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Tragedies of Political Puppetry in Ethiopia

By Mogos Abraham, PhD
Centre for Middle Eastern Studies
Tigrai Online, Nov. 13, 2018

Rewarded for successfully carrying out a silent coup and plunging the country into civil war.


1. Prelude

In the context of this piece, a puppet is a person, party, or state under the control of an external-political power. Puppetry, therefore, is being a tool to serve external powers. Coached by external powers, political puppets are extreme opportunists, who emerge in times of national crises. Political puppets know very well the cultural norms and values of the masses (weakest links); possess an insider-information on the political organization (e.g., the EPRDF); are shrewd manipulators and orators, capable of delivering motivational speeches of hate that dehumanize other citizens who stand on their way to political power (e.g., Abiy Ahmed, Mengistu Hailemariam, and Adolf Hitler); and are more than willing to be hired as double agents to work for external powers at large amounts of dollars. They are willing to sale their own Motherland. Let us have a look at selected historical facts that reveal tragedies of playing puppetry. We can learn a lot from these facts. History matters a lot.

2. The Racist Adolf Hitler

First, let me start with a European tragic model: Adolf Hitler was a decorated soldier during his service in the German Army in World War I. Subsequently, his racist-superior military officers coached him to become their puppet, a ruthless German politician, a demagogue (i.e., an agitator, firebrand, and provocateur), who attempted to create a superior Germany in Europe. He was leader of the Nazi Party. During his dictatorship from 1933 to 1945, he initiated World War II (WWII) in Europe by invading Poland in September 1939, and he succeeded to cause the human tragedy of the Holocaust. WWII was a global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945. The vast majority of the world's countries—including all the great powers—eventually formed two opposing military alliances: the Allies and the Axis. A state of total war emerged, directly involving more than 100 million people from over 30 countries. The major participants threw their entire economic, industrial, and scientific capabilities behind the war effort, blurring the distinction between civilian and military resources. WWII was the deadliest conflict in human history that caused estimated fatalities of 85 million humans. It involved cruelties of massacres, the genocide of the Holocaust, strategic bombing, premeditated death from starvation and disease, and the only use of nuclear weapons in war, a desperate act of vengeance.


3. The Chilean Tragedy

When Salvador Allende became the first socialist president of Chile on Nov. 3, 1970, the United States exerted tremendous pressure to destabilize and unseat the Allende government, because Allende began to restructure Chilean society along socialist lines while retaining the democratic form of government and respecting civil liberties and the due process of law and order. For example, he expropriated the U.S.-owned copper companies in Chile without compensation, an act which set him seriously at odds with the U.S. government and weakened foreign investors’ confidence in his government. Allende’s government also took steps to purchase several important privately owned mining and manufacturing sectors and took over large agricultural estates for use by peasant cooperatives. In an attempt to redistribute incomes, he authorized large wage increases and froze prices. Allende also printed large amounts of unsupported currency to erase the fiscal deficit created by the government’s purchase of basic industries. The US government and American multinational corporations, which had significant investments in Chile, worked feverishly to see downfall of Allende – particularly when his government extended diplomatic recognition to North Vietnam, North Korea, and Cuba. The Americans also believed that Allende was supporting revolutionary activities in Latin America and viewed him as a significant threat to America’s hemispheric hegemony.

In 1972, Chile suffered from stagnant production, decreased exports and private-sector investment, exhausted financial reserves, widespread strikes, rising inflation, food shortages, and domestic unrest. International lines of credit from the United States and Western Europe had completely dried up. Allende’s inability to control his supporters further incurred the hostility of the middle class. The CIA orchestrated the social, economic, and political crises. President Richard Nixon’s strategic plans to destabilize Allende’s government and eventual regime change succeeded in 1973, when a military coup de eta, overthrew and assassinated Allende.

The Americans were happy to put their puppet, General Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990). What followed under Augusto Pinochet’s military dictatorship was the well-known Chilean tragedy. The Pinochet regime systematically suppressed opposition political parties and the persecuted dissidents to an extent unprecedented in the history of Chile: over 3,000 intellectuals and youth were massacred, unknown number of Chileans disappeared; thousands of prisoners were tortured; and an estimated 200,000 Chileans were driven into exile[1].

