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Top 13 similarities of Abiy Ahmed and Donald Trump

By TeKa
Tigrai Online, Jan. 3, 2019

Top 13 similarities of Abiy Ahmed and Donald Trump
Top 13 similarities of Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed and President Donald Trump


I am compelled to make a comparison between President Trump and the new Prime Minister of Ethiopia Ato Abiy Ahmed (the Dr. is missing on purpose since there is no real proof that he accomplished this in the real world). Anyway, I see many similarities between these two accidental leaders of two countries of immense significance on their own rights.

  1. The “Truth Telling” problem: Both Trump and Abiy have a big problem telling the truth. They both create their own parallel universe to just make believe whatever invented fact that may suit their narrative or action.
  2. They both have “inferiority Complex”: It has been witnessed time and again that Trump has this big issue with the learned community. He has always loved to bash anyone who he thinks is more intelligent than him. Abiy, similarly, has been witnessed lashing out at people that he thinks are better educated than him. They both pretend to know more than the Generals themselves about military issues, as was witnessed on a video lecturing Military experts like General Samora and General SeAre. Trump has repeatedly claimed that he knows more about the military than his own generals themselves-including the recent claim that he would have been a “tremendous general”.
  3. They both like to talk trash about the time before they both came to leadership:  “The past 27 years of darkness” Abiy.  “America has been ignored and used by others, Make America Great Again (as if it never was)” Trump etc.….
  4. They both like (or try) to destroy any success that may remind people of the past administration. Trump tried to get rid of Obama Care, and federal Environmental Laws etc…And Abiy is doing everything possible to make sure any success accomplished in the past 27 years are not even mentioned and , if he can, are halted, including the GERD and the Federal Systemetc..
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  6. On the other part, though, they both love to claim the success of their predecessors: they both do not hesitate to claim and brag about the success accomplished during their predecessors and love to own them. Trump thinks that the current US Army was made formidable just during his presidency, when the truth is the opposite. Or the economy is getting better, the stock market is skyrocketing etc. When, in truth, all the progress started half way of Obama’s 1st term of his presidency.  Abiy likes to boast giving tours (with a big smile) on the Industrial Parks of any region constructed long before his premiership.
  7. They both love to be friends with whoever was the enemy of their predecessors: Trump with Russia and Abiy with all that hated Meles Zenawi including Eritrea’s Butcher Esayas.
  8. They both are cheaters: Trump has been married multiple times by dating the new comer while still married to the outgoing one. And, rumor has it, Abiy was one of those addicted womanizers of Addis. A personal account from a number of people that knew him long before he came to the public’s view are talking about the fact that he used to date any female who crossed his path, including the employees in the gym that he used to go.
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  10. They both love the attention of the media and the adulation. Their empty promise and rhetoric to get the media attention is so cunningly similar. It looks like ours learned a lot from the master of deceit-Trump. They would not hesitate to say anything to just get any attention, or divert for that matter.
  11. They both like to lash out on journalists that ask tough questions. We all remember the way Abiy answered questions during the only time he was truly challenged-here in the US-by the true journalist Lulit and the guy who asked him about the investigation over the death of Ing. Simegnih Bekele. Of course, I would not have enough time to give you examples when Trump had lashed out on journalist who asked tough questions.
  12. They both love plagiarizing: Trump (his wife) plagiarized big time a speech written by Mrs Obama, and our leader Abiy plagiarized shamelessly, oh gosh, many people!!
  13. They both love blaming others for any ill that happened under their own watch. Trump blames Obama, Clinton and the democrats, and Abiy blames the TPLF, Woyanes, the “Ye Ken Jiboch”…
  14. They love giving names to anyone who challenges them: Crooked Hillary, Lying Ted etc (Trump), Ye Ken Jiboch, Tikim Yeqerebachew etc… (Abiy)
  15. They both would love to rule their respective countries as KINGS!


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