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Did Abiy Ahmed give Isaias Afwerki a Christmas Gift or The Last Supper?

By Yared Huluf
Tigrai Online Dec. 29, 2019

Did Abiy Ahmed give Isaias Afwerki a Christmas Gift or The Last Supper?

Did Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed give Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki a Christmas Gift or The Last Supper?


Eritrea was a washed in blood and it’s soil strewed with human bodies bones sticking out as if they are the first shoots  of germinating seeds. The Eritreans need no reminder, they experienced it first hand, their homes burned to ground, multiple rapped, crops scorched  to earth, animals shot to bleed and their flesh taken out alive as a meal. Reconcile and live in peace with a neighbor by all means, but the barbaric acts committed by the Ethiopian feudal forces forgotten by a man directly at the forefront of the struggle to liberate and now winning and dinning and claiming that he had never had such a reception  at a short notice in his life questions why in the first place there was a need for military conflict!

Dictators of the past, dictators of the day, dictators afar, dictators near have one common thing they all share. They are delusional psychopaths... I do not have to list what it means, I will leave it to you.

The bottom line... you do not have to travel on Christmas Day (remember Eritrea follows Julian Calendar and with it all that entails) to lay a foundation stone for an Embassy building unless you a lycanthropic psychopath looking for  your former adversary but now your best friend you cannot spend a day away without his company.

Leave aside, a war fought  to bring about shared justice, equality and fairness. If Isayas was honest to himself  he would not want to touch the hands of the PM. Nor would the PM, if he were true to his belief (Pentecostal), he would not have anything to do with Isayas either who had killed thousands of his fellow church  men/ women and locked away many others to rot in prison. It should give the PM many great conniptions to share Isayas's company. If the Pastor were an Eritrean he would have been languishing in Nakefa prison or even worse, he might have died. I am aware Isayas have released some Pentecost of late to save his face, which I would not buy as a genuine repent of his heinous act. Releasing a few is too little too late!

There is no time to waste pleading and appeasing as some do with the PM to change course and to save the country from civil strife. The Pastor is only interested in his self image, going around giving lectures and speeches to buy fame for himself, but also to a sobbing crowd who follow him around. They say,  for a person who feint sleep it is futile to prod in an attempt to wake him/ her up. Pastor Abiy knows what he is doing and would not change course thinking that he might have wronged the road he took. Let us call a spade a spade! The Emperor is Naked.


What people need to do is spend time on how to forge ahead on paths that are positively progressive and cooperatively engaging. They need to discuss and come up with an intellectual and organizational  structures that will be needed to move forward. With that done then the people of Tigray and the organization/s created  need to be resolute to achieve the mission they set out to achieve.

As long as the people of Tigray knows the direction they would like to travel in to achieve a collective self-respect, it does not matter whether other minority nationalities follow their footsteps. At a time of political upheavals, people and nationalities of all hues and colours  change allegiances  in a horse trading fashions to extract maximum benefits. People need to understand this and let there be no surprise if along the turf and rough journey some may  change coats and  turncoat. Because of the fluidity of events and the nature of politics and human beings one would be disappointed if one were to rely on another people/nationalities to achieve objectives. But that does not mean their cooperation, including up to confederated amalgamation is not desirable. It is. But it will come to fruition only if one shows resolute leadership qualities. Qualities of leadership with resolve are evident in the people of  Tigray, especially when they have remained steadfast to go it alone even as support is not forthcoming  from others. Nations with common destiny  will sooner or later come together for their own sake  and they will set the  standard that the rest will appreciate and follow suit for their own mutual benefits.

The cooperation of nationalities should not and ought not be seen as helping one group or another as a favour. These joint acts and marching together ought to be seen by all as healing the troubles of oneself and oneself alone with a spillover effects to those who sympathized and sided with ones cause.

In another world, if Tigray has a clear and resolute direction to travel to, then others who are in a similar situation he will follow suit with little or no solicitation.