The Pinochet government introduced radical neoliberal economic reforms (privatization of all major economic sectors), in sharp contrast to Allende's social democracy. A team of free-market economists educated at the famous Chicago School of Economics returned to Chile to serve Pinochet’s dictatorship. Most of those Chilean individuals, known at that time as the Chicago Boys, acquired PhDs under close supervision of Milton Friedman, who was one of the world’s renowned gurus of neoclassical economic theory, the mother of neoliberalism. On behalf of the American Government and American multinational corporations, Milton Friedman prescribed perfectly competitive free market economic policy for Pinochet’s Chile, implemented by the Chicago Boys. Ever since, chronic poverty reigns throughout Chile.

4. The Current Ethiopian Scene of Shakespearean Treachery & Betrayal

Betrayal in Shakespeare’s play of Julius Caesar: “And you, Brutus” sums up Caesar's surprise, disappointment and sadness at being betrayed by his best friend. Betrayal is something that comes from deep inside human nature – a phenomenon that underlies feeble mind. We also find in Shakespeare’s Macbeth the following human frailties: ambition, evil, order and disorder, appearance and reality, violence and tyranny, guilt and conscience, witchcraft, and magic, all revealing frailties of those cruel minds.

Currently, Ethiopia is witnessing tragedies of national betrayal far worst those of the eras of Emperor Haile Selassie (an old puppet of the Imperial West, Europe and America) and the Derg (latest puppet of the Soviet Union and Cuba). Patriotism, the love and emotion for the Motherland, and the spirit to stand and face all odds to liberate her has been lost under the leadership of the Protestant Preacher and an absolute liar and double talker, Abiy Ahmed (a brand new puppet of the West and the Arabs). This person, an absolute egocentric with no sense of strategic directions to govern a country of multiple Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples, is destroying the Motherland.


Ethiopians have lost their hope, pride, identity, and civility. Out of hopelessness, citizens are slaughtering one another like wild animals. Being globally number one in the millions of internally displaced persons (IDPs), the Motherland has reached the status of a failed state, exactly as neighbouring Somalia. The sequence of weakness, fragility, and eventual failure, a failed state status, was clear to many observers right from the day the Protestant Preacher started to preach his poisonous sermons of love, unity, peace, medemer (an Amharic word meaning to be added, be counted in the campaign to destabilize Ethiopia), etc.. His behaviour is a true manifestation of a hired double agent. Note that double agents are very smart and shrewd opportunists, who are very willing to betray their Motherland for immediate glory.

A group of high ranking five officials (Group of 5) of the EPRDF, Kassa Teklebirhan, Abiy Ahmed, Demeke Mekonnen, Lema Megersa, and Gedu Andargachew were hired as double agents under the guidance of Isaias Aferworki, Ethiopia’s enemy number one, funded by the Egyptians, the Saudis, the UAE, and others. The strategy was and is still to destabilize and disintegrate Ethiopia to the sizes of Eritrea, tiny Ethiopian enclaves. This was the ultimate goal of Shaébia’s struggle for liberation and it remains engrained in the mind of the little tyrant, Isaias Afeworki, who had a dream of Eritrean Singapore. What is amazing and disgusting is the close friendship the Group of 5 has forged with the Eritrean small tyrant, Isaias. This group of self-serving double-dealing-agents is very aware that Eritreans are leaving their nation by the thousands every month, denying their nation the required-productive workforce. They continue to seek refuge in Tigrai where they feel secured with their Tigraian brothers and sisters in a peaceful environment.

