattled Somali govt
Ethiopia will stay out of Somalia despite threat
Ark of the Covenant will not be shown: Ethiopia priest
Eritrea slams US for providing weapons to Somalia


Kidan Tesfahun has won Best Female Model of the World 2009
Kidan Tesfahun has won Best Female Model of the World 2009

Beauties Of Africa INC
July 26 2009

Hectoring, pushing and prodding is UDJ’s badge of affectations
Dilwenberu Nega
July 26 2009

Are these baboons unknown Species in Ethiopia?)Unique Ethiopian Baboons

Demissew S.


Kechinua Menged
AG. E. Gorfu
July 25 2009

PM Meles Zenawi
Kidane Girmai
July 25 2009

G. E. Gorfu
July 24 2009

Spot the Similarity?
July 20 2009

Let the Prime Minister steps dawn on good phase!
Berhane Eyasu
July 20 2009

The unvailed and untold crime and EPLF/EPFDJ government of Eritrea
Afar Human Right Organisation
July 17 2009

Ke Etse Debdabe
G. E. Gorfu
July 15 2009

Tragic car accident kills many camels in Ethiopia
Tragic car accident kills many camels in Ethiopia

Tigrai Online
July 14 2009

MP Meles at the G8 meeting
Kassa Berhe
July 12 2009

Stop rediculing our veterans!
Berhane Eyasu
July 11 2009

Odds and Ends:What does it take to get it right about Ethiopia?
July 03 2009

Dawit Wolde Giorgis: from a quisling to a quixotic patriot
Dilwenberu Nega
July 01 2009

Kentu Wuetu (Amharic poem)
Gorfu G.E.
July 01 2009

An Open Letter to Prime Minister Meles Zenawi
Dilwenberu Nega
June 26 2009

King of Pop star Michael Jackson dead at 50King of Pop world star Michael Jackson dead at 50

Tigrai State government thanks for TDA projects
Tigrai State
June 25 2009

Unanswered questions from Ato Sighat Nega
Yekuno Mesfin
June 25 2009

The need for paradigm change-III
G. E. Gorfu
June 23 2009


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TDA 20th anniversary celebrationTDA 20th anniversary celebration

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UTNA Presents 2009 Tigrai FestivalUTNA Presents 2009 Tigrai Festival

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