The TPLF is but only in name part of the ruling part ex-EPRDF (now PP). It is imperative for the people of Tigray and the TPLF to disengage from this party and set its own policy directions. There is no point sitting like a lame duck only to be shot at sooner than later. Tigrians and TPLF are denied peaceful access to Ethiopian politics and there is no reason we give them any semblance of tranquility to pursue their agendas. Bear in mind the current political climate may ultimately lead the fracturing the country. This in the name of a greater nation that they wanted to create and control. They will be accountable for the danger they are setting in the country as whole. Tigrians have nothing to do with it and they will always stand  with their heads high.


When people do not have anything better to offer, they go backward deceptively and claim what a good time they had had for themselves  and others under their thumbs in the past which is a total lie. That said, you do not have to tell people which idols of many  to worship. You do not also have to tell which direction they choose  to walk, nor how to sleep or talk. It is their own business. But when and why one is entitled to oppose their choices in anything they do or say is when they knowingly or unknowingly, forcefully or connivingly try to impose their will on others, as if the others do not have the same rights to decide on their destiny or course of actions. If they wish to do so, they can wear the old imperial gown and/ or the bloodstained uniform of military dictatorship - Derge and masquerade up and down Mesquel Square, they wish with Isayas it the Arab leaders of course PM Abiy as their personal chauffeur.

Likewise, they can go to bed if they so wish and lick the asses of these walking dead but we won’t do so because we know better what those rulers  did to descent people and their environment. The people who suffered at the hands of such rulers  specially the Eritreans and Tigrians  do not need a reminder of what they had gone through and will always remain vigilant that the acolytes of such  rulers must not be tolerated advocating the return of the past at all cost, even if it means breaking away from the country for good. Haileselassie has a permanent statue, that cannot be brought down by all means, in the minds of the Tigrians and Eritreans as well. Haileselassie and his predecessors reduced Tigrians to dust and dune. The  indelible statues etched in the minds of the Tigrians are the Biblical famine of 1959 and 1973  and 1984 they had to endure, under his rule hidden from the rest of the world and the aerial bombardment of Mekelle in 1943 rolling over the illegal appropriation of people and land of southern Tigray to Wollo province.

Currently, the Amhara nation is becoming fascist, when it is targeting other nationalists  as the causes of its problems instead of turning inwards, assess and identify who else but itself as the main culprit of its problems . Of all the people who run the office of the Amhara People Democratic Party, it chose two non Amhara members (Berkeley Simon and Tadesse Kassa) to  imprison as the main architects for all the faults committed in its name. Even say the two were guilty as accused, for political maturity they ought not to have been singled out to win the heart and mind if other nationalities.

In a broad daylight they wave the so called Unity flag and advocate the dissolution of federal system and yet at the same time the Amhara leaders and their followers are engaged in  purging, imprisoning and killings people from other nations who served and lived in the Amhara region. What kind of unity are they looking for if people from other ethnic groups are shunned upon? Oh yes, we know what they wanted in the name of unity is the land the other ethnic people live in without the people.

Add to these problems discussed above, some from Amhara nation is at war with Kemants, Agew, Waytos and Benshanguls. If the Amhara nation could not accommodate these nationalities with dignity and respect of  rights they deserve, who would want to be part and parcel of this Amhara nation in his right mind? Some Amharas are also orchestrating and  would want to be seen trying  to prop up the support of its would be victims by raising unsolicited identity issues of the Raya and Wolkiat people? What else could one show except present the case of the Kemants and Agew people whose culture and way of life is almost nearly  swallowed up and subsumed by the domineering Amhara ethnic group  but their bare physical existence  is seen as a threat to the Amharas domination and they are now actively in pursuit to eliminate them from the face of the earth.

This being the position adapted by the  Amharas ethnic group against other ethnic groups living amidst the Amhara themselves, to come out in public pretending as champions of identity rights of Rayas and Wolkaits is like shedding crocodile tears. It is like saying: Let me fold your eyes and I will led you to the precipice for your own welfare and safety!  But one wonders! Who on earth are these people trying to fool except themselves? The writing is on the wall for everyone to see! May be they are not clever enough after all as  they think they are to comprehend facts on the ground! Indeed they are desperate and losing their minds as the clock ticks forward.