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Why does the opposition want Prime Minister Meles Zenawi to die?

By Tigrai Online, July 29, 2012

Ginbot 7 and toxic extrimists, your happyness will turn into a nightmare
The toxic Diaspora are celebrating the false news that Prime Minister Meles Zenawi is dead. The sellouts are also filled with happiness but it will soon change into a sever sadness.

The toxic Diaspora are celebrating the false news that Prime Minister Meles Zenawi is dead after they produced a fake photo and they announced he is no longer alive. They didn’t stop there; Ginbot 7 has established a fake government in Dalas, Texas in July 2012. But that is not it, the shameful leaders of Ginbot 7 now calling themselves “Ethiopian National Transitional Council” has formally asked the U.S. government to give them diplomatic recognition, talk about inflated ego.

For those who wish death and distruction for the people of Ethiopia, Prime Minster Meles Zenawi embodies everything they hate in Ethiopia today. What do they hate you might ask? They hate the fact that all Ethiopians are equal no matter which ethnic group they belong to or what religion they follow.

The chauvinist extremists tried to spread their language and culture under the guise of one language, one religion, and one country. Ethiopia is a multilingual multi religion and multicultural country with over eighty ethnic groups. The false dream of dominating Ethiopia by one group of people was crashed when EPRDF came to power. The federal system in Ethiopia guarantees every state to administer itself and govern the people democratically.

Meles as the leader of the EPRDF represents the arrow head on the tip of the spear. The extremists think If the spear loses its arrow head they can crash and throw it away. Without Prime Minister Meles the enemies of Ethiopia think the EPRDF is dead and they can ride to Menlik palace unopposed. They think they can take away the rights of the Ethiopian people which were paid for with blood.

What the toxic Diaspora love to forget is the idea of equality, diversity, democracy and prosperity for all has taken root with the majority of the Ethiopian people. Ethiopians have tasted the sweet taste of self governing and they will pay the highest price to protect that right.

All the minority ethnic groups in Ethiopia Make up eighty percent of the population in the country. The majority of Ethiopians who were deprived their god given right to use their language and identity will do whatever it takes to defend their Ethiopianess. It does not matter if Meles is alive or not the constitutional right to self govern is the law of the land. The useless and powerless vocal Diaspora will not be able to overturn this law.

We wish Prime Minister Meles Zenawi a speedy recovery and we hope he will be back to his job soon. The bad and bitter news for the chauvinists is no matter what happens to Meles, you will never ever be in power. The people and the army of Ethiopia stand guard steadfastly to protect the Ethiopian constitution.

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