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Ethiopian Airlines plane - Tigrai OnlineEthiopian Receives Its First 737 Boeing Sky Interior
Ethiopian Airlines is pleased to announce that it has received its first next-generation Boeing 737-800 with the new Boeing Sky Interior on 22 November 2011. This is the first 737-800 with Boeing Sky Interior of ten to be delivered over the next four years. More

Egyptian demonstrators - Tigrai OnlineCairo rocked by demonstrators for the Second Day
The battle between Egypt’s ruling military council and a revinvigorated protest movement intensified on Sunday, as troops directly took up the effort to clear thousands of demonstrators out of Tahrir Square. More

Al Shabab terrorists - Tigrai OnlineCanadain news paper accuses Eritrea of EXTORTION
The government of Eritrea, which the United Nations accuses of supplying a long list of armed groups, including the al-Qaeda affiliate AlShabab, has been raising money in Canada by taxing Eritrean-Canadians, interviews and documents show. More


Tigrai government - Tigrai Online

Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi TV-Tigrai Interview with PM Meles Zenawi,on current development

Growth and Transformation Plan in Tigrai State Detail info

Tigrai Online - Invest in Tigrai State in Ethiopia
Invest in Tigrai State in Ethiopia


A number five screw extractor (easy out)still attached to the broken peice of the spark plug after I took it out
How to remove a broken spark plug embedded deep down in the engine block

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Ethiopia Keen to Launch a Twinning Project with the University of Maryland Medical Center
Ethiopia is keen to establish institutional bilateral partnership with the University of Maryland in light of its ever expanding global twinning programs with institutions of higher learning. More

Nov. 30 2011

Trip Report: Ethiopian Airlines Economy Class
Arriving at the ticket counter around seven at night after a long day, it was relieving to see a ticket counter dedicated solely to the flight. Check-in was smooth and fast, with customs and security following the pattern.

US Department of Labor awards $10 million to combat child labor in Ethiopia
The U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of International Labor Affairs has awarded a $10 million cooperative agreement to World Vision to combat exploitative child labor in Ethiopia

Russia Says Afwerki Should Be Invited Before Vote on Eritrea Sanction
As Inner City Press exclusively reported Tuesday night, US Ambassador Susan Rice said the vote should take place Wednesday since Gabon, Nigeria and the regional IGAD group want the sanctions.

Eritrea Denies It Supports Militants, Demands Independent Inquiry
Eritrea’s permanent representative to the United Nations has petitioned the U.N. Security Council to expedite an independent investigation into Kenyan allegations that Asmara is supporting the Somali militant

Nov. 29 2011

The Addis Ababa doctrine
Ethiopians up in arms against gay conference" rel="nofollow">

Nov. 28 2011

Why Ethiopia is building highways and dams Uganda can only dream of
Salini Aims to Make CBE HQ its First Building in Ethiopia
Ethiopia benefits from China's tariff policy
S. Korea agrees to help Ethiopia develop textile, leather industry
Kenya reports Eritrea to UN sanctions team

Nov. 27 2011

Ethiopia amongst worst hit in African brain-drain
Somali Shebab rebels warn Ethiopia of 'heavy' losses'
Ethiopian troops 'advancing' into central Somalia

Nov. 26 2011

36,000 Participants to Flood in Addis Abeba for the Great Ethiopian Run
IGAD supports Kenya's incursion into Somalia, condemns Eritrea
How does 'poor' Eritrea afford to fund Al-Shabaab?

Nov. 25 2011

Ethiopia says it is considering sending troops to work in African Union force in Somalia
Alecto Minerals - Major Expansion of Ethiopian Portfolio
Smiling nanny recovering from Gadhafi family's burns
Eritreans in Canada shaken down by despot back home

Nov. 24 2011

Allana unveils positive PEA for Ethiopian potash project
US official warns Ethiopia not to invade Somalia, but it’s too late
Ethiopia as a model for health care leadership
Eritrean diplomat defects to Canada

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