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Anarchy and mob-rule in Gedu’s domain

By Berhane Kahsay
Tigrai Online, Oct. 23, 2018

The President of Amhara regional state, Gedu Andargachew is under increasing pressure from Qmant, Argoba, Agew and Kemese.


Gedu has been stretched to a breaking point owing to the serious internal crisis emanating from various corners of the region he administers. Hoping to shore-up his dwindling fortunes, he lately dispatched paid agent provocateurs to Alamata, a Tigrian territory, to disrupt the tranquillity of this area and the region as a whole. Communications Director of Northern Wello, who organised the incursion and looting, has been apprehended and will soon have his day in court.    

The President of Amhara appears to be under increasing pressure exerted by Qmant, Argoba, Agew and Kemese, who are demanding self-rule in line with FDRE/regional constitutions. These oppressed and disfranchised minorities have indicated on many instances that they would resort to armed rebellion if their wishes to manage their own affairs were not met.

This was exactly what the Qmants did in 2015 but they were ruthlessly crashed by the regional government of Amhara led by Gedu Andergchew. In 2016, an exhaustive public enquiry was conducted by the independent Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) and concluded that a massacre was committed against the Qmant people. It recommended for the perpetrators of the atrocities to be charged for their involvement in crimes against humanity. But this was not heeded by the incompetent last PM as he did not have the courage to bring the villains to justice.


The gallant Qmants, however, were not deterred by the slaughter and still continuing with their struggle to secure self-rule. Recently, substantial numbers of the valour Qmants were dismissed from their jobs because of their ethnicity in addition to the imprisonment of activists in various dungeons in contravention of their constitutional right. No doubt, the other minorities, Woito and Sinasha, are carefully monitoring the situation, and it will not be too long before they opt for similar autonomy.    

Gedu appears to be stumbling from one political crisis to the next.   Since the emergence of the ultranationalist and expansionist, National Movement of Amhara (NAMA), ANDM has been losing supporters in droves and this has caused consternations in ANDM hierarchy. To recapture lost grounds, Gedu is fomenting Amhara nationalism by stealing NAMA’s agenda of expansionism by claiming Welkait and Raya currently under Tigrai’s jurisdiction. The President of Amhara region is in a despairing state to preserve his status, and would go to any length to ensure his survival.

Gedu has been on a losing streak for some time now. The ‘OroMara’ alliance that was designed to destroy the TPLF and its legacies has collapsed irretrievably. His pact with Esayass to encircle Tigrai and bring it to its knees has also failed to occur. Moreover, the EPRDF recently reaffirmed its commitment to federalism and revolutionary democracy despite Gedu’s opposition to a proven ideology which has transformed Ethiopia beyond recognition. Soon after the conclusion of the EPRDF’s congress, Gedu sent out to conceal his defeat by raising the number votes Dr Debretsion received during the leadership contest. Nice try!


Now the political landscape has become clearer and PM Abiy has finally come to realise that without the TPLF the EPRDF would collapse. It would not make an iota of a difference if Gedu’s party is part of the alliance or not, as it is certain to be defeated at the forthcoming general election. In fact, TPLF and ODP should seriously consider throwing-out ADP which is struggling to maintain law and order in its domain. Looting, murder and anarchy has become the norm. No respect for minorities, and on daily basis, they have been detaining and killing innocent people for raising their voices.    

TPLF fought for federalism, and for a political ideology that favours the peasantry which is accepted by the vast majority of Ethiopians. This political philosophy, which delivered economic success for the last 27 years, will stay with us for generations to come because it is the people’s choice. Unitary mode of governance is dead and will never make a comeback. What is now left is to bury chauvinism for good and mark the tombstone with—OLF is here.


Anarchy and mob-rule in Amhara state
The President of Amhara appears to be under increasing pressure exerted by Qmant, Argoba, Agew and Kemese, who are demanding self-rule.

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