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Call for second – round TSAN-MU 2014 Summer Tutoring/Mentoring programme
As a continuation to the 2013 joint TSAN (International Tigrians Scientific and Academic Network)–MU (Mekelle University) tutoring/mentoring programme, which was given for about 600 grade 10th and 12th students who came from Tigray high schools and preparatory schools, TSAN and MU are now more than glad to announce that the programme will continue for the coming summer with more number of participating students and additional inspiring programmes besides to Tutoring/Mentoring such as consultation service, computer training, science/technology fair/exhibition, academic visits to educational sites .

An Unholy Alliance – OLF and Egypt’s Government An Unholy Alliance – OLF and Egypt’s Government
Egypt’s Arabic website ‘Al-Akbar’ posted an article that said Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) opposes the construction of the Grand Renaissance Dam because it harms Egypt’s historical water share and food security. “this is an intentional conspiracy plotted to harm Egypt’s water share and national security” It is clear why and for what purpose Egypt supports and finances the OLF By Tamene Teka




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May 29, 2014

A Commendable Financial Performance – One Digit Inflation
The Ethiopian government has been doing pro-people action by taking important measures to control inflation. And it can’t be put to debate the fact that these measures played a role in subduing the inflation from laying a huge burden on the public.

May 28, 2014

23 years and counting: Ethiopians getting healthy and living longer lives
As we celebrate May 28(Ginbot 20), it is apt to count the achievements in several sectors. Accidentally, the World Health Organization (WHO) chose this month to report the state of Ethiopia's health services and situations. One of the major achievements was the rise in life expectancy. By Murad Ahmed

Press Statement John Kerry Secretary of State Washington, DC on Ginbot-20
On behalf of the government and the people of the United States, I send my best wishes to the government and people of Ethiopia as you celebrate your national day on May 28. It was a great pleasure to return to Addis Ababa earlier this month and see first-hand examples of the longstanding partnership between the United States and Ethiopia.

UTNA message on the 23rd anniversary of Ginbot 20 - ብምኽንያት መበል 23 ዓመት በዓል ግንቦት 20 ካብ ማሕበር ተጋሩ ሰሜን ኣሜሪካ (ማተሰኣ) ዝተውሃበ መግለፂ

May 26, 2014

Egyptian citizen Hamdy Al-Anany was deported from Ethiopia
Egyptian citizen Hamdy Al-Anany was deported from Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, an incident which prompted the Egyptian Foreign Ministry to express “deep regrets”, in a statement on Sunday, and demand an explanation. Egyptian foreign ministry demanded in an official memo that the Ethiopian foreign ministry provide “explanations and clarifications”. We can't help it but to say the Ethiopian government decision is long overdue and maybe there is more to be done.

Ginbot 20 - Tigrigna article ፍረታት 20 ግንቦት ብፍረ ስውኣት ዝተዳለወ

The zombies calling the living zombie
Amharic article By Demewoz Kiflu

May 24, 2014

Ginbot 20- Harbinger of Ethiopian Renaissance
Ethiopia has now become the top destination for multi-national investors and heads of states from various parts of the world. They have quite rightly identified a successful, peaceful and stable African nation, and are flocking in their droves to explore investment opportunities By Berhane Kahsay

May 22, 2014

The Anti-Terror law is only Terrifying the Terrorists
Ethiopian Defense Forces Getting Stronger by the Year
Ethiopia: A Country Built on Shared History and Worth-Struggling to Rebuild
The hidden agenda of the messengers of doom

May 21, 2014

Professor Elias S. Siraj, M.D. awarded AACE Outstanding Service Award
Ethiopian Receives 7th B787 Dreamliner, named “Walia Ibex” - Will Take Delivery of 3 more B787s in 2014

May 19, 2014

Eritrea: An oblivious ticking bomb in the Horn of Africa
Egypt wants to continue talking to Ethiopia about Nile now
Amharic Article by Mikael Sisay.

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