How did Abiy Ahmed reach the position where he is now? A brief on the complex international conspiracy is an imperative. It all started when Prime Minister Meles Zenawi (PMMZ), the Great Leader, an architect of the Ethiopian Federalism and the principles of Democratic Developmental State (DDS), refused to submit to the pressure of the so called Washington Consensus, primarily the World Bank (WB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). WB and IMF wanted to impose neoliberalism, perfectly competitive free market economy that can be ruled by American and European multinational corporations, exactly as they did in Chile (please review Section 3). PMMZ was too smart to handle for the West. Not only that he was the Great Leader Ethiopia had ever had, PMMZ was a well-respected spokesperson for the African continent at global forums on genuine sustainable development. He was a true internationalist, who advocated eradication of global poverty through collective actions of all nations (poor and rich).


On the socioeconomic concept of self-reliance and leadership skills, for example, when WB, IMF, and the governments of the West refused to give financial assistance to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), PMMZ declared his trust in the nationalism of all Ethiopians (deeply rooted national feeling). During the ceremony of laying the Cornerstone for the GERD, PMMZ declared:  the natural endowments ours; the human ingenuity ours; the labour power ours; and the financial sources ours, the GERD will be a bequest with our signatures for many Ethiopian generations to follow (paraphrased and translated Amharic speech). The unanimous support he received from every Ethiopian citizen was very inspiring. GERD was started and reached the stage of more than 75% of the total work to completion.

At what stage is it now? I really do not know. I only know that during his honeymoon visit to Cairo, Abiy Ahmed promised the Egyptians to either slow or “kill” it altogether. That is exactly he is doing, he ordered: (a) assassination of Engineer Simegnow, who was an Ethiopian heroic icon determined to successful completion of the GERD; (b) termination of the national and international fundraising campaigns to finance its completion; (c) removal of Engineer Azeb Asnake, one of the renowned Ethiopian female engineers, who was responsible for generating sustainable renewable energy (hydropower, solar, wind, geothermal, etc.) and who was a key player in the daily operations of the GERD; (d) mass arrest of high ranking officials of METEC (Nov. 10, 2018), an agency directly linked to the mechanical and electrical engineering structures of the GERD; and (e) many undisclosed actions are impeding successful completion of the national project, GERD, which was supposed to be a national pride and an engine of economic growth, i.e., poverty reduction.

As a double agent, Abiy Ahmed is struggling to demean and dehumanize the shinning victories of Woyane, using sheer lies and cheap insults, including the following: (i) Yeken Juboch (the day-light Hyenas), (ii) 27 years of darkness, denying the globally acknowledged miraculous realities of socioeconomic development and political stability that characterized Ethiopia as an African Tiger (1991-2015); (iii) cajoling Isaias Aferworki, Ethiopia’s enemy number one, to advise him how to squeeze Woyane out of the Ethiopian political theatre; (iv) absolute denial of the fact that the EPRDF, founded and led by Woyane, annihilated Mengistu Hailemariam’s Military, the largest and sophisticated military machine black Africa had ever seen; and (v) his frequent public statements that the GERD would be either delayed indefinitely or be killed totally to the joy of the Egyptians, his masters.

5. Closing Remarks


          Ethiopians, please be aware that Abiy Ahmed is a dangerous double agent. You all must rise up to save the Motherland from the tragedies of perpetual civil wars. An intense patriotism and search for Ethiopian identity only will save us all from bloodshed and chronic poverty and disease. Primacy of the rule of law must be respected at any cost. Playing political puppetry for the Coalition of American, European, and Arabs will drive Ethiopia into the abyss (a bottomless hell) created by civil wars for geopolitical sphere of influence, funded and guided by external powers that wish the Motherland’s demise (instant death). The tragedies of Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and many other nations around the world are clear lessons we must learn from.

A free, strong, democratic, and politically astute government that knows how to play the global political game is needed immediately. The young Ethiopian generation must always imagine (visualize) the victories that Ethiopian heroines and heroes scored against internal and external enemies that included: the savagery of Mengistu Hailemariam’s Military Junta, the Derg; the Egyptians, the Italians, the Sudanese Mahdists, and the Ottoman Empire. Why so many enemies? Read the history books; learn from your teachers; and ask your elders to figure it all out.

United Ethiopia will stand strong, proud, glorious, and free!

Victory for the masses as always!

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_dictatorship_of_Chile_(1973%E2%80%9390)